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  1. I have the original Zo - how do I get this one free? Nevermind - I found this info: FG-X PERPETUAL OWNERS Great News! You get FG-X 2 at no additional cost! Just download FG-X 2 and make sure your original FG-X license is activated in iLok License Manager.
  2. I hope they do something about it - it's absolutely ridiculous that the guy keeps spamming even though we've unsubscribed. I will never spend another penny with him again because of his behavior. And I even bought the guy a coffee once...
  3. This seems really nice but the price seems high for what it is - even at the sale price.
  4. This is a fun one! I'm using this sale to add Lyrical Cello, Ethnic Flute, and Ancient Dudak to my collection.
  5. This is the way. I picked up Intimate Studio Brass, Intimate Studio Strings, and Soprano Saxophone to add to my 8Dio collection. 🤘
  6. You have to carefully manage free air exchange, humidity and temperature. oh wait, that's mushrooms... 😆
  7. Invest it in the Golden Butterfly portfolio and extract $60k per year without ever touching principle. too boring? Hookers and blow! 😛
  8. I have it but I haven’t spent much time with it. I need to pull up a project and give it a run through.
  9. The code doesn't appear to work on XO expansions.
  10. I wrote him when I saw this in his feed the other day. Time away is not selfish - it’s self-care. I don’t understand the grind of a streamer/content creator. So much work to create a product but YOU are the product. That doesn’t scale well and is very vulnerable to outside forces such as illness or your platform changing the rules. The fact that when he returns the algorithms will ding him for his absence is case in point. His videos are some of the best out there but I wonder if there’s a way he can apply his talents in a manner that can generate revenue in a more durable way. What he did for Spirfire recently is amazin and I’d love to see him get his own libraries out there. Cameron is a gifted dude and I hope he finds a balance in his life.
  11. Here's a great video on the making of this library.
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