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  1. Look what they made, they made it for me - happy technology!
  2. I literally collected $50 for streaming royalties from my band, lol
  3. meh, you're ok! we are not crazy. we are not, right? But honestly, about the black friday bargains, I kinda felt like this year was just.... ok. The only standout for me was the 50% U-He everywhere.
  4. They were indeed bought by EMZ Partners on 2019! https://mergr.com/emz-partners-acquires-arturia But of course, management is very different from Francisco Partners
  5. They're really good! It's kinda interesting to see that like 10 years ago Arturia was seen like a 'meh' company, and NI was quite a powerhouse back then, and now the things reversed
  6. I wish I had this idea last month! But I'm ok with that, except the sample based plugins, the IK Products are really nice. I'm really planning and pursuing to make more music next year, so it all will makes sense at some point, I guess
  7. Yes, I went through the group buy route for a long time. Honestly, the only bit that I wanted right now was Modo Bass 2, but them it seemd always wrongly priced, even the upgrade. So, at some point, the max route seemed more... logical. Then I bought the Sampletank max last month (and the whole sampled libraries of IK are almost of no interest to me) and got the maxgrade on ikmultimedia. I'm from a Latin America country (Brazil), so $200 USD is a LOT of money to me (my rent right now would be around $185). Now I'm with a lot of duplicates that aren't worthy selling (because of recent price drops + Ik license transfer fee), so I can relate to what most of your guys feel about IK.
  8. Going max gives such peace of soul 😅! Now I can just ignore almost anything IK for a while 😇
  9. Ableton Suite 11 -got it some days before the 12 announcement and further discount on 11, dammit, but ok, I had decided that it was the proper moment fo me to get the it. (€ 444 on Thoman) Ik Multimedia total Studio Crossgrade ($ 167 on jrrshop) U-He Uhbkik and Filterscape - totally impulse buy to complete my U-He collection ($ 123.71) So it seems that I'm in a kind of 'completion' GAS season.
  10. Sad! Macs sometimes are wild beasts... Well, I don't use logic either, but this update looks really good!
  11. I'm running a Macbook Pro Early 2013 with OpenCore, but Monterey. Works fine. My macmini 2015 is running Ventura with OpenCore, works fine too.
  12. https://twitter.com/ToguAudioLine/status/1711781109782950001
  13. Clarifying: The two products are a bundle and a compressor. Universal Audio Essentials Bundle Crossgrade from FREE LA-2A Tube Compressor - FX Bundle by Universal Audio LA-2A Tube Compressor - Compressor by Universal Audio
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