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  1. I don't. Also, I revisited the link again and it defaults to the User Area now.
  2. Thank you for sharing this. Does the free edition offer data recovery as well? It doesn't show up in the feature comparison table on the website here
  3. I just downloaded the free version and am trying to log in to the amp store from the interface. But it keeps asking for a USB device. Is there a way to bypass that or any alternative to that ?
  4. How does this compare to Neural DSP plugins?
  5. I am seeing 50% discounts on the Komplete range.
  6. Sorry. I forgot to mention it was at Zinio.
  7. I've been on the fence about the Vocal Enhancer too. But been looking around for alternatives as well. How do you find it?
  8. It took about a day for me. But I ordered pretty early. The site kept crashing when the voucher was announced, which means it probably had a ton of traffic (and a ton of subsequent orders). Hope you've got the license by now.
  9. Beat Subscription was at 40% off with code POWER40. Not sure if it is still active. Edit: The deal was at Zinio
  10. Use September Monthly Voucher code to knock down price of eligible plugins (see list here) to $29.99 and then use the BOOM-20-OFF to bring it further down to $9.99 Works on Neoverb and all Native Instrument plugins too.
  11. $20 off No Minimum Spend Use code BOOM-20-OFF to save $20 extra today! - Code is valid for 1 order per user - NO Minimum Spend! BOOM-20-OFF
  12. Thanks. I didn't notice that on the offer page. Got them now. Also, I am seeing 7 free.
  13. Was this given away some time earlier too? I am already seeing it in my library.
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