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  1. I got the email too - sounds worth a watch - thanks
  2. JoeGBradford

    NI Hacker

    No issues here. Looked at my NI account and there doesn't seem to be an option to set up 2 factor authorisation
  3. I think that was the point SK was making
  4. The great majority of musicians I listen to (mostly folk and roots music) either sell their music direct through their own website or use Bandcamp. Those that use Bandcamp generally seem happy with it and many recommend it as the place they'd prefer people to buy their music from. I'm happy as a punter knowing that all my money goes to the artists as I buy on Bandcamp Fridays. I hope Epic Games don't ruin the current model.
  5. I buy most of my music from Bandcamp - usually on Bandcamp Fridays. They seem to have fairly ethical practices compared to the rest of the business. I know many musicians who sell their music and merch on there and seem very happy. I hope this continues
  6. Thanks. That's what I downloaded but then thought HD might mean Hard Drive!
  7. I think I'll give that one a miss!
  8. Can we draw a line under this one now please? I'm sure we all feel, like me, desperately sorry for the victims of war across the world. Arguing on here won't help them.
  9. Baltic Shimmers is great for ambient and dramatic sounds
  10. So if if I added a new folder of samples to my master sample folder it would not be accessible? Sounds like a major flaw if so!
  11. Mike's videos, especially the tutorials are excellent. I even watch the ones that are irrelevant to me as he has such an engaging manner. A really nice, thoughtful guy too and very supportive of other musicians. His Facebook Cakewalk group is popular as well ( declaration of interest - I'm a moderator of that group)
  12. Now that the free version of Loopcloud doesn't allow you to update your own sample library is this a better option for sample audition and management? I've stayed on an old version of Loopcloud but it no longer integrates with the DAW. A shame as I have 'favourited' hundreds of sample in Loopcloud
  13. I had issues when I tried to install it to my data disc with my other VSTs and was advised to install on system disc and it has been fine since then
  14. Very generous Jason - thanks! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  15. It's been done in the Facebook group but I can't find it 😉
  16. Must admit I deleted all of the sounds apart from some melodic loops - not my thing at all sadly! But thanks anyway 🙂
  17. I'm getting the same message having removed the freebie! Edit - Worked with the code they sent in my email - I'd used the code on the order page!
  18. So sorry to hear this. Best wishes for the future to all staff
  19. Your issues are nothing to do with Cakewalk being free. It is a fully featured, constantly improving software programme previously retailing at around £400 which has excellent developer support including in this forum. People here will be only too pleased to help with any issues you have - just provide more detail. I've never experienced the problems you outline in years of using Sonar Home Studio and now CbB and I learned everything from scratch
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