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  1. I've been using the Motu M4 on my DAW with CbB, Ableton Live and stand alone apps and haven't had any problems with it.
  2. ASIO4ALL is an asio driver that uses WDM to access devices so it isn't as fast as devices that have asio drivers developed for them. If you want to minimize latency you want a device that comes with an asio driver.
  3. If you don't have a guitar preamp you'll want an interface for guitar, something like the axe io. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/axeio/ You'll want one of the inputs to have a 1 MOhm impedance. Many IFs will say hi Z input, but they won't be 1 MOhm. An under powered laptop will have more latency. If your laptop is under powered you may want to consider an amp modeler like the nux mg 30. It will give you amp modeling + fx and an audio IF. https://www.nuxefx.com/mg-30.html
  4. I like an amp that has a light crunch, but you can't use reverb with it and you can't do much with delay except a slap back, if that, so if the reverb and delays take a line level signal you can take a DI from an amp and output the pedal to the PA.
  5. It's the Feedback Loop section in these forums.
  6. I think you have it backwards. CbB is audio editing SW. You can import video, but you would compose to the video, not edit the video to the music, you need video editing SW if you want to do that. Video editing SW will let you import still images and manipulate their duration as well as import audio. There may be SW that let's you do both...
  7. It does take time to learn a DAW. I started with cakewalk in 1990 and I'm sure part of the reason I continue to use it is because I'm familiar with it. I also use Ableton Live. HW often comes with lite versions of DAWs and I usually kick the tires, but nothing has compelled me to switch yet. Good luck.
  8. You can start here. Do you have an audio IF or are you using the onboard HW? If you have an audio IF have you installed its driver?
  9. The last company that owned cakewalk prior to Bandlab was Gibson, prior to that Roland owned it, and it was originally developed as a midi sequencer by Greg Hendershott back in the late 80's and he went on to develop it into a full fledged DAW. His company was Twelve Tone Systems. IIRC the original DAW was Cakewalk and later the name was changed to Sonar so that's a product name. I think it should be fine for your purpose. Each DAW has strong and weak points so it's a good idea to try several.
  10. The voltage of an audio signal is also called the amplitude as well as volume and that exists in the digital domain. Note that Millivolts (volts) is the v axis in the picture above. The red line below represents the envelope of the signal displayed. From my experience dsp envelope followers work fine. Just like with HW you have to adjust the gain of the signal and the gain of the envelope follower.
  11. This is not true for Kontakt. In Native Access you can change the content directory to a different drive. They show that if you look at their help. You can also move the Kontakt sample libraries after they are downloaded. I just upgraded from Komplete Select to Komplete and moved the Kontact libraries to another SSD. You just have to repair the links in Native Access after you move the libraries. FWIW.
  12. I don't know the answer to that. I have 2 buffers chosen in "buffers in playback Que". The various asio drivers I have don't seem to have a safe mode option. If you want to get greedy you can use higher sample rates. The higher the sampling rate the more samples there are per second so the same number of samples are smaller units of time. Depending on your current sampling rate you could try going up to 96k hz or 192k hz.
  13. Zero latency is also called direct monitoring - you hear the input to the audio interface, not the output from the DAW so you wouldn't hear any plugins. Glad that worked.
  14. If the buffer is too small you may get clicks and pops. So you may need to make the buffer a little larger depending on whether or not you've optimized your computer for audio performance. Good luck.
  15. The first place to look is the audio IF. Are you using asio and is your asio buffer as small as possible while still being stable? I normally run at 96 samples, but if I shutdown the lan 64 is stable. Roundtrip latency in CbB is reporting 9.8 msec at 96 samples. Some plugins have more latency than others - linear phase can be pretty bad. Start with no plugins and tune your system and see if it's ok. Then add plugins one by one and see if one is particularly bad. People have different ideas about how much latency is acceptable.
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