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  1. Mine too Craig! First concert also in 1977. 🤘
  2. Fractal knows a thing or two about IRs. This might be of interest to you... (it's now free) https://www.fractalaudio.com/cab-lab-4/
  3. Thank you Jackson! 🙏
  4. I have the original BFD3 and a ton of expansions. I didn't upgrade to the new one because of all the issues everyone reported. Should I stay with what I have or is it time to go through the update process?
  5. A little late to the party, but here's the odd assortment I purchased for "black Friday week": Joshua Bell Violin Triad Orbit mic stand to hold my Stam Audio U47 clone. UHE Diva Komplete 14 Collectors Edition upgrade. A Bodhran drum from McNeela Music in Ireland. The rest of the Topaz Labs suite (for upscaling images made in AI). BHaptics Suite with arm bands for more immersion in Skyrim VR. Arrives next week - super stoked! One year subscription to Solidworks Maker - I want to learn to do design some ideas I have an 3d print them. 4 ounces of a CBD strain I've been waiting on for months All parts to build a new DAW: Intel i9 14900, 64GB DDR5, Asus 4090 oc (because why not?), fans, drives, watercoolers, case, etc. Last new DAW build took me three weeks. I think I'm better prepared but I know this will be painful. PS: Anyone know what to do with over $800 in Audio Plugin Deals rewards?
  6. It's my first Thanksgiving being retired. Kinda weird not feeling that "I'm on vacation" vibe from the holiday. It's all good though - smoking a couple of turkey breasts and the kids and their others will all be here this afternoon. Wishing you all joy and happiness - and I hope each of you has something to be thankful for. 💗
  7. I read the article and... It said NOTHING. AI is here to stay and getting stronger. My new avatar is an image I created for my music (through many iterations) using MidJourney. Learn to use it and make the most of it - resistance is futile. And if you think our society has a smidgen of hope that our leaders will get ahead of this and regulate appropriately then you are not paying attention AT ALL. Our current batch of leaders in the US are mostly idiots - I'd be surprised if most of them have even asked ChatGPT a simple question, let alone understand the ethics and societal implications of such technology. I am finding ChatGPT to be an excellent tool. Same with MidJourney. I encourage you all to have fun with AI - before it destroys us all.
  8. I actually ordered one of these earlier this week for the main drive in a new computer. Heaven help me I'm building a completely new rig for my DAW. 🙏
  9. I just wanted to add my experience here. I just purchased Forest Kingdom 3. The install instructions were a bit convoluted but I got it all running. It seems to introduce an instability in Ableton (edit: maybe). Also, the UI is ancient and very difficult to read on today's displays. All in all I found it a painful process and couldn't rectify the crashing so I respectfully asked for a refund. I hope they honor my request. Also, I would love to have this library and if they ever release it in a more modern engine I'll purchase it again. EDIT: To be fair - I'm not certain it's this engine causing the issue in my Ableton project - trouble-shooting now to determine but I have to keep checking on the smoker. Regardless, the UI is just too hard to try and deal with so I'm still going to try and get a refund.
  10. I've switched from Adobe products to these and I'm really liking them. 👍
  11. EDIT: Fleer - I can't seem to find this press release using google. Is it for real?
  12. Woah! Very interesting news! I use both - curious to see where this goes.
  13. I think you all of should just enjoy the plugins that you got. I have most of the UAD ecosystem including three hardware units. A few months ago we hoped for $25 coupons - the thought of a $25 plugin was NEVER EVER a thing. If you bought on sale $99 was usually a good price. You guys got smoking plugins at rock bottom discount rates ... and you're STILL not happy???
  14. I Started with Suite back at like v9 but have updated as standard ever since. Suite is really about the additional plugins and for some reason I’ve never even used the live devices I always use other plugins.
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