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  1. Galactic Civilisations III available for free now. Offer ends January 28, 2021. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/galactic-civilizations-iii/home
  2. Epic Games STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II: Celebration Edition is available for free till January 21st. Get it here
  3. Found an unlisted page of the website which displays pictures of the Founder, Ranjeet and the Marketing Advisor, Nicole Edwards. Did a reverse search for the images and turns out that the image posted as Ranjeet RJ, Founder/President is a stock image that has been lifted off the web. You can see it at: https://blog.markgrowth.com/business-advice-for-my-younger-and-slimmer-self-d6201e42d8ce https://www.impactimagemarketing.com/ https://armaexchange.com/position-marketing-analyst-internship and tons of other web pages.
  4. Just browsed through one of the videos on their YouTube Channel. Something is off here. The person has used text to speech for the voice over which goes on to identify itself as Nicole Edward - Marketing Advisor (at 3:12) . The English is poorly constructed similar to the one used throughout the website. The social media pages do not check out either. Please install these with care. I am not aware of any such production houses in India which would be able to produce such huge libraries (which would require substantial cost) and still need to host their website as a sub domain on Wix. There is no contact information listed and the company identifies itself as "International Music Company" on their blank Twitter page!! Also listen to the video Ancient Colors of Punjab Update, where the person uses his own voice. He signs off asking viewers to write to him at Instagram for any help but the Instagram page does not exist. From the About section on the Youtube Channel Description Founder▶ Ranjeet Company : RVA Productions Music Inc. Type : Music, VSTs , Sound Libraries Hey people First of all thank you so much to visit our Channel. If you find any kind of Uncopyrighted Music then you choose right channel. In this world are number of Websites and other music channels which promised to you such as "Use our music royalty free but it has been copyrighted,but in the of RVA Productions Music Inc. Nobody claim on your video when you will use its Background score and music as far as Sound Effects. RVA Productions Music Inc. develop music themselves without the support of any third party person and music sites. Before use any music for your video project please check the description of music in youtube then use them. Contact Us : Email : rvapro01@gmail.com Instagram : @rvapromusic Copyrighted © RVA Productions Inc. 2014-2020.All rights reserved.
  5. Oh ok. Hope you get it to work. I tried using mine too (USERSURVEY20LG98HBT5) since I hadn't used it till now. Worked fine at my end.
  6. I was getting an error message too. Turned out that I was selecting the code "MEGA-SALE-20-OFF" which would appear in the drop down menu when I clicked on the User Voucher text box. I assumed that the code had been saved from an earlier transaction that I might have made. Turned out that the code this time is MEGA-SALE-20OFF. When I entered that it worked just fine. Check if that is happening at your end too.
  7. They free presets show up only if your are logged in.
  8. Thanks. I didn't know how this worked. Though I did get my $20 voucher to work on the second try. Not sure why it did not work the first time. Maybe I added an extra 'space' to the code while copying and pasting it.
  9. How did you bring the price down to $9.99? It says that the EnglE765RT does not allow dynamic discounts. From the promo emailer: "The offers in this promotion are fixed price offers, no dynamic discounts will be applied. Dynamic discounts apply to non-promotional plugins though! " Edit: It's working for me now. Tried earlier and the code had got rejected.
  10. Not a comprehensive list for entire 2020 but this one on VI-Control lists freebies in the BF / Holiday / NY season. It keeps getting updated.
  11. Google directs me to this page on the Arturia website but there's nothing to download here. Edit: No need to go through Facebook. I created a profile and was asked to confirm my email, which I did. The email confirmation page wanted me to fill out all details about myself. and wouldn't let me get past. I skipped that and went to the homepage instead. There on the top right I clicked on Sign In --> Member Benefits --> Leads to the Freebies.
  12. Medicine Man is also free.
  13. For those who missed the earlier deals, all the freebies have been restored. From Saturday, 19 December (13:00 UTC) you will have 48 hours to claim Anno 1701 History Edition on PC for free! You will also have the chance to claim any of our other offers from this week that you may have missed: Monday Bayek legacy outfit (Assassin's Creed Valhalla) Seafarers settlement pack (Assassin's Creed Valhalla) Tuesday Starlink: Battle for Atlas on PC Wednesday Power Suit outfit (Watch Dogs: Legion) Ubisoft mask (Watch Dogs: Legion) Thursday Trials Rising on PC Friday Fact Tracker pod (Hyper Scape) Pow Surfer D-tap (Hyper Scape) Snowboard emote (Hyper Scape)
  14. Just thinking aloud here. You could create an account with another email address to get access to the downloads. Am guessing that since this is a freebie it doesn't mean violation of some IKM policy.
  15. Probably the year's lowest prices on Samsung 1TB Portable SSDs right now 1. Samsung T7 TOUCH 1 TB Portable SSD (USB 3.2) List: $229.99 Sale:$169.99 2. Samsung T7 1TB Portable SSD (USB 3.2) List: $199.99 Sale: $159.99 3. Samsung T5 1TB Portable SSD (USB 3.1) List: $249.99 Sale: $139.99 (Affiliate Links)
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