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  1. Rain - It's cool to see the Rock and Roll Over art on your desktop! 🤘 That was my first rock album. I still remember coming home (I want to say third grade) and going up the stairs to my room and the album was sitting on steps staring me in the face. Such a great moment! For years when I listened to the CD I expected to hear very specific skips where I knew they were in my album. Here is my favorite Strat - my 1963. It's a re-fin but done really well -sometime in the early 90s I'm told. I had to sell SO MUCH stuff to buy this. Chess sets, guitars, kidneys. I called it the Great Purge. lol
  2. They weren't. t used to be very difficult to get a good plugin under $99.
  3. Yeah - I think the Pulse downloader may be my least favorite and most problematic download engine.
  4. I think I got a use for this, thanks!
  5. I just got back from Kerville, TX. We watched the eclipse through moving holes in the clouds. It took over an hour for the moon to over to totality from when we first noticed the shadow! We were fortunate to see the totality happen and the sun wink out of sight yet - but then we didn't get more than 5 seconds after that before the clouds shut it all down for good. It was thick clouds everywhere all day yet nature was kind enough to give us a little window to see the totality - and we're truly grateful for it!
  6. I'm a guitar player who loves Dave Gilmour and Mark Knopfler, and my guilty pleasure is 80s hair metal so I know a lot of solos - and this unlikely monster is my favorite. Chances are you've heard this song but NOT the solo, as they chopped off the like 80% or so on the radio version. In the video go to 2 minutes and 38 seconds and be amazed by the ferocity and accuracy of this dude's bending and his right hand technique. He was machine on this thing - and it's a long solo!
  7. I moved to Affinity and I like their products and the price. That said, I've felt in this day and age their model is a poor one. They should be a subscription model - that's what their competitors do. They would make so much more money than with one and done perpetual licenses. I will continue to use the perpetual licenses I paid for, but I'm not surprised by this at all. As a software company you get about 1x value on perpetual purchases, but you can get a 3x-10x value on recurring revenue, plus you don't have to start at zero every month. I think it's a no brainer for a bigger company to take them to subscription - so hold on to your installers!
  8. Thanks Craig - perhaps you'll come down and check it out when the dust settles. 👍
  9. Thanks Grem! We like our existing home but moving it 1700 miles turned out to be impractical. 🤣
  10. Thanks Grem. 🙏 My wife thinks we can pull it off sooner but I don't think so. We travel in April, then I'm gone 10 days in May and then we both travel for a week again in July. Plus we have to pack the house we've been in for 25 years AND get all the water damage repaired and prep this house for sale. I'm freaking out a little to be honest. I feel like August is more comfortable but we need to sit down and draw out a timeline. When we got back we just wanted to decompress for a few days as the weight of it all was kinda crushing me. lol Here are some pics for the future studio. The bookshelf will come out but I'll probably leave the built-ins at the end. I probably will move them to do a double-wall construction with thicker doors but the room is a peninsula - only the wall with the door is shared with the rest of the house so I am hoping containment will be easier to manage with that. Acoustic treatment could be a challenge with all those windows (I wish I had a pick in the daylight - the scenery outside is beautiful and they tell me deer come up to the window). I intend to hire a professional studio designer to help with it all. 1
  11. The universe is being kind to me and this pain will be relatively short lived! 🙏🌈 We just bought a house in Portland after 9 months of searching and the studio room is beyond anything I had hoped for. It'll be many months before we move and then I can start the studio build, but I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!
  12. Thanks everyone I really appreciate the kind thoughts. Ed I’m still in Nebraska. We were planning to move to Florida but decided on Oregon. More our flavor of crazy. Lol I am at a wellness retreat in Tennessee right now that used psychedelic medications. I got a chance to work though this and I’m looking at it as an opportunity. I’m going to start packing most things but I’ll keep just a few items out. I wasn’t going to do much serious recording until we move so I’m going to use this time to complete some song writing courses I’ve signed up for. Buddha teaches that attachment is unhealthy a nothing is permanent. I received a real lesson on that with this experience - and a few others I’m still processing. I also got to exercise my new coping mechanisms and healthier mindset and never got angry or made my wife feel bad - I know she does already. I think with the right attitude and approach this will turn out to be a net positive for me. And now you see why Oregon makes more sense than Florida for me. lol
  13. My wife watered our trees a week or two ago on a sunny day (they needed it). However, she forgot to disconnect the hose for the evening and it froze. On Sunday, when she turned on the house the exploded pipe flooded my studio. I ain't going to lie - as the water was rising I was heartbroken and in a panic. Fortunately I was in the studio when it happened. I shut the water off quickly but the wall must have been full and continued to poor gallons and gallons of water into the studio. Somehow, I managed to get all of my gear out of the room. I now have gear scattered everywhere and the flood mitigation team ripped out floors and cut drywall up two feet from the floor. Might be a challenge to get repaired since it's double sheets of drywall hung on channel strips. My bass traps were all soaked and had to be thrown out. We are planning a move to Oregon so this version of my studio is over - it will never sound like it did and I won't even attempt to hook everything back up. I just finished custom cabling with Mogami and gold Nuetrik connections and had intended to custom label everything. Now I have piles and piles of unlabeled cable to sort through. I'm guessing many of my guitars I put in cases won't be seen again until we're out on the West coast. This is not how I wanted to say goodbye to this very special place. Still, the gear survived and I'll survive. I think this incident may actually slow down my plugin purchase. 🤣
  14. I left Adobe for these products. Every now and then I have to google to figure something out but I've always been able to do what I need to do. Well worth the money for the suite.
  15. I create in Ableton and mix in Pro Tools. You can save custom racks in Ableton and they are their own individual file. I set up a Stream Deck with icons for all of my effects, in category folders. When I am being creative all I have to do is tab a button (or two if I want to go in a folder) and I have my effect added to the track. The creativity power of the speed and ease of use is unmatched. Can you remember all the Reverbs or delays you have installed? I don't have to - hit the delay folder and pursue the two dozen or so icons and choose the spice I want to use. I find Ableton awesome for the creative process.
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