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  1. I updated my laptop to Win 11 when it first came out. When I didn’t experience any problems I recently updated my Studio PC to Win 11. Again no problems so far.
  2. I’d say rendering audio to an external usb drive that’s more than 90% full is your bottle neck. Try rendering the file to your C:\ drive and see if there’s a difference.
  3. Cakewalk’s community members have contributed numerous tools that extend it’s scope and function. It’s a measure of the depth of talent and commitment of this community. It’s the same commitment and dedication shown by the developers who are involved so much with the community through the forum. All this for a piece of software that once was a retail product and is now available for no cost under licence to everyone.
  4. I for one am glad that Cakewalk can allow background programs like networking to run as I use the Waves SoundGrid system which relies on offloading plug-in processing to a network attached audio device and server which is connected over a 1 gig Ethernet connection.
  5. Check out Cakewalk user Mike Enjo on YouTube at his Creative Sauce channel. He’s a veteran cakewalk user and has done some very good reviews and tutorials on the ICON Q Con G2 controller. Creative Sauce
  6. Have you tried updating to the latest CbB version. You can always revert to the version you’re currently using if you prefer. I use Waves plugins pretty well exclusively and have not encountered your problem. I only use Auto save on a time basis which I vary at different stages of a project depending on the intensity of editing I’m doing. Over the years I’ve trained myself to also hit Ctrl-s after major edits. I also make use of versioning. This combination has stood me in good stead for many years.
  7. I cant check as I’m on an iPad but … If you have the interleave set at the default stereo perhaps the import as mono instruction is creating 2 mono tracks from 1 stereo track in the video.. do the left and right channel sound the same or its it definitely stereo? Or creating 2 tracks? copied from the Reference guide. See point 5. “Importing and playing back videos Here are step-by-step procedures for inserting and playing back videos: To load a video file into a project 1. Choose File > Import > Video, or choose Insert from the Video view’s pop-up menu. The Import Video dialog box appears. In the Files of type field, select the kind of video file you’re looking for. 2. Select a file. 3. Select the Show File Info check box to display information about the file in the File Info section of the dialog box. 4. Select the Import Audio Stream check box if you want to load the file’s audio data. 5. Select the Import As Mono Tracks check box if you want to import the file’s audio data as one or more mono tracks. 6. Click Open” hope it helps.
  8. G’day Robert, long time no speak. I know with various pedals that use a 1/4” TS (2 wire) plug that polarity is not uniform across all of them. Could that be an issue. I remember XLR plugs also present with 2 of 3 pins wired differently than what is today considered correct. Could it be that simple?
  9. Probably best to start a new thread as this one is over a year old and several CbB versions ago.
  10. Quite possibly one of my favourite features. When Mix Recall was first included I couldn’t believe how useful it was. Now its just part of my work flow. Love it.
  11. Yep! Mortality is no longer something at a distant horizon. It’s now in my immediate field of view.
  12. I can use the website from all the browsers on my PC without any warnings or errors being displayed. Not sure that it’s a Cakewalk issue or something they need to fix. As a precaution, lest the worst happen, I’ve backed up all my account data including Activation codes and Serial numbers etc to an interactive pdf document I used Command Centre to download all the files and have them backed up. While Bandlab have committed to maintain that whole system, and I sure appreciate their effort and commitment in keeping that promise, things can change so I’ve taken the above precautions. The old Cakewalk site is archived and it no longer receives any updates. If people remove data (external to the site) that was linked to a page there’s little that Cakewalk can do about it now being a dead link. As an example, there were many posts (going back decades) where I would link a picture or a document of some sort. It’s quite likely that the files I linked are no longer in the same location hence breaking the link to the post. I think it’s unreasonable that a team which provides a free DAW of Cakewalk by Bandlab’s quality, devote resources to maintaining an out of date site for out of date software (Sonar). The fact is that Cakewalk by Bandlab is far superior to the last Sonar program that existed prior to Bandlab’s purchase of the Cakewalk/Sonar intellectual property from Gibson. I still have Sonar Platinum and X2 installed for V-Vocal and reference and make full use of all the plugins and extras that were part of various releases going back to Sonar 3 Producer when needed but no longer use any Sonar version for producing any music.
  13. You must use the XLN Installer to move any components of Addictive Drums or Synth. That includes the plugins and any and all sound data.
  14. When you finally choose and buy your keyboard how about coming back here to let us know what you bought and how you came to your decision. Your thread will become a reference for those coming after you asking the same questions you did. For my part I have a Native Instruments S88 note keyboard so not really in your search ball park. All the best in your search.
  15. For some people, anonymity seems to provide a stimulus to speak without thought of consequence. Either to themselves or others. People are quick to quote freedom of speech as a right and something to be protected at any cost yet conversely, little seems to be said about responsibility for what you say and being held accountable for those words. I think freedoms are not absolute but conditional upon our responsible exercise of those freedoms. As others have said though, this forum is pretty well free of nasty speech. Good policies and moderators who apply them fairly keep the forum humming along.
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