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  1. it worked for me today after reauthorizing amplitube.
  3. Me neither - I'm still on No Tron
  4. I compared. Mostly a lazy comparision - the factory presets. Ok, I'm lazy. Sometimes the presets sounded almost identical, sometimes a bit different. Sometimes I liked Repro better, other Arturia. But U-He is rev3 and Arturia is modeled on a rev-2, so it really seems like 2 different synths. One funny memory: the patch '25 Trumpet Flute', to me sounds just as flute on Repro, but really Trumpet/Flute on Arturia.
  5. I think that the welcome back coupon doesn't work with Native or iZotope products... WRONG
  6. Lol, I just thought that NI has gone bankrupt or something like that.
  7. Just for curiosity, did the same patch in Synapse The Legend and was SO MUCH easy than monark - also matched the sound way better
  8. Allright, the patch name on minimonsta is AllFunkBasses. Here is the Monark version. Not exactly the same, but I think it's the closest I can get. Attached a small demo, first Minimonsta then Monark. All Funk Basses.nrkt Monsta Bass.wav
  9. And on Mac is: Deskew: /Users/Shared/Gig Performer/Templates/ PA: /Applications/Plugin Alliance/Gig Performer 4/ Also, the installer of the Deskew GP is way bigger, cause it installes the Lost in 70s and TH-U plugins. (800MB vs 173MB on PA version)
  10. yes, it's maybe their only 'issue' (I'm ok with soft ilok, but I can see that a lot of people don't like it).
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