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  1. That almost tempted me to get full Kontakt until I saw it couldn't be used on existing sale items 😞 I'll just have to keep on complaining 😉
  2. Ooh my favourite instrument! Works with Halion SE as well as full Kontakt - I will have to have a listen to see how it compares to Tarilonte's Desert Winds. Too expensive for me at the moment but if there's a future sale I may snap it up!
  3. Always some great sounds in these packs - thanks! (And kudos for beating Larry to it! 😉 )
  4. Thanks - is there any significant disadvantage in just downloading and using those? - I'm only a hobbyist so would never be used professionally
  5. Eek I'll need a new drive! Though there is room on one of my external HD drives so I'll but on there for now! I was expecting it to be about 2gb max as it was free
  6. Thanks Larry - got the Woodwind as others had gone - probably understandably the least favourite but at least it is a Kontakt Player instrument! 🙂
  7. I would never sign up to a subscription (just not worth it as a hobbyist!) but even if I did this would be a no go - I was expecting Kontakt, Absynth, FM8 etc to be in there for the price. Dire!
  8. Ahem - Full Kontakt 😉
  9. That's almost as bad as Full Kontakt only 😉
  10. Thanks - I've already discovered Pianobook - and have downloaded a few of the Decent Sampler offerings 🙂
  11. I have the first two of the three on that page - LABS & Project Sam Luminous Choir - both are excellent. The third is Full Kontakt so not for me (yet?) but sounds good in the demo
  12. I didn't mention Start as I thought everyone would know about it but you're right there's some great stuff in there. I also have quite a few good Kontakt Player libraries that Native have given away over the years
  13. I meant to mention the Amplesound free guitar & bass!
  14. I have been wondering whether to try those. Assumed that they may not offer much different / better than what I have with Miroslav & Garritan PO. Like BBCSO Discover though they would seem to be a no brainer for anyone without a paid for library.
  15. Oh definitely! Just slipped my mind whilst I was trying to remember the others 🙂
  16. Some of these have been mentioned but here goes! Spitfire LABS series Project Sam Free Orchestra - awesome when layered up Sampletank 4 CS - once you get past the installation & authorisation! Syntronik 2 CS - ditto! Orchestral Tools Sine Free Instruments - ever expanding. Quirky front end but very nice sounds Soundpaint Angels - just got this one - some interesting sounds - not sure how useable yet! Evolution Series Clara Duduk - a cross between a clarinet and my favourite instrument the duduk (Kontakt Player) Keepforest Ferrum Trailer Percussion Free Edition (Kontakt Player) Evolution Devastator Warzone (Kontakt Player)
  17. If I didn't already have Garritan & Miroslav (the latter via TS Max 2) I may have been pulled too!
  18. Spot on - I have had so much help over the years and there are many great people here. I tend to be at the free budget end of the market but mainly because I can only devote a small amount of time to music making so significant investment would be out of scale with my efforts. There is just so much great free / low cost stuff around that combined with my major purchases of ST TS Max 2, Garritan Personal Orchestra and Reason 10 I have far more than I need (though I still have free GAS!)
  19. Great idea - I'll try to remember to post my recommendations tomorrow!
  20. Nowt - as we say in Yorkshire 🙂 Though I did get Syntronik CS at a good Yorkshire price!
  21. Yeah I just assumed that it would pick it up under the ST3 folder - IK works in mysterious ways 😉 Hard to complain though as Syntronik CS is an excellent freebie!
  22. It appears that if you copy Syntronik 2 files to a subfolder of your ST3 folder as I did you have to specifically identify that sub folder in your sounds path - neither Syntronik 2 nor ST4 picked it up when I just rescanned the ST3 folder. I've rescanned Syntronik 2 and now that works ok - just waiting for ST4 to complete the rescan......
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