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  1. Thanks guys. I'm a big believer in "trust but verify".
  2. Larry - I appreciate you finding this but I'm hesitant to just install some files from a random google drive. Did you receive a notification from Zero G on this? I didn't...
  3. I have the 32 button version. When you save effects racks in Ableton they actually save as files on your hard drive. I have created icons that open the files for different categories of effects. When using Ableton, I can tap a button on Streamdeck and have a pre-defined effect added to the active track. It's a great piece of kit!
  4. I enjoyed the bargain hunting this year... Audiofier Tetrality 2 Impact Soundworks Massive World Bundle (7 instruments) Kirk Hunter Kinetic Strings Zero G Ethera Gold Atlantis 2 Toontrack SDX New York Studios Vols 1, 2, and 3 Melody Sauce 2 Upgrade 1999 Soprano Sax Moonlight from 8DIO Kilohearts Phaseplant Zebra Legacy Fallout Music Hybrid Studio Taiko Dronar Bundle (4 Dronar Instruments) Dark Intervals Artefact And although it wasn't a deal the item I'm most excited about... A handpan in C Minor from PanAmor handpans (https://www.panamorhandpans.com/). This is the one I got, except I ordered mine in 440 (enjoy this guy's playing - it's fantastic!):
  5. I bought the three New York SDKs on sale. If they marked others down to that level I'd buy more...
  6. Do not try to use the black Friday coupon code with Tetrality 2. It will make the price HIGHER than the current sale price and you can't remove the coupon from your cart. lol I contacted them about a fix...
  7. I have the original Zo - how do I get this one free? Nevermind - I found this info: FG-X PERPETUAL OWNERS Great News! You get FG-X 2 at no additional cost! Just download FG-X 2 and make sure your original FG-X license is activated in iLok License Manager.
  8. I hope they do something about it - it's absolutely ridiculous that the guy keeps spamming even though we've unsubscribed. I will never spend another penny with him again because of his behavior. And I even bought the guy a coffee once...
  9. This seems really nice but the price seems high for what it is - even at the sale price.
  10. This is a fun one! I'm using this sale to add Lyrical Cello, Ethnic Flute, and Ancient Dudak to my collection.
  11. This is the way. I picked up Intimate Studio Brass, Intimate Studio Strings, and Soprano Saxophone to add to my 8Dio collection. 🤘
  12. You have to carefully manage free air exchange, humidity and temperature. oh wait, that's mushrooms... 😆
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