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  1. Amp up the New Year?
  2. The User survey voucher also works. USERSURVEY21QFK8H0T9
  3. The Lindell Audio 50 Series is on sale for $79.99 Use both these codes to bring it down to $24.99 LINDELL-50-4999 2022-01-25HL?923xt62uAI (monthly $25 voucher) or USERSURVEY21QFK8H0T9 ($25 User Survey voucher) Edit: Added link to the product page.
  4. I believe OP has made the post based on Beat downloads that are available via serialcentre.de. There in the drop down you can see an entry for the Feb 2022 issue and one of the freebies listed is AAS Soundbanks. Maybe the title of the thread should be changed to reflect that. Edit: See post below
  5. Ableton Live Lite is already included as part of Focusrite Plugin Collective.
  6. GOG.com has also been giving away free games this month as part of their winter sale. Dec 27 freebie was X-Morph: Defense Complete Edition The next freebie will be announced on January 3rd, 2022.
  7. I usually search on YouTube using the title of the game and the graphics card and almost always there is a game play/review video showing that game being played with that exact graphics card, at various settings. It gives me a fair idea of what performance to expect, especially if I am about to buy that game.
  8. Kal S

    Softube Amp Room $41

    Would be great if you could share sound samples. Edit: Typo
  9. Kal S

    Computer Music Sub

    Guitar magazine subscriptions for digital versions are as low as $11.99 on Pocket Mags. https://www.magazinesdirect.com/search/?q=guitar Has anyone tried these out? It says that they can only be viewed on iOS or Android. What about viewing them on the PC?
  10. Beat Magazine also has a free version similar to the one CM offers.
  11. Kal S

    Softube Amp Room $41

    Where do these sales get listed? Are they being sent to existing subscribers through email? I haven't received any notifications about any of the Marshall amp deals ($19) so far from Softube directly. Edit: Found the email.
  12. Happy Birthday Larry !!
  13. Does the $20 code work for transfer of licenses? What about the monthly voucher codes? (Edit: The site does mention that loyalty voucher codes can be used for paying transfer fees but this month's codes have already expired)
  14. Has this deal expired? I am seeing all kits for $4.99 each.
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