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  1. Ran across this video today. Pros say: THIS is the best DAW for music production 2022. Cakewalk places #5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPeCu7Yl4QU The guy asked 2246 music producers ...
  2. No need to send to what a track outputs to, the signal is already going to that bus. In the example you have if you wanted reverb on the vocals and drums you could set up a bus and have reverb on it and you would then send to that bus from the vocals and drums.
  3. Omnisphere has been a little funky for me the last couple years. When I open it and an update is available it will indicate it's up to date, but the next time I open it, it indicates that updates are available. Same thing just now. Now I have to remember to keep flow enabled ...
  4. If I understand your question correctly, the step sequencer is a midi sequencer. It doesn't hold samples, it holds midi notes. A HW sequencer drives either a synth or sampler and in a similar fashion the step sequencer drives a SW synth or sampler. You need to setup a SW sampler and then put a step sequencer in the midi track or something similar.
  5. I treated my room to some extent, but it's just a home studio - I didn't hire an expert to do it. Using room correction SW made a big difference.
  6. I waited way too long to try room correction SW. I wish I had got it sooner.
  7. It's $199 for me to go from Komplete STD 13 to 14. I'll have to see if Kontakt 7 is worth it.
  8. Do you have one of the midi devices enabled in edit -> preferences -> midi -> devices? Do you have a vst instrument set up? Is the input set to one of your devices? Is input echo enabled?
  9. There's a lot you can do. If you have HW synths/samplers you can use CbB to drive them, if not you'll probably want to go with SW instruments (vst). If you use SW, as bdickens says you'll probably want to mix everything down. If you're using CbB live then you also have an option of processing your guitar and vocals. At a minimum you'll need a laptop/computer, audio I/F, mixer, PA, and MIDI controller to control CbB. The requirements for the audio I/F will depend on what you want to do with CbB.
  10. As others have said, it doesn't work that way. There are a couple things you can do. You can try a pitch shifter. Shift down an octave and apply a LP filter and that might get you close. Others have proposed melodyne and another option is guitar to MIDI. There are HW units that do gtr 2 MIDI as well as software. I haven't tried it, but people write about Jam Origin SW. https://www.jamorigin.com/products/midi-guitar-1/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbtR2VBVp2E Another option is a guitar synthesizer like the boss sy-1000
  11. I do have scaling enabled. That maybe it. Omnisphere is messed up as well. I'll try again in a few years.
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