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  1. The specs for the M4 say Computer I/O - 1 x USB-C (compatible with USB Type A) 2.0 audio class compliant USB-C 2.0 FWIW
  2. With Win 7 end of life coming up I plan on moving over to win 10 and getting a new interface. I need 4 in 4 out so the M-4 may work. Will have to see how the asio drivers are for win 10.
  3. CA-2A or equivalent before or after. I normally use TH-U and the bass super tube vr or bassface. I recently got the SVT 1 for AT, but haven't had the time to try it. Here's an example of the TH-U Bassface. https://sites.google.com/site/phoenixtaiji/music/content/GoldenHour.mp3
  4. I use the quadravox on synths and guitars and like it. I just upgraded to the octavox, but haven't had a chance to play with it.
  5. I don't have any problems; works just like any other amp sim - no special setup needed. I know there are a number of people using it with CbB. Have you already authorized it? IKM has a separate authorization manager.
  6. The LA-2A is the classic HW. There are a lot of vst emulations. I have the PC version, Wave's, and IKM's. If you don't already have the PC version I think you're out of luck. IKM's is part of TRacks. TRacks is nice if you like VC64 since it has a suite. You can set up a chain of processors like VC64 which is nice. The base is TRacks 5, but then you need to add some more compressors - the white 2A, vintage tube, and bus compressor or just buy the white 2A if you don't want the suite. Also Overloud has just released emulations of the LA-2A and LA-3A - Zo has done a review recently.
  7. Sweet, I still have an ADA MP-1 in a rack.
  8. Yeah, I thought last year about this time Mike said he was going to update all the SW that is used to build s-gear to current releases. I'm guessing that's not an easy task. No new features in that. That is supposed to be followed by a release 3.0. I'm not holding my breath.
  9. I dug around a bit. It's an OTA feedback design. OTAs increase low signals and decrease high signals and that explains why the DC was noisy. If I understand correctly it tries to ride the threshold. The M102 Dyna Comp has an attack time of 5ms and a release time of 1 sec. The maximum compression is 36 db. The controls are output - make up gain and sensitivity. If you try a VCA type design (PC76-U or PC4K-S [SSL type]) try the threshold at 0 and use the ratio as sensitivity. For chicken pickin try a ratio of 12 to 20 and a fairly high make up gain.
  10. I think Amplitube and TH-U have caught up. I like Fender and AT has the Fender 1 & 2 collections so you get a lot of amps to choose from. I like the Hendrix and Mesa Boogie collections as well. I like some of the Brunetti amps in TH-U and a few others.
  11. There are a couple plugins that you can use for mastering, but there are better ones available. Under ProChannel the two compressors can be used both for light compression and for limiting and you can use the QuadCurve EQ. Currently I like the Fairchild 670 compressor for mastering. Both IKMs and Waves seem pretty good. I like dedicated limiters when I master. I like waves L3Multimaximzer and I just picked up IKMs Stealth Limiter, but haven't used it yet. I'm not that good at mastering, but thought I'd get the discussion started.
  12. I couldn't resist either. When they extended the GB I got ARC 2.5 on Amazon. I've tested it on my PA system. What a difference. I'm interested to see how that effects amp sims - I've obviously been fighting room acoustics when working with the PA.
  13. No, that's a windows folder. My DAW is on win 7 and if you look at the C: drive there is a folder called Users. I have a hard link there to my HDD. The users folders setup under windows go there, downloads, Music, Pictures, and so on. I usually download SW updates to my computer so they are there. Installers for audio SW. Audio project folders are on the SDD so audio files are on the SDD.
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