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  1. I got the Dumble, Trainwreck, and 64 Tuxedo Prince.
  2. Upgrade to Drumazon 2 Upgrade to Phoscyon 2 Tonex SE 3 x Tone Junkie captures for Tonex SE. Not BF deals, but I picked up a Kingsley Page DS last month, I use it inside the fx loop of an amp head based on a 5A3 circuit as an overdrive channel and I also got a Two notes Torpedo Captor 8 so, I wasn't planning on spending much this year.
  3. It says one day only, but it worked for me today. I went for the ToneX SE sale so, I picked up some of TJ's captures. Use code BF80. He has Kemper, Helix, and others as well ... https://tonejunkiestore.com/
  4. Any pedal should be fine going into the instrument input. If you have a pedal with a buffer (many boss pedals) you can try any input. As an example, the boss DD-8 has a 1 meg ohm input and 1k ohm output. Boss pedals are normally bypass buffered, so you don't need to have the fx engaged to get the buffer. Turn the gain down if you use an input other than the instrument. You can check the specs for boss pedals here - https://www.boss.info/us/categories/effects_pedals/
  5. I normally use them in front of an amp, preamp or modeler or in the fx loop before recording. After I've recorded, I normally use digital fx.
  6. And your next question is? I looked at the manual and it says - USB-C Port ..., USB audio stream, ... and under operation it does discuss recording. The question is: are NUX ASIO drivers any good? Let us know if you try it.
  7. MIDI is not audio. ASIO is audio, not MIDI. Look Under Preferences, Audio, Devices. See Glenn's post above.
  8. Mastering FX may be linear phase and that requires a look ahead buffer that can cause delays. Check your mastering FX and see if any are linear phase, if so, the delay is expected. You normally don't use linear phase FX when recording. Normally, mastering is done after mixing ...
  9. It's best to put feature requests in the Feedback Loop ...
  10. Yeah, I use the AD2 jazz brushes as well.
  11. I suspect you have it sync'd. When you select play AD2 starts to play the selected pattern.
  12. I'm sure there are a number of ways to do this. One way is to select the track, then select the time on the timeline, then do a track - delete and select the options you want.
  13. I'm aware of that, but it's easier not to have to worry about a dongle and I don't feel like I'm missing anything.
  14. I have a DAW and laptop and CbB and Live 11 and most plugins installed on both. Most plugins allow 2 installs, they just can't be run simultaneously. I only have a few wave plugins (since I need to buy 2 copies).
  15. Yeah. You can do Frippertronics type things with Boz Digital Labs Imperial Delay, but if you want it sync'd you have to calculate the time. It goes up to 10 seconds. For longer delay times Melda has Superlooper - I like that as well. Another is Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop.
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