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  1. I have had that problem. The sound with CbB and ASIO was perfect but what was exported was reduced to a bandwidth of 300hz to 5000hz. All the audio settings were perfect. I fixed it by uninstalling in device manager, all audio devices. I rebooted the PC, it automatically reinstalled the drives and everything was back to normal. (Windows 10-64 bits- fully updated). In case it is useful to someone.
  2. Hi John White Thank you very much for the information and for your research work. I use the same procedure. I have a Roland Rubix-22 interface and for Q-Clone / Q-Capture to be related I have had to connect the input with the output of the interface using a cable. If you want to have a better image resolution you can use Voxengo SPAN (free) instead of Q-Clone. It has more options of vision and a bigger display. Best regards /Antonio
  3. No one? Not even the specialists? Has anyone used them?. Waiting. Thanks. /Antonio
  4. Hi I have seen many tutorials on Waves Q-Clone / Q-Capture in various DAW, and I am unable to replicate it on CbB. Any help or a tutorial about it? Thanks in advance /Antonio
  5. Hi Mark Three different situations: a) Waves C1 comp Mono --> New Track. Interleave in Stereo. Then I record. Then I add the mono plugin. Finally I pass Interleave to Mono and Bounce to Clip. Result Everything perfect. b) FabFilter Pro-Q2 Mono --> New Track. Interleave in Stereo Then I record. Then I add the mono plugin and everything is blocked. Close Cakewalk with End task and rerun Cakewalk. c) FabFilter Pro-Q2 Mono --> New Track. Interleave in Stereo Then I record. Now I pass Interleave to MONO, before add the plugin, then I add the plugin and finally Bounce to Clip. Result Everything perfect. Waves allows you to add the plugin with Interleave in Stereo and with FabFilter you have to pass Interleave to Mono BEFORE adding the plugin. Of course for the Bounce to Clip to work well it is imperative that Interleave finally be in Mono. This is what I just tried. I hope it is useful for you.
  6. Hi Mark What I have checked is that if I put the Interleave in MONO before inserting the plugin everything works correctly. Tomorrow I will check if with the plugin already placed and passing the Interleave to MONO just before the Bounce to Clip works or not. I try it and I tell you the result tomorrow.
  7. We are waiting, Noel. Thank you. Regards /Antonio
  8. I’m not sure but try it (from the manual) ”A mono VST plug-in will work correctly if Enable Mono Processing is checked in the VST Plug-in Properties dialog box and the track interleave is set to mono. Note: Enable Mono Processing is enabled by default in Cakewalk. If you are playing back a legacy project in Cakewalk and notice the project does not sound the same, try to disable Enable Mono Processing for any mono plug-ins used in the project”. Try to uncheck this. Luck.
  9. Indeed Matthew, there is the problem. If before you insert a mono plugins you change the INTERLEAVE to MONO the problem no longer occurs and everything works fine. I have always wondered why this DAW does not include, like others, the possibility of adding a MONO track that will automatically place the INTERLEAVE in MONO. Anyway, taking the precaution of doing it manually, the problems are over. Thanks for your tests. Let's wait and see what Noel says. Regards /Antonio
  10. Hi Mark. In effect, this is how the problem occurs. I have been with him for a long time even with Sonar Platinum and by chance I noticed that it was only produced in Projects with Mono Plugins. I did the test and voila! there was. I record guitar + BT and that's why it almost always happened to me. Thank you for the tests. Best regards /Antonio
  11. Hi Noel. I use Waves and FabFilter plugins. I have uploaded a Dump file and I have described my problem in the special issues page with reference number 209597. I have done everything you advised me in the EMail that I received, I installed the Cakewalk by BandLab in a new Windows 10 and it is repeated the error (Or hang up or "The audio engine has stopped ....."). I can solve it by not using MONO PLUGINS. I use Windows 7 and Windows 10 on an Intel 4 Core i5-3470 at 3.2 Ghz and 8 Gigabytes of RAM. Many thanks Noel. Regards /Antonio
  12. Many thanks Grem and Matthew. I have opened an issue in BandLab and I have sent two Crashes files and ScreenShot of the event. I appreciate your collaboration. I was talking about MY problem because it could be mine alone since I have not seen anything similar about it in the forum. I will have you informed in case it is of your interest. Regards /Antonio
  13. Hi After many years of hanging problems in both CPLA and CbBL since it was born, I think I discovered MY problem after several days after a suspicion that appeared by chance. (My OS is Windows 7 and Windows 10, with the same problem in both). I discovered that these crashes occurred after doing a Bounce to Clip on tracks recorded in MONO (Input Left) and only if I had placed a MONO PLUGIN on any track. (Fabfilter, Waves, etc., etc.). Track recorded in MONO -> MONO Plugin -> Bounce to Clip on this track or on any other track -> Hang up. By replacing the PLUGIN MONO with its STEREO version, the problem does not happen again. I have done many tests on old and new projects and the solution is final. I do not know if this problem has happened to others, maybe not, but that was my problem and I have seen the light. I make it public in the forum in case it can be a help for someone. Best regards /Antonio
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