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  1. Good to know about the change. My last info on the update frequency was actually from a post of yours but that was quite some time ago. I don’t remember how long ago that was.
  2. Wow. Imagine that. A youngster in the Cakewalk forum. I was one once. When I first started using Cakewalk it was purely a MIDI sequencer.
  3. Here’s what dr Google has to say about HDMP files. “A file with the HDMP file extension is a Windows Heap Dump file used for storing uncompressed error files generated, or "dumped," when a program crashes in some versions of Windows. Compressed dump filesare stored in the MDMP (Windows Minidump) format and are used by Windows to send the crash reports to Microsoft.” Hope that helps. Though you probably have already looked it up yourself.
  4. Whichever PDF viewer you use should have a search function (usually a magnifying glass icon) that you can use. Also if you start at the beginning of the document you’ll find that the table of contents has links to major subjects which in turn will also have hyperlinks to more specific info as you drill down. As for when you’re working in Cakewalk by Bandlab itself you can select to use Online help (in the last of the top row of m,ends) which will give you access to areas of information connected to the area highlighted on the current screen view you have. The online version is also always up to date whereas the PDF is updated annually or thereabouts. All the best.
  5. Congratulations Noel and Cakewalk team. I’m astounded how many improvements continue to be made to this program. I guess I could always find something to complain about or beg for a specific change or feature but after having now passed 25 years of using Cakewalk/Pro/Sonar/CbB (along with other programs) I’m actually content to follow Cakewalk’s vision for the program’s development. Since the acquisition by Bandlab, I have to admit I haven’t been able to keep up with the rate of development of existing and addition of some of the new features. The program now far outstrips my ability to maintain what I once would have claimed as being a very high level of proficiency with its use. I guess I continue to make music (when health permits) the same as I’ve done for ages and while the improved stability and smoothness benefit my process, I’m a long way off using many of the new features. While that leaves me more to explore in Cakewalk itself, I really miss the days when I felt I was able to make meaningful contributions to the community here. Like chiming in to answer a query regarding a function or process. These days I’m lucky if I understand the question. Lol Anyways, after rambling on so much; congratulations again to Noel and the team for another stellar update.
  6. Despite my land down under-ness, Vegemite (note correct spelling) is not a favourite, though I will eat it medicinally eg. for upset tummy. Hey! Does GAS count as an upset tummy? You may be onto something. Hmm!
  7. I think Larry provides a stabilising force. Without that stability, I’ve run amok. I just can’t think of any other reason why the GAS happened now. As I said before; inexplicable.
  8. Hey Larry, is there a connection between your departure and my sudden and inexplicable episode of GAS? Please hurry back before I go broke.
  9. I don’t have a canine conversational smile generator but I do have 2 of the feline versions. I give them a 9/10 effectiveness in the smile generating department. The score is more a reflection of my smile ability than the feline generation ability. At a full 10/10 cuteness factor they’re beyond surpassing.
  10. I own all the Waves plugins (Except Abbey Road Studio 3) and use the Waves/Digigrid hardware system for my audio and VST processing. None of my plugins were current with some being V9 and others V11. In the meantime there's been some important upgrades to the drivers and a few other bits of software. I was able to get a 15% discount on my WUP ($240 down to $211) from Everyplugin.com so that was good value to bring me fully up to date on V12 for all my plugins and drivers. Unless there's an important update
  11. After proudly announcing that I was over GAS and in full control having only done 2 upgrades in the last couple of years, I felt quite OK doing the upgrade of Spectralayers 6 to 8, after all I had skipped V7 completely. That one justified purchase and another enquiry at Everyplugin.com about Melodyne Studio 4 to 5 and I’m back on the GAS. In that one evening I did Spectralayers 6 to 8, Melodyne Studio 4 to 5 and a quote for a 15% Waves WUP discount ( I own all the Waves plugins) caught me completely off guard. Now I’m done. I was able to justify every single purchase and feel good about it. I can’t wait to come to grips with all the new features I’m going to get to play with. Because I use the Waves Digigrid hardware to offload plug-in processing to a server/audio interface, I’m particularly looking forward to the latest features in that area. Along with some recent upgrades to my Raven MTi1 software and it will feel like new studio. Now all I have to do is workout why my DAW PC has a completely black screen when I turn it on. Always something hey!
  12. That’s a great link. Thanks. Unfortunately just a day too late. I downloaded the update last night.
  13. Appreciate you letting me know, thanks. I’ve saved a lot of money by not automatically upgrading every plugin and program I have. This year I’ve only upgraded to Spectralayers 8 and last year upgraded Studio One Pro 4 to 5. So thats been the lot for the last 2 years or so. As for Melodyne itself, the new features/improvements seem interesting and for the upgrade price, good value. From the Celemony website: the ability to edit pitched and noise-like components separately with the “Melodic” algorithm a more musical analysis of pitch deviations the Chord Track and Chord Grid for pitch editing, chord recognition the Fade Tool and Leveling Macro for editing dynamics an additional algorithm (“Percussive Pitched”) plus other algorithm improvements search functions for keyboard shortcuts, saving of shortcut sets
  14. Hey guys, I have Melodyne 4 and looking for an upgrade coupon to M Studio 5. Anyone have an unused upgrade coupon they would like to pass on. Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, I have Melodyne 4 and looking for an upgrade coupon to M Studio 5. Anyone have an unused upgrade coupon they would like to pass on. Thanks.
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