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  1. still worth it, which is more than you can say about almost all variations/emulations of something you already have. not that i need another verb, but intrigued by the approach, put it on the radar. another dev doing a good job of fresh is Newfangled Audio / Invigorate. still getting used to it, but liking how it enables a new perspective.
  2. +1 for this, not a typical staple in the tool box here, but finding it to be quite versatile and useful, 1 of maybe 3 best of for 2022.
  3. apologies if not clear, but these are all about leading/lagging a beat = timing = what a real drummer does. the others affect the perception of timing in a mix. hth
  4. without hearing the grooves and assuming you're using either midi drums or beat slices, you could try; managing the tension (push/pull, rock&roll) between the kick and snare (classic kit dynamics) work on the hihats (articulations, timing and timbre) and to a lesser degree, the transients/ambience for key hits in the groove or drop out a kit piece (arrangement) and all relative to whatever else is in the mix.
  5. this^, and this v ... Gene Clark might be in on that one, but that's the tough part about picking out who's who in an organic blend of tight harmonies.
  6. goto here is Melodyne for de-essing with focus on the specific bits vs a fixed setting for the clip.
  7. "variations on a theme, running out of steam, forever29, was just another scheme" the only ones that -might- be interesting are those that i have no clue as to what they do
  8. thought this was the purvey of acustica audio. their installs are rather large.
  9. Mix Recall is one of the "why i use cakewalk" features.
  10. this^^ i am but one of many in favor of addressing this and have taken to using devs that manage it within their VSTs. It should be possible as other DAWs do this, with some listing the presets in the same browser which is a nice plus for productivity.
  11. prog rock for TikTok? taking on the attention deficit sounds like an interesting challenge, but jam bands seem to do pretty well across the 'generations' if that's the 'issue', so perhaps more of a lifestyle play than a musical genre? (i really do not know what i'm talking about wrt to prog rock and will claim this is just Chat GPT staking a claim on public discourse)
  12. just a comment as I haven't demoed this, but probably won't bother as I didn't find their PSA1000 to sound anything at all like the PSA-1. (good with a couple of their other amps though) (waiting for a file to render but ...) wondering if there's some sort of collusion between devs as BRA just launched a similar product, and recalling 3 versions of a "Motown EQ" launched within weeks/months? of each other?
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