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  1. Perhaps this is a stupid question, but I bet others have it as well. If you already have the constituent parts in plug-ins from UA (610pre, LA-2a, 1176) then is there any reason at all to consider adding this? It's something I'd *love* to have in hardware form for tracking, and if I had an Apollo I might jump on this. As a Satellite-based peasant who owns a bunch of UA plugs already, though, I'm not sure this offers much. Apart from being a shiny new toy, of course. And I love those.
  2. Reaction here is...uh, somewhat different to that over at VI: Control!
  3. I have Virhamonic, Embertone Blakus, and Tina Guo 1+2. The Virharmonic is by far my favourite, and IIRC, the Tina Guo has a very restricted note range.
  4. He must have a server farm that would put Google to shame!
  5. Dude, it wasn't an instruction! 🙂
  6. But will they finally have bothered with sweep/swirl midi?! If it's there this could be real winner for me.
  7. I installed the beta of REV6000 last week (I'm a bundle owner and they kindly 'upgraded' me from the VSR24, though apparently that crossgrade had ended ages ago). Was extremely impressed and can't understand why the official release has been so delayed.
  8. I mean, not to me personally. But I'm intrigued... https://www.guitarworld.com/features/ik-multimedia-tonex-one-nano-amp-modeler-pedal-platform
  9. Haven't seen any buzz about the two new uprights. Kinda curious about those suckers.
  10. So, you're using Richter on a project now, right? Let me know how it is so I can pine after it from afar, knowing I do not need it and almost certainly would not use it.
  11. I used to love coffee from Intelligentsia in Chicago when I lived in the US.
  12. https://vstbuzz.com/deals/50-off-hammers-waves-acoustic-by-skybox-audio/ $89USD and Kontakt Player compatible. Well worth it!
  13. Worth searching this subforum for recent posts with Microsoft or Windows in the title. I used one of the Groupon links that was posted in the last 2-3 months, I think.
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