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  1. I thought those demos sounded really impressive @Bajan Blue. I'll be getting the Clarent at some point!
  2. You tried the Matchlock, Grem? That's my fave of those I own.
  3. I assume this just means the regular prices become what were the perpetual sale prices.
  4. If I was in the US, I'd jump on this. Admittedly, I haven't tried the recent Tributes, but the early ones were excellent instruments!
  5. No!! Just as I completed my Synchron piano collection...and ran out of drive space!
  6. Gotta feel for the roadie who has to get that up a flight of stairs...
  7. I can't say if it's better, but it's very good! I'm not sure there's anything in the other ranges with that two-stage compression approach, though that's not to say you couldn't get results that were similar. You mentioned Elysia - I really like the mPressor.
  8. I really like the Acme - 'tis very squishy in a nice, interesting way. Of course, I don't exactly have golden ears, so maybe the obviousness of the effect appeals to me in ways that it doesn't to others. It's one of the few compressors I have that isn't just interchangeable with another, though.
  9. Fwiw, the Trainwreck is pretty great imo. The dumble is good too, but less my cup of tea. I'd been looking for an amp sim that did exactly what the Train II does.
  10. Vsl Yamaha Cfx. I bought a lot of piano VIs this year, and most have been very good-to-excellent. This one's so wonderful to play, though, that I'm getting back into proper practicing routines. I'm doing a lot less recording, but am really loving playing and have dusted off sheet music I gave up on 20 years ago! And... it's on sale this month!
  11. Simeon, sorry if you speak to this in the livestream, but with so many Steinway libraries around, does this complement VSL and Simple Sam, or is it redundant? Honestly, as nice a freebie as the Hammersmith was, it didn't entice me to buy the full version or give up drive space for it.
  12. It's a brilliant reverb for sure...Absolutely top notch.
  13. Not to derail things, but have you tried the PA Fuchs Train II? One of my faves, and although I only demo'd the Z-wreck for a few days, it was closer to the Trainwreck sound I had in my head. I'm sure I'll update to AT5 at some point, but I'll bide my time for the next group buy!
  14. I'd say better than decent! I have a bunch of other bass amp sims and can't think of a more 'expensive' sounding one.
  15. And dangit if the demos don't sound great, too!
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