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  1. It looks like it won't be available until the 14th of Feb. The page that has the download link has an activation code or did when I dl'd it.
  2. Or from the pulsar website https://pulsar.audio/smasher
  3. CbB has matrix view which is non-linear. You can try that. I use Live for looping.
  4. rsinger

    How to get more volume

    Yes. I'm not a recording engineer so I don't know the correct terms, but you need to consider loudness in terms or RMS or an average over time. You can have a peak that goes up to 0 dB, but the average volume over a second might be -12 dB. This is one area where compressors and limiters are used. I use both compressors and limiters when I master.
  5. Exactly. I updated to win10 at the end of 2019 and after optimizing win10 I don't see much difference. My audio I/F doesn't have win10 drivers, but it's running as well as it did in win7. In terms of stability, buffer sizes, cpu usage, and so on CbB seems fine under win10.
  6. I use it, it's a lot of fun.
  7. It's a zip file, it sounds like you haven't unzipped it.
  8. It may be a long wait. The USB 4 spec says it may, optionally, support Thunderbolt 3. The fact that it was made optional implies there's not much interest in it on the PC side. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3435844/thunderbolt-is-optional-in-usb4-usb4-spec-says.html
  9. Go to the link I provided above and download the win10 driver file. It explains possible problems and how to correct them.
  10. Control Surface Plugin for Sonar https://www.roland.com/global/support/by_product/a-800pro/updates_drivers/
  11. You've sold me. I like spring reverb - I play guitar and have a couple spring reverb plugins, but I looked at the way this a laid out and like it. For the price it's worth trying.
  12. Also you need a software instrument to generate sound. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=SoftSynths.08.html
  13. Here's a review of the motu m2. The reviewer does a number of measurements including RTL. Freq Response: 3:38 Dynamic Range: 4:33 EIN Comparison: 5:40 RTL: 8:45
  14. rsinger


    One of my next toys will be the Boss SY-1000. It's been unveiled, but won't be available until February.
  15. Some license deactivate as well as activate. iLok, Waves, and there was a zynaptiq on my system. Deactivating frees up the license so you can activate it on another (or the same) machine or maybe a mobile key. IKM and Omnisphere needed to be reactivated. Cakewalk, Nomad Factory, Camel Audio, Scuffham, Overloud, Korg, Reaktor 6 and its stuff and others didn't care that the OS and SDD changed. Note that I changed both the OS and the SDD. It's common for a license to be locked to an SDD. Some of those listed may not be affected by an OS change.
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