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  1. Has anyone tried the Spitfire Solo Violin? I don't do very much with strings, and just use NI's Session Strings if I need a pad or something. Still, I've had fun with the Tina Guo cello, and would like to add a nicely scripted/playable equivalent for violin.
  2. Craig Fowler

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    In fairness, the Bass Pod was pretty cool. I still bust mine (kidney bean version) out once in a while. The Adam & Eve model was pretty sweet.
  3. The Wreck sounds pretty great...I'm gonna do it!!! Edit: No I'm not; couldn't combine all the voucher codes. I'll get this but I'll wait a bit.
  4. Craig Fowler

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    I have a the V4b and B15 from PA, and both Ampeg packs from IK. They're both good. The PA V4b has some really nice grunt to it, but I get sounds I like out of the IK sims. I haven't yet managed to get anything from the PA-B15 that sounds anywhere near as good as their demos. As you said, @Zo, the PA sweetspot can be pretty narrow! I always do this, but seeing as someone else mentioned the (presumably Softube) Eden, I'll sing its praises too. It's very versatile and full sounding. When I got it, I swore I didn't need another Bass amp sim, but here we are...
  5. Thanks for the tip - have just downloaded and look forward to trying it out!
  6. I recognize that name/avatar from the old forums!
  7. B3x is very nice!
  8. What kind of elitist wants a speaker with their amp? 🙂 And @RSMcGuitar, totally agree about the presets. They're a nightmare in terms of gain matching.
  9. Maybe so. I *could* be impressed if sound/playability was truly leaps and bounds ahead of something else. But there are so many great piano libraries/VIs out there, it's hard for me to see where this fits. I mean, once you've bought a 1.5TB SSD to run it, you're looking at $650USD or so. For that, you could have bought Noire ($150), and Pianoteq standard ($270 @ JRR), plus at least one other really nice instrument (Ravenscroft; Ivory Steinway) as well as half the aging-but-still-quite-nice Sampletekk instruments! So...this is either the '59 burst of piano VIs, or it's completely delusional. I'm hoping the former, and that there will be deep, regular sales!
  10. And holy cow...that's the light version? The full is 1.1TB!!
  11. 200GBs for one piano...I might as well try to squeeze my upright into my tower case!
  12. Some people may simply not like IK's products or their licensing system, which is fine. I, on the other hand, think it's a great deal. I won't be going for it as I've taken advantage of some other great offers recently (including IK promos on Sunset Studio and B3-X), but even if you have *no* products you can crossgrade from, the package is $225 at JRR. That would be a ridiculously good deal even if it was only for the Amplitube and T-Racks stuff. If it gives you a cheap pathway to the next Max package that includes things like Sunset Studio Reverb/Hammond, then that's another thing in its favour, as they're both excellent!
  13. Good to know. I have plenty of amp sims, but I've been impressed with what Nembrini are doing.
  14. I thought they'd got the crunch/high gain kinda covered with the Marshall/Soldano, so I was hoping for some twist on the clean/jangle Perhaps something brownface Fendery or Voxy! With that said, I *do* like the clean audio clips they've posted, so will demo to see how they work for me!
  15. Ooooh...Not what I was hoping for from them, but still interesting!
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