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  1. I don't have a 45% voucher but can get MasterQ for 23.84, even so, I don't know if I can justify another EQ to myself.
  2. $149 because I have SQ-80 V and I can do in 4 installments... Might as well jump...
  3. I got a slightly better deal... VC8 + SQ80 for $149. Well, let's wait for the release
  4. Probably the $99 upgrade will happen, but only 1 year or more after VC9 release.
  5. Just got a 'false' DX-7 V update... maybe V Collection 9 is near and somehow the new versions temporarily 'escaped'?
  6. Well, I guess I'm cured from GAS now.
  7. I will probably join the deal (FOMO maybe?), but I'm really an emulations (not sampled) believer. For someone that has all these mentioned synths - Arturia V Collection, Korg Collection, u-He, Cherry Audio, Synapse Legend and Obsession, and probably more synths that I can remember, which ones from Syntronik 2 are the standouts?
  8. Well, almost all good stories are myths somehow...
  9. You guys are the devil! Got a cheap M1 Le on kvr and then got the Collection
  10. Just found: The sale will last until Thursday, April 28, 2022.
  11. Does anyone know the end date of the sale?
  12. code is kinda split in half if you buy 2 plugins.. for the next 10 hours you can enter the 'buy 2, get two' sale for $54.98 ... ... and a new sale will start in 10 hours
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