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  1. Well, there's a lot of takes on this. On one side, I'm not against charging for updates. I'm not even against WUP, it's a model that somehow makes sense. But the great problem is the price. Doesn't make a lot of sense paying expensive for something that it's more a framework upgrade - something that it's easily fixed and doesn't add nothing new to the plugins. I'm more ok on paying to something that add new features to a plugin - and making a plugin work well with current screen resolutions is not a feature to me..... And remember that WUP includes phone support. I guess that 99% of us never used this, right? Honestly, I think that a very low WUP to just keep the plugins updated (29.00 a year 😎), without the phone support included, would work well for Waves and the customers. And maybe a expensive support plan with phone support, to the people that really care about this. On the other side, we have companies like U-He that offer for free some upgrades that could be a really paid upgrade - new features and everything else, and it seems to work well for everyone involved.
  2. 2.8.3 ------------ - Add support for more widget in script - Apple ARM (M1) support in AAX format - Other minor fixes 2.8.2 ------------ - Fix sustain pedal handling in Ostinato Arp - Fix possible crashes with VST3 version on some Windows 2.8.1 ------------ - Fix crash with Ableton Live - Fix crash with Slice Remixer if there was no sample in Slice oscillator - Fix truncated volume name in browser for UFS with very long name on Windows - Disable Metal layer on OSX until proper fixes If a Falcon M1 AAX is available, a M1 native protools should be near.
  3. They added a pre-delay at some point (2014) https://ask.audio/articles/uvi-add-predelay-and-more-to-sparkverb-reverb-plugin
  4. VB3 used to be the best Hammond some years ago (an still seems to be quit good), but the developer kinda abandoned it to work on hardware (Crumar), then he released the engine that he did to Crumar as VB3 2.0, but some people say that it's not as good as V1. Now he's focused on VB3 for iOS.
  5. Hey, I kinda agree that IK is probably the best right now, but Acoustic Samples B5 is also very good and it's currently on sale. Also, not about the Hammond plugins itself, but there's an amazing topic on cantabile forums about everything Hammond related. It's obviously focused on cantabile, but there's a lot of nice info about Hammond, drawbars, settings, and songs that can be used on any DAW. Worthy reading!
  6. I used it for a long time, and you can upgrade later to a bigger package! I think that a Steinway model should be one of the picks.
  7. CS-80 V4 engine was totally rewritten. Although I guess that there's merit on the new patch programming, I think that the new engine makes everything flow better.
  8. it worked for me today after reauthorizing amplitube.
  10. Me neither - I'm still on No Tron
  11. I compared. Mostly a lazy comparision - the factory presets. Ok, I'm lazy. Sometimes the presets sounded almost identical, sometimes a bit different. Sometimes I liked Repro better, other Arturia. But U-He is rev3 and Arturia is modeled on a rev-2, so it really seems like 2 different synths. One funny memory: the patch '25 Trumpet Flute', to me sounds just as flute on Repro, but really Trumpet/Flute on Arturia.
  12. I think that the welcome back coupon doesn't work with Native or iZotope products... WRONG
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