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  1. And there’s Karen. Not heard from or about her in years. I know she went Studio One but who hasn’t at least tried that DAW or uses it along with Cakewalk or instead of.
  2. It would be helpful to send the CrashDump to Cakewalk. It will give them invaluable insight and perhaps a way forward to remedy the issue. Cakewalk and Waves have a pretty good working relationship from my experience.
  3. Thanks for the update. BTW, an interesting date choice to release the update. Cheers.
  4. I’m not in front of my DAW at the moment so cant confirm, but I think that recently this was changed and the 6 month authorisation refresh is no longer required. Happy to be proved wrong but... UPDATE: Here’s a direct copy of the pinfold regarding Single Sign On which I believe removes the need for a deliberate action every 6 months to reauthorise Cakewalk. Feature in the most recent Cakewalk Update. (2021.01 Update 1) SSO (Single Sign-On) for Cakewalk activation Cakewalk supports SSO (Single Sign-On) for activation, which allows you to log in via any service supported by BandLab as your sign-in authority. Google, Facebook, Apple ID, mobile phone and BandLab user/password credentials are currently supported. SSO is only used for Cakewalk activation, and under normal circumstances you will only need to sign in once. Cakewalk will attempt to refresh your activation status silently and automatically on occasion during start up. Use the SSO login as you have done with your BandLab account in the past. Note that BandLab Assistant is still required for requesting offline activation of Cakewalk on computers that don’t have an Internet connection.
  5. If you’re able to hear Cakewalk then the data is going through a “sound card” of some sort even if it’s only the onboard sound chips embedded in every laptop for listening to audio files and streaming services eg YouTube, Spotify etc. Quality will suffer as compared to a dedicated external “sound card” or audio device and you will need to select the correct audio driver mode for your onboard sound device.
  6. So now you don’t have any virus protection. If you had followed the advice given you would still have full virus protection and your original problem would be dealt with appropriately. Rather than the blunt instrument of fully disabling Windows Defender.
  7. It wasn’t really “my” folder as I saw it. With many decades of association with Cakewalk, Sonar and the forum I came to realise, as did many others, that there were valuable resources referenced in the various threads. Much of those resources were utilities and other content files that could benefit more users if only there was a single place where they could be accessed. So while it was my OneDrive space where the files were all stored at the beginning, the data actually belonged to the various contributors who made it available to share. I simply set up a library of sorts. While I had a vision that it could be much much more, unfortunately I was never in a position to have direct dialogue with any decision makers. Simply stated, not a single one of my requests to engage in dialogue was ever answered.
  8. I was the Host who oversaw that particular part of the forum. Gibson wouldn’t give us any space for storing any content. Initially, after Karen setup up the threads I was provided Host status over that area only. I had no Host privileges or access to other parts of the forum, only the first 2 threads. Any contributions that were made in the form of files like skins, programs eg. scooks many contributions of Sonar utilities and many file contributions from others were all stored on my personal OneDrive account. I provided links (to my OneDrive Acct) for the files that were embedded in those threads so people could freely access them. When I decided to stop providing the oversight required another member (Elfinn) volunteered to take over and all the files were moved to his BOX account. I tried unsuccessfully on many occasions to engage higher ups regarding the development of this part of the site as several others saw potential in what had begun, sadly I didn’t even get to have meaningful with anyone in authority. My status as a Host was so constrained, I did’t even have the means to engage in online meetings with the other Hosts It remained that way until the old forum was archived. You can still go to the old forum and you’ll see that in the Studio/Software forum the first thread, Sonar and Cakewalk by Bandlab Resources and Utilities then a further thread where Submissions could be made. The main thread was permanently locked so that only Elfinn and or myself could update li is etc. The second thread was a place where a forum member could submit a program, link or other file fir evaluation and possible inclusion in the main thread.
  9. All the best Bill. Hope things go well for you.
  10. The inescapable truth of these tests is that there’s a bunch of old farts in the Coffee House. Psstt! Did you hear the one about... Oh, that’s right, you can’t hear... fade to silence.
  11. Nice to see that there’s finally a place for sharing Content created for Cakewalk. That type of provision was reasonably well supported by Sonar users in the old forum, but lacked any real support from the company as any shared files were stored personally by those moderating that particular forum. Perhaps now that it’s a Bandlab promoted space (I think) users can get the full benefit of company support for maintaining it. I hope it goes well.
  12. Don't forget that before BandLab acquired it from Gibson a few years ago, Sonar Producer by Cakewalk (the full program) was about $499 for the first time buyer with version upgrades around the $179 mark.
  13. One of the funniest tribute bands ever. Some of the video clips had me ROFL. What a blast from the past.
  14. I’m a virtual musician - I virtually create music. It very flexible as it allows me to live vicariously through this forum and YouTube. That way I can maintain my full time occupation of “Couch Potato”. The pay’s lousy but there’s no tax or paper work.
  15. I’ve been using Paragon HDD utilities of various generations for many many years and have cloned drives numerous times without issues. Not suggesting you must use Paragon software, just confirming that with good tools cloning a drive is not a dark art.
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