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  1. Beat Subscription was at 40% off with code POWER40. Not sure if it is still active.
  2. Use September Monthly Voucher code to knock down price of eligible plugins (see list here) to $29.99 and then use the BOOM-20-OFF to bring it further down to $9.99 Works on Neoverb and all Native Instrument plugins too.
  3. $20 off No Minimum Spend Use code BOOM-20-OFF to save $20 extra today! - Code is valid for 1 order per user - NO Minimum Spend! BOOM-20-OFF
  4. Thanks. I didn't notice that on the offer page. Got them now. Also, I am seeing 7 free.
  5. Was this given away some time earlier too? I am already seeing it in my library.
  6. This offer is back again. Valid Aug 8 - Aug 10, 2022 Edit: Just checked. Model 82 Sequencing Mono Synth not included this time.
  7. Should also post the link to follow Beautiful Beats should someone want to explore their products/content and subscribe. They are are probably paying for each of these free licenses.
  8. Deal ends Jun 02 - 8am PT - 11am ET - 4pm BST
  9. Current freebie BioShock ends Jun 02: 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST
  10. @Simeon Amburgey has done an excellent video with the MP2.
  11. Flux mini is listed as Free at PluginBoutique. Flux Mini 2 doesn't seem to be listed there at all. Some other Caelum Audio freebies listed there too: Tape Cassette 2 Beer Can Drum Kit Synth Loops Vol. III
  12. Kal S

    PA Amp Alarm

    How did you bring it down to $9.99? The lowest I can see is $14.98 after adding Buxom Betty and another $9.99 product to take the total above $32 which is the minimum required for using the $25 vouvher.
  13. The IK Multimedia website is showing the upgrade from TS2 MAX as $199 and the upgrade price from TS3 MAX is $99. Is JRR offering a discounted upgrade price on TS2 MAX?
  14. Kal S

    Cubase 12 is here...

    I forgot to add that initially I wasn't seeing the "Grace period eligible" anywhere in my e-licenser. When I tried to perform maintenance tasks I got an error and even the existing license got removed. As a result I was unable to use even my existing installations of Cubase (the earlier version) which otherwise had been working fine. I tried the e-licenser again for a few days but kept getting the same error. My existing licenses were no longer showing in my account. So I couldn't even launch Cubase any more. However, the e-licenser worked on its own after a few days and I went through the steps outlined in my original post above. Hope this helps.
  15. Kal S

    Cubase 12 is here...

    I did get a lot of errors with the e-licenser on the first day that I tried. I just gave up and tried after two days. It got fixed on its own. Hope you are able to resolve it soon too.
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