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  1. Good to know. What disk partition tool did you use?
  2. Depends. If they are acid or similar, they will follow the projects bpm. If not, you may be able to stretch/shrink to fit or you convert to groove loops. I would first move a clip and get it set to the beat and do that for each and then arrange them.
  3. Eventide's Blackhole is a nice atmospheric reverb. There are a lot of nice delay plugins for guitar. Soundtoys Echoboy covers a lot of ground. Nomad Factory Echoes AudioThing Outer Space And many more ...
  4. It doesn't help much, but I use a MOTU M4 with win10 and CbB. The ASIO drivers work fine. Based on the message it looks like another app has the drivers and isn't letting them go. If you start your system and don't do anything except power on the M4 and open CbB you still get that message?
  5. I don't know the answer to your question, but I'll point out what's on this page of documentation. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=ExternalDevices.15.html#1121879 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. If you want to control only this instance of the plug-in with your controller/surface, enable the Lock check box in the ACT MIDI Controller property page, or enable the ACT Lock button in the Control Bar’s ACT module. 6. If you are not locking the controller/surface to a single instance of a plug-in, put the focus on another plug-in, if desired, and adjust its parameters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do you have the ACT Lock button enabled? My guess is that you have a plug-in (the browser of a plug-in) that has the focus.
  6. Also, Scaler 2 doesn't have additional patterns you can buy. You get what they have.
  7. Note that the Audiobox IF has a Mixer. Make sure that it's turned all the way clockwise to playback, otherwise you're just listening to the input. The guitar.
  8. Check out Scaler 2, it's a plugin that runs in DAWs. It can generate midi chord progressions and various patterns that you can drag and drop into tracks. https://www.scalerplugin.com/
  9. Use a compressor with a threshold control and set the threshold to -5 db.
  10. For the most part, yes, but it really depends on the plugin.
  11. You need to connect a MIDI out from your IF to the MIDI in on the xp-80 and have the xp-80 connected to audio equipment of some sort. If your MIDI cable has input and output then you just need to enable MIDI output to the device in cakewalk.
  12. Do you see it in Cakewalk preferences? Have you enabled A-Pro 1?
  13. Simple Stems. https://www.stagecraftsoftware.com/products/SimpleStems/
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