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  1. Cherry Audio's PSP Ultimate Modular Collection is currently at 67% off List Price: $149 On sale at: $49 More details here (affiliate link)
  2. Thanks. It wasn't showing in my account till last night. But I logged in again after reading your post here and there it was!!
  3. Summer Sale is "ON" 48H Deals Every Other Day! During the Summer Sale, we'll send you 38 individual checkout codes for ALL of our specials. Copy & paste these individual checkout codes to knock down the prices! (Use the checkout codes received in your mail to further reduce the prices showing on the website)
  4. How does one claim these Jam points? I have SampleTron 1 but don't see anything in my account yet.
  5. Looking to redeem my $20 voucher on Producer Planet. The prices are down to $14.99 right now (used the link above). Can someone please suggest titles that are worth looking into? Thanks
  6. NBA 2K21 is free till May 27 at Epic Games More details here
  7. It's showing up in Plugin Collective as well.
  8. Traction Retromod 106 added to the current Freebie on Focusrite Plugin Collective. Doesn't display on the Plugin Collective home page so you'll have to login to your accounts and scroll down to see it.
  9. Rage 2 is available for free at Epic Games Offer ends February 25, 2021
  10. Pianissimo Grand Piano is 32 Bit if I recall. You can download a 64 Bit version from the site but then it won't work as a standalone.
  11. The mail says 75% off "Upgrades" 75% Off Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio Upgrades! As a registered user of Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio, you are pre-qualifed to participate in this EXCLUSIVE 75% OFF upgrade offer. Get Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio for only $49. (List $199). The usual upgrade price for Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio to Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio is $79. The current upgrade is at $49 right now so discount is more closer to 38%. Am I interpreting this correctly? 🙄
  12. Galactic Civilisations III available for free now. Offer ends January 28, 2021. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/galactic-civilizations-iii/home
  13. Epic Games STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II: Celebration Edition is available for free till January 21st. Get it here
  14. Found an unlisted page of the website which displays pictures of the Founder, Ranjeet and the Marketing Advisor, Nicole Edwards. Did a reverse search for the images and turns out that the image posted as Ranjeet RJ, Founder/President is a stock image that has been lifted off the web. You can see it at: https://blog.markgrowth.com/business-advice-for-my-younger-and-slimmer-self-d6201e42d8ce https://www.impactimagemarketing.com/ https://armaexchange.com/position-marketing-analyst-internship and tons of other web pages.
  15. Just browsed through one of the videos on their YouTube Channel. Something is off here. The person has used text to speech for the voice over which goes on to identify itself as Nicole Edward - Marketing Advisor (at 3:12) . The English is poorly constructed similar to the one used throughout the website. The social media pages do not check out either. Please install these with care. I am not aware of any such production houses in India which would be able to produce such huge libraries (which would require substantial cost) and still need to host their website as a sub domain on Wix. There is no contact information listed and the company identifies itself as "International Music Company" on their blank Twitter page!! Also listen to the video Ancient Colors of Punjab Update, where the person uses his own voice. He signs off asking viewers to write to him at Instagram for any help but the Instagram page does not exist. From the About section on the Youtube Channel Description Founder▶ Ranjeet Company : RVA Productions Music Inc. Type : Music, VSTs , Sound Libraries Hey people First of all thank you so much to visit our Channel. If you find any kind of Uncopyrighted Music then you choose right channel. In this world are number of Websites and other music channels which promised to you such as "Use our music royalty free but it has been copyrighted,but in the of RVA Productions Music Inc. Nobody claim on your video when you will use its Background score and music as far as Sound Effects. RVA Productions Music Inc. develop music themselves without the support of any third party person and music sites. Before use any music for your video project please check the description of music in youtube then use them. Contact Us : Email : rvapro01@gmail.com Instagram : @rvapromusic Copyrighted © RVA Productions Inc. 2014-2020.All rights reserved.
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