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  1. Yeah--no drop and dragging floating VST windows onto the Multidock. I click on the top bar of each VST window and choose Dock in Multidock. If you want the Synth Rack first so you have access that way, you can do that and then dock the VST windows in order. But, we can't move the tabs around. Try holding down the CTRL key when dragging a plug-in UI to the multidock From https://legacy.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=WindowManagement.03.html For 32bit plug-ins running in BitBridge, the dockable portion is the plug-in header which is displayed in a second window. To open the plug-in header, hold down the ALT key when opening the plug-in UI. The header window usually opens behind the plug-in UI window.
  2. It should still report both VST2 and VST3. VST3 support was in the first release of the Inventory Tool and CbB support was added when CbB was released. In addition to filtering, clicking the VST3 column twice should bubble the VST3 plug-ins to the top of the list; the first click will sort by VST3 placing VST2 plug-ins at the top of the list, the second click reverses the order. For best performance, whitelist the CbB Tools process in your AV scanner.
  3. Would the BC Connector ASIO driver help in this case? I did not know such a thing existed until I downloaded Connector v1.2 yesterday. The driver is a separate download on the same page as the registered software links. Hopefully the driver is specific to the software.
  4. The project Template path is defined in Preferences > File > Folder Locations
  5. To save a project template, in the "Save"/"Save As"/"Save Copy As" dialog supply a File Name (the template extension will be added by default) set Save as Type to Template set Go to Folder to Template Files (.CWT, .TPL) Click Save Step 3 is tells the DAW to put the template with the rest of the project templates For more info see https://legacy.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Templates_KeyBindings.2.html
  6. Youngman Grand, Esq.: You're certainly puttin' everybody on today, Dad. Sir Guy Grand KG, KC, CBE: Well, you know, Youngman, sometimes it's not enough merely to teach. One has to punish as well. A little bit of the old pause.
  7. Yeah, Arnold Jones doesn't make it.
  8. Glad safe mode worked. With very few exceptions, it is not necessary to install the DAW to get the plug-ins bundled with the DAW. Many plug-ins were updated since 8.5. If one has access to a newer installer such as X2, running an advanced install for the newer plug-ins may be a good idea. Sometimes plug-ins were updated along with the DAW, for example the latest V-Vocal is only available in X2a.
  9. "ahhh, it's a profit deal" Navin R. Johnson 1979
  10. Consider re-installing the plug-in using the X2 installer as it is several years newer than 8.5. Opening projects in safe mode will prompt to skip/load plug-ins. To invoke safe mode, hold down the SHIFT key when opening a project.
  11. Don't want to be responsible for this
  12. The Jungle Book - The Bare Necessities
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