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  1. Spent cycles exploring this aspect as well. The High Definition Audio Bus was a persistent factor which required deleting the related services. Merely disabling them in the Device Manager was not sufficient. Currently using an ATI AMD Radeon HD 5450, but experiencing "digital ripping noise" when opening the browser (i.e. a VST manual) during playback which never used to happen. Increasing the latency for the A/I ASIO drivers (and reinstalled them after the latest WIN10 update) helps, but can't shake the sense there is still some other factor. @Jeff Bowman What were the specs/model numbers for the video cards in your case?
  2. A ProChannel Delay from Valhalla would be nice. Their interface design approach might scale well enough to make it worth considering... FWIW, I make this suggestion every time I buy something from them.
  3. Would be totally fine with (and prefer) that. Made a completely unfounded assumption of a greater coding effort as the Inspector appears to be a custom implementation vs standard menu bar functionality. (It would be easier to reorder what's already there.)
  4. A request for improved productivity. Use Case: Mixing; excessive scrolling to display+select || delete a Send 1. Relocate the audio I/F I/O listings to the end of the display. They are currently the first entry in the display which in my case is 31 entries and takes up more than half the vertical real estate. Excessive scrolling is required to display a Bus/Aux or S/C of interest. IME, audio I/F I/O is more of a one time setup activity and easily managed with the "[+] Track" feature and project templates. Send, Bus and S/C assignments log considerably higher activity. It would be nice to do so without having to wade through a long list of Audio I/F I/O. 2. Relocate "Delete Send" to the top the Send list (i.e same as FX Bin). An alternative to excessive scrolling has been suggested but it's more work/defocus than desirable imho; a. Left click "Send" b. Move mouse to highlight "--- none ---" c. Press the Up Arrow key (sends focus to the *last* entry which is "Delete Send") d. Press "Enter" key 3. I'm also seeing a focus issue between the Send and FX Bin which causes the Inspector display to "jump" when trying to select an FX or Send. The scenario is a Send bin with 1X send selected and a second empty Send slot displayed in the Inspector. > Left Click on [+] Send (actually anywhere in the Send bin) - The display "jumps", hiding the empty Send slot and leaves the mouse pointer positioned over the FX bin. - To complete the intended activity, you have to reposition the mouse pointer and reselect Send [+]. > Clicking anywhere in the FX Bin will cause the Send to expand and show the empty slot again. > Once this state is active, it is consistently repeatable (and annoying).
  5. COMPLETE YOUR BUNDLE In addition to our StayHome II bundle promotion for only $149, you can now also get any individual plug-ins (AAX/VST/AU) with a discount of up to 85% to complete your plug-in collection! Simply use the code COMPLETEMYBUNDLE at checkout to claim this limited-time deal. https://blackroosteraudio.com/en/products ... fwiw, I find their products to be pretty useful.
  6. https://www.rme-usa.com/rme-usb-technology.html
  7. "I use my luke,AUM,and mixbox (plate reverb),my apogee quartet and that’s all folks." - Florent Roux
  8. Rhoda playing the piano in the original "The Bad Seed"?
  9. My things have changed. IME, they're almost a requisite if you were to apply for a digital/social media anything job these days. Got ink?
  10. Is there a metric version of this?
  11. Not sure what type of work you were applying for, but might have been a missed opportunity. https://www.baunovus.com/insight-music The link is to an article regarding the early days of programming and an example of looking beyond stereotypes. And for a few degrees of separation, ran into Uriah Heep's (original) bassist when he was working for IBM in Scotland. Wonder what his hiring manager was thinking. Or what he put on his resume. 🙂
  12. Looks like a channel strip for bass. Might be worth a try, but I'm a bit skeptical about compressor types that morph between each other. The saturation sounds like it must be in parallel (based on the claim that low end is preserved to some degree.). And a Boss OC-3 emulation would have made more sense to me than a doubler. I gave this one a shot https://shop.audified.com/products/tonespot-bass-pro some time ago but end up with the usual suspects every time. Gotta love a review that starts off with; "Let me show you how to use this. Pick a preset..."
  13. Gone down a similar path wrt boxes, etc, but find the bass+setup itself makes a difference. The challenge is can you get close enough with something like the Lindell channel strips?
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