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  1. There are a couple plugins that you can use for mastering, but there are better ones available. Under ProChannel the two compressors can be used both for light compression and for limiting and you can use the QuadCurve EQ. Currently I like the Fairchild 670 compressor for mastering. Both IKMs and Waves seem pretty good. I like dedicated limiters when I master. I like waves L3Multimaximzer and I just picked up IKMs Stealth Limiter, but haven't used it yet. I'm not that good at mastering, but thought I'd get the discussion started.
  2. I couldn't resist either. When they extended the GB I got ARC 2.5 on Amazon. I've tested it on my PA system. What a difference. I'm interested to see how that effects amp sims - I've obviously been fighting room acoustics when working with the PA.
  3. No, that's a windows folder. My DAW is on win 7 and if you look at the C: drive there is a folder called Users. I have a hard link there to my HDD. The users folders setup under windows go there, downloads, Music, Pictures, and so on. I usually download SW updates to my computer so they are there. Installers for audio SW. Audio project folders are on the SDD so audio files are on the SDD.
  4. I have the OS and all audio programs and samples on an SDD. The user folders are on an HDD.
  5. I thought I'd download it and give it a try. Does it work in real time? I have Pitchmap which they say works in real time, but it seems to have significant latency.
  6. I got into T-RackS on this round. I got T-Racks 5 and the 670 comp and EQP-1A. I like the 670 on the master bus as well as clean and crunch guitar. I like the EQP-1A on guitar as well.
  7. I got it on Monday - it was half price in the cart and now I'm in the group buy as well.
  8. Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  9. Very cool. I was happy with the Fender 2 collection for 1/2 price, now I have Amplitube 4 and the Fulltone collection to boot. I think I'll also get Amplitube Leslie.
  10. There's an emulation of the Roland Space Echo I like that I use as well. It's in the user library.
  11. Thanks for posting. I picked up the Fender 2 collection and like that.
  12. I use some for live work for ambient music. There is a delay or reverb that has a diffuse setting that I like to use with loopers, but I've replaced that with Blackhole.
  13. Wow, I don't keep up to date so I wasn't aware of that. That's even worse. I have compressors, channel strips, exciters, and EQs and they all sounded good when I bought them so I'm not concerned with updating them. Synths and amp sims and Cakewalk I keep up to date.
  14. I like the sound of Waves plugins, but I don't like their licensing. I have a laptop and try to keep it configured like my DAW and Waves doesn't let you have two copies, you can put the license on a usb drive, but that's a hassle so for the plugins I like I've bought two copies. I replaced the HD/SSD on both systems and I unlicensed various plugins before swapping out drives and then relicensed them. I didn't have any problems.
  15. OB-Xd is nice. It's based on the Oberheim OB-X. https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/
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