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  1. Cakewalks Reference Guide has a whole section of tutorials that take you step by step through the basics.
  2. If it is actually the 2022/06 update to which you’re referring go to that thread (pinned at the top) and there should be a link to the rollback installer to get you back to previous version.
  3. Very generous of you to share your hard work. Thanks.
  4. I remember when Mix Recall was first added to Sonar. Then and now I still think it is one of the best additions to the palette of tools on offer within Cakewalk.
  5. Try setting 48k 24bit not 32 bit. 32 bit relates to internal plugin processing not audio processing.
  6. Not sure if I understand your use case properly but are you aware that you can have multiple projects/files open simultaneously in Cakewalk.
  7. Spend some time with the Cakewalk Reference Guide. It is a great teaching tool to fill the gaps that don’t come intuitively from just using the program. It’s downloadable from this site. https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/Cakewalk Reference Guide.pdf
  8. I've just done a WUP and have this link that anyone can use for a discount as stated above. https://www.waves.com/r/zeix9f
  9. No issues here. Why not contact Waves support. They’re very responsive and helpful.
  10. If a lot of the future dev’ to make this happen is down to Plug-in developers I can see lots of problems. Even now with VSTs there are many devs that don’t follow the standards set down in the specs causing all sorts of problems. Will they now be confronted by another set of specs that will ultimately be poorly implemented causing yet more problems. Im grateful to be running my Waves plugins in a Soundgrid server so don’t have to worry too much about latency and plug-in count. Using the power of GPUs for processing would be great but I need to see this happening not just read about.
  11. Look for forum member Aszlow who has written a plug-in/driver that is far superior to what is available through ACT etc. He is a long time Cakewalk user and has developed this over a period of several years. It’s highly recommended.
  12. Hey John, I really appreciate the trouble you’ve taken to make all these videos for the community. I’m betting you learned quite a few things yourself as you undertook each video project. Also checked out your YouTube subs and noticed you’re subscribed to pretty much all the same woodworkers I regularly watch. Great work. Keep it going.
  13. I’ve read a few posts blaming Win 11 for audio issues claiming it is unsuited for audio. I been using Win 11 on my laptop for about 6 weeks or so and have not encountered any issues dealing with CbB or any other DAW. My Win 10 compatible drivers all happily work with Win 11 and apart from the layout changes to Windows, I’ve not experienced any differences between Win 10 or Win 11 as respects audio This coming week I’ll likely migrate my Studio PC to Win11 as well.
  14. I’ve had a Soundgrid system for 6 years or so. No problem with Cakewalk or Sonar beforehand. I have an IOS server/Interface and an IOX for additional routing and IO. I’ve had health issues that have hampered me the last couple of years so haven’t done a great deal but I’ve used multiple DAWS without any real problems. There’s a learning curve with the initial setup and how you use the whole Soundgrid system with a DAW but once you’ve mastered it alls good. I’ll probably need a refresher when I get back to it. I also run a Raven touch screen to give me full control but I use that more with Cubase as there’s a dedicated overlay for it whereas, because Cakewalk is touch enabled out of the box Steven Slate didn’t ever make a specific Cakewalk overlay. it’s really a whole other subject and it makes my setup a bit of a monster to run. With constant health issues it’s been a bit hard to get into a rhythm and establish a smooth workflow. And yes I like it. I find Waves are generally very responsive to questions and the software has been very stable ie the Soundgrid driver (which is just updated to V 13) along with the rest of the software. I’m a big Waves fan and have all their plugins. In more than 35 years I’ve tried RME hardware, Presonus, Mackie, MOTU, AVID and heaps of other hardware and when the WavesSoundgrid stuff came out I Jumped from RME and never looked back. The preamps are excellent, the driver is really stable and latency has become a thing of the past. I’ll be interested to try out the new driver. Anyways I’ve rambled on a bit. Let me know how you go.
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