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  1. rsinger

    Windows 10 Pro Question

    Thanks for the responses.
  2. rsinger

    Windows 10 Pro Question

    I keep my system up to date. I ran task scheduler to disable automatic updates from adobe acrobat and received a lot of errors regarding ASUS tasks. I suspect there was a problem with them when I upgraded from win 7 to 10 years ago and running task scheduler just brought it to light. I think the system was reporting in the background. My DAW is fairly old, but runs fine as long as the network isn't running in the background ...
  3. rsinger

    Windows 10 Pro Question

    I ran task manager and it showed the process as system. That's ntoskrnl.exe. That's a kernel task involved with drivers. It looks like the system was reporting some driver errors I uncovered. I wasn't aware it did that in the background. I use windows defender on my DAW and ran that. No problems. I didn't disable updates, I disabled automatic updates. When an update is available I'm notified and I download and install when I'm ready.
  4. There is only one version I'm aware of and it's free. It sounds like you have snap to grid enabled and set to whole notes.
  5. MOTU M4 on my DAW and Roland Quad-Capture on the laptop. MIDI controllers - Boss SY-1000, Roland GR-55, Cakewalk/Roland A300, Roland SPD-SX, YRG-1000 Gen 2, Korg nanokontrol, Roland FC-300. KM K-Board.
  6. rsinger

    Windows 10 Pro Question

    I have win10 Pro on my DAW and auto updates are disabled in the group policy editor and one drive is not installed. While I was working on a project yesterday I started to get some clicks and when I checked the performance monitor there was a lot of network traffic. The only service showing network activity was system. Looking at data usage in settings system shows 3.35 GB. Does anyone know what system is doing on the network? Are there any other settings I need to change? Anything to do short of disabling the LAN?
  7. I'm using a MOTU M4 with my DAW and it's been working fine in a home studio setup. MOTU has an M2 as well which is a little less expensive.
  8. np, glad you figured it out.
  9. Try turning the Direct Mix off on the OC. That lets you hear what's going into the I/F. Enable Input Echo in CbB and that should be OK. That way you're hearing what's being tracked.
  10. The controls are a bit different than the QC. That sounds like it could be the Direct Mix on the OC. Do you have input echo enabled when you're tracking? Input echo in CbB.
  11. OK. Is the level on the Master, if that is where your output is, does that look right?
  12. I have a quad-capture. Taking the output from a speaker attenuator into the QC I can go from -inf up to 0.5 in CbB. At 0.5 it red-lines and sens is at12 o'clock and peak lights up on the QC. If I'm using an amp sim I like to be between -4 and 0 dB.
  13. For the most part I agree with you. I like amp sims that behave like HW. However, I have a Roland VG-99 and it has a Marshall sim that you can crank without getting any noise. There's something to be said for that. I think there's room for different philosophies, but if something's modified it should be noted ...
  14. Good sale on AT 5 - $99 for the standard edition. Certainly, worth checking out. If they have another group buy this summer, you could add a lot of collections as well. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/amplitube5/
  15. I have TH-U. My wife has been working at home during the pandemic so I've set up all my amps for silent recording. If I come out of the power amp TH-U is my go to for speaker sim/cab emulation. I can also get a lot of good sounds from their amps, but haven't been using the amps as much lately. I haven't tried Brainwork bx_rockrack V3, but I have PA's Overdrive Supreme 50 which I like, as well as the PT100, bx_bassdude, and bx_megasingle. S-Gear seems most like real HW to me. The way the controls work and the way the amps react to my playing they seem like HW amps. I use it a fair amount. I like Amplitube 5 as well, but it's a CPU hog, you'll want a more recent CPU/chipset for it. I like the Chicago amp in Guitar Rig 6 and they have a lot of nice fx. I keep S-Gear, TH-U, AT, and Guitar Rig up to date. I'll likely pick up more amps from PA and Nembrini as well. Compared to the price of getting a new amp, these emulations seem like a good deal.
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