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  1. Wow...to think that I doubted them 🙂
  2. Ooooh...I always liked the 5150 (unless I had to lift it). I'll hang fire on this, but it's pretty much inevitable that if Kuassa put out a new amp sim I'll end up buying it. Love their stuff.
  3. I have very few libraries that run in UVI, Peter, but my experience has been that the scripting of those libraries is top notch. For example, the VILabs pianos (Ravenscroft and Modern U even moreso) are brilliantly programmed. I'm a VSL fanboy for pianos, but Modern U may be the best scripted acoustic instrument library I own. Re Cello VIs, have you checked out Bohemian Cello by Virhamonic? It's exceptionally good, and on sale (still pricey) while the next update is still in development. It runs in UVI, though the new version will be in a different format. I have good cello libraries that run in Kontakt (Tina Guo 1 & 2; Blakus) but for what I want it to do, Virharmonic is lightyears ahead. It's truly a 'play like a pianist, sound like a cellist' sort of VI. https://www.virharmonic.com/bohemian_cello
  4. I've wanted this for ages...partly because I think it has the grooviest GUI of anything!
  5. Ooh, someone wants to pick a fight with VSL!!
  6. I'm not especially impressed with the IK pianos. I think they're good for what they are, but they don't hold up all that well compared to dedicated piano libraries IMO. I have a few cool/strange piano libraries, though, so here are some other options. Piano in Blue by Cinesamples: It's literally the Miles Davis Kind of Blue piano, complete with grime, tape noise etc, and it's *beautiful*. But it's no longer cheap. Simple Sam Signature Grand: As with Piano in Blue, it's a Steinway D, and it can be super vanilla/pretty sounding. But its presets are where it comes alive. The developers did a great job getting the recorded sound of some much loved pianists (e.g., Bill 50s/60s for Bill Evans; Tokyo for Keith Jarrett). Usually about $50. Ascend by Heavyocity: Another Steinway D but much more in the vein of Noire with all kinds of creative possibilities. Plenty of options for layering sounds (e.g., e-bow) and for 'moving'/evolving stuff similar to the particle engine. Woodchester by Fracture sounds: A felted upright with lots of cool swirly stuff. Really interesting sound to it. Memoir by Audio Ollie: Has the definite advantage of being free! It's sampled from a nice, thick-sounding old Mason & Hamlin grand. Very distinctive . The Oeser by Key instruments: A restored, old baby grand that has a whole bunch of the cool/strange stuff going on! VSL: If you're a student or educator with ID (doesn't have to be in music), VSL have their annual 40% off sale. Their German 1904 (a Bechstein) and the Bluthner are very characterful pianos, though more because the instruments they're sampled from are old rather than because they're really unusual instruments. Happy hunting!
  7. Have you tried the Pianoteq pack? It's my favourite for Rhodes (though I don't have Orange Tree), and it has a Wurly in it as well.
  8. The two-piano pack from Xperimenta is really worthwhile, especially for the Yamaha C3 (intimate preset is lovely). I also think it's really cool that the library was produced for a university project!
  9. It's a great freebie but hasn't quite enticed me to spring for the full. Someday, maybe, when I decide I really need another Steinway D library!
  10. I've just been using the vpre-73 this week. It adds a bit of heft/thickness to my scraggly little voice. I like magnetite as well, and although I have most of the IK tapes, the rooster one is relatively light on CPU I believe. I haven't tried this plate reverb (and honestly, have so many great verbs at this point that I'm even passing on freebies). One that I really, really like is the Goldplate that Kush and Relab did together. It sounds gorgeous, but is *brutal* in terms of processing power!
  11. Sorry, no - I got in miroslav ce from apd. Might be worth emailing ok support to confirm it'll count! I had to follow up, but I did get an answer!
  12. Just FYI, Modo drums--which was an APD deal (like this)--did not qualify for the promo. Miroslav CE--which was in the shop but not on sale (though you could use wallet points to get it to a sale-ish price)--did qualify for the promo.
  13. Well, now you're getting into soothsaying territory!
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