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  1. Wait what...? Full version for $99 is pretty good for Joshua Bell. Seriously might take the bullet and buy this one
  2. Few things picked up this BF: Baby Audio Industry Pro Bundle Polyverse Comet J3PO Preset Packs UAD Signature Bundle (at $150, hopefully my license doesn't get revoked) Minimal Audio $1 packs Cableguys ReverbShaper Upgrade (tbh we should be entitled for the upgrade having owning Shaperbox, but whatever) D16 Bundle (Repeater, Spacerek, Godfazer) ROLI Seaboard M ROLI Equator2 Some ROLI Sound packs Serrano Vintage 87 Woah, after listing them all they're not 'few' anymore. Some more I'm still contemplating: Soundtoys 5.4 bundle Oeksound Spiff FabFilter Bundle Hammers + Waves bundle Joshua Bell violin
  3. That's quite a lot cheaper than their usual 25% off sales. I think in current years the biggest they have had is 40% off, which already dates back to 2019 April during their anniversary sale.
  4. Finally the marketing people doing their jobs right. I was the 'p-ssed' customer last time and now trying to warn others about them 😂
  5. Note that last year towards the end they had flash sales which puts some plugins on 60% off on selected dates. Might want to wait until the last before pulling the trigger
  6. Soundtoys 5 Ultimate Effects Bundle - Native on JRRShop $221.61 with code forum Even cheaper than my personal upgrade offer with two free plugins
  7. I have also successfully bought it and registered it on the UAD website. Trying to rush back home and start installing my plugins before they get revoked 🤣
  8. https://www.soundtoys.com/ 50% off soundtoys 5
  9. Saw this in my email, might be of interest: Essentially 11 sound packs we can get for $1 each. https://www.minimal.audio/t/sounds
  10. Even having most of their plugins (bought the all bundle last year thanks to some member in this wonderful forum, literally less than 10 plugins that I don't own), PA still wants to charge me $899 for the bundle - looks like PA and UA are all the same now 😂
  11. https://www.musikhack.com/ Use Code: Sanjay30 for 30% off $175 -> $122.5 Anyone has experience using this? A relatively new product but people was comparing this to The God Particle, bx_masterdesk, Ozone etc...
  12. https://roli.com/store/black-friday LUMI Keys $199 Seaboard BLOCK M $349 Seaboard RISE 2 $1189 Equator $89 Cypher2 $59 Strobe2 $47 ROLI Studio $59 ---- Any thoughts on Seaboard / ROLI in general? Their new BLOCK M seems intriguing for someone wanting to dip my toes in MPE
  13. Hopefully they will have a discount code for their newsletter subscribers like last time...
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