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  1. I feel anxious just looking at that GUI...
  2. Get thee the Eden bass sim if you don't already have one you like (or even if you do!)
  3. I feel validated! I *like* the ODS, but the Train II is one of the few sims where the sounds I can get from it actually resemble those in the demos.
  4. Be interested in your verdict on Train II - it's one of my favourites.
  5. I really want the Clarent; I'm just not doing enough music at the moment to justify yet *another* amp sim! It sounds pretty terrific though.
  6. Feel better, Marc! Here's something you can kill time doing if you feel up to it - try out the new Nembrini DC30 and let us know what you think!
  7. The problem with Simeon is that he makes everything sound good 🙂
  8. There's a post from the VSL account at the Pianoworld forums saying they're shifting from e-licenser to iLok (no dongle required), so I wouldn't read subscription into the changes. Maybe Steinberg just can't be bothered to make the dongles anymore 🙂
  9. I thought those demos sounded really impressive @Bajan Blue. I'll be getting the Clarent at some point!
  10. You tried the Matchlock, Grem? That's my fave of those I own.
  11. I assume this just means the regular prices become what were the perpetual sale prices.
  12. If I was in the US, I'd jump on this. Admittedly, I haven't tried the recent Tributes, but the early ones were excellent instruments!
  13. No!! Just as I completed my Synchron piano collection...and ran out of drive space!
  14. Gotta feel for the roadie who has to get that up a flight of stairs...
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