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  1. And plugs have to work hard to earn your favour 🙂
  2. $84.99 in cart @ JRR shop. This is a good 'un! https://www.jrrshop.com/ik-multimedia-t-racks-sunset-sound-studio-reverb-plugin
  3. I've been waiting for this! Modern U is mine, and it seems glorious!
  4. Matchlock's pretty darn good, too. I like a fair bit of the Amplitube stuff, and am starting to really like some of the Nembrini and Brainworks (Fuchs) amps, but I think the Kuassa line is my favourite; everything's really well integrated in the 360 host.
  5. Definitely worth picking up at that price. The Sweet Child O' Mine preset is a thing of wonder (and actually, a cool lesson in learning how some of these sounds got "done").
  6. Look forward to watching this later, Simeon! I'm a sucker for felted pianos!
  7. Echoing the rec for Tina Guo. Cinesamples have 40% off at the mo' I think. I have vol 1 and 2; like Fleer said, worth checking to see which you want! (I'm glad I have both and wish I could spring for the full!)
  8. I like OTS stuff, but I'd have a hard time plunking down for this when I have Pianoteq's EPs. It's a great time to be a customer, but you've got to feel for developers. I don't know how many hours go into producing something like this, but how do you price something in a way that's competitive and still lets you eat?
  9. I've always loved my upright with the felt layer on, so I couldn't resist trying this one. Lots of interesting possibilities and I like it a lot so far. ALT PIANO is the complete and unabridged big sister to our infamous Upright Felt Piano. We recorded an old, humble and character-filled upright piano from the 60s, with and without felt making this a piano with two very different characters. Soft and beautiful or bright and lively, or blend between the recordings to achieve a tone unlike anything else. We also re-recorded the piano samples in three distinctly different and unique ways to create a series of textural sound layers, which can be mixed with the natural piano or used on their own. With dozens of other unique and interesting controls, you can create a very diverse range of sounds all from just one instrument.
  10. We need to exercise more!
  11. Honestly, if I were Larry, I'd want to take a break from feeling it was expected that I post every deal out there. Wouldn't blame him for being burned out on having to live up to expectations.
  12. 99% sure they'll run in the free Amplitube custom shop.
  13. The amplitube Fender packages are routinely on sale individually for a pittance. The Super Reverb is pretty darn good.
  14. You seem pretty keen on some of the Amplitube offerings; what do you think of this compared to the IK Oranges?
  15. Of the PA sims, I think the Fuchs Train is pretty great. I just got the Chandler so I haven't played with it much yet.
  16. I don't have a joke, but I did have a lot of fun with the Sweet Child O'Mine preset!
  17. It's just a totally different sort of sound. I didn't even bother trying it at first, because like you, I had Capitol Chambers, + Ocean Way + the Lexicons and EMTs. I tried it on a whim when an amp sim didn't have built in reverb, and quickly started putting it on other things as well. The other UAD 'verbs are great; this one just has a totally different character to it.
  18. Have you demo'd it? It didn't do much for me when I gave it a whirl a couple of weeks ago.
  19. Chandler amp for $9 after the voucher seems like a good deal. It seems a bit different from most amp sims
  20. +1 on Pianoteq's electric pianos. They're damn good.
  21. https://www.jrrshop.com/psp-2445 $26.10 in cart. This is an excellent reverb!
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