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  1. Agreed, Fleer. The old lady is still lovely! And no matter how many bosie libraries I have, I still keep the emperor on my drives. These were the first libraries I bought. I'm really attached to them!
  2. I love how Waves have now gone to the sale-on-the-sale-price approach to marketing. Bless.
  3. Although you can only use machine activation on the freebies; paid products require either iLok dongle or cloud (which is fine for me, just wasn't sure if you knew and thought you might be irked if you only found out after buying something).
  4. I think this sounds really good; I don't play in Spitfire's pool but I'm tempted by this.
  5. It's a great deal! I remember paying about $500 for a tribute ASAT back in '03-'04!
  6. This has been around long enough that I imagine most people have it, but anyone who doesn't should buy it! Lovely sounding reverb. Am curious how low it goes at PA.
  7. For me, yes. I have EZD2 and SD2. I hardly ever use SD2. Take it with a grain of salt, and all - I'm in this to have fun, and EZD2 is really fun. I know that in terms of sound and flexibility, SD is a level above, but I don't actually have the skills to make the most of it. If I had more time to play with DAW stuff, maybe I'd be more inclined to use SD more than I do.
  8. Any thoughts on Crispy Tuner? Does pitch correction sound natural with it?
  9. I'd be looking instead at the Kuassa Matchlock which is on sale at Best Service for about $25 IIRC. It's *really* good.
  10. You know you want to...
  11. FWIW Ed, the C3 is really lovely - the Intimate patch is a thing of beauty. And these aren't *that* HD intensive!!
  12. Have you tried the scoring piano, PC? I in no way need another, but I don't have a Steinway B, and if the playability is really good, I could be tempted. But then I'm also tempted by the brushes...curse these finite funds!
  13. It's not. They're permanently out of business.
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