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  1. Same. But still interesting that they would need me to subscribe once again to their newsletter in order to see the code. The acousticsamples piano bundle is intriguing to me though so might be copping that but I already have a gazillion piano libraries in my SSD
  2. For a limited time only, you can get a 20% discount code if you follow us on Instagram. Yes, you read that right. All you have to do is follow our Instagram account and you will receive a code that you can use on your next purchase. (*Note: requires a minimum cart total of $50) The code is APDINSTA20 but I have followed them in Instagram. Let me know if you can use it without following them.
  3. Seems like an all time low at $59. Previously going around for $89 or $79 -ish if I remember correctly.
  4. For those who missed out: glad you saved some money! (Definitely not salty that I missed out on the glitch😭) - edit: you need to change your location to somewhere in europe using euro as currency (I changed my location to germany and it worked)
  5. Didn't buy it in time during March, and now it has came back even cheaper than before! Very nice
  6. $106 for Spaces II. Now that it's AS Native... Very tempting now
  7. Access 10: $49 -> $29 EFX+ 10: $229 -> $99 Pro X: $459 -> $199 Prices are for perpetual license https://www.image-line.com/auto-tune/
  8. Damn... If they didn't go native I would never consider this... Another buying decision to make when the next round of sales comes around the corner
  9. I find their previous guitars to be quite synthetic. If you are into that kind of sound maybe...
  10. I own SparkVerb, Shade, Relayer and Plate and my upgrade is $109. $109 for 6 effects is not too bad.
  11. Seems like they are working to kill the code... Now it shows this on my end Edit: Glad I missed this by a margin, or else I'll be spending for their Tokyo Series 😂
  12. When I receive my F29 code for this month, this'll be installed!
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