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  1. +1M ^^^ if ya think about it, what you -sound- like is the only reason for being up there in the first place. why trust your time/money/vibe/reputation to some surly sound monkey? fwiw, we always paid our sound person first with a minimum (i.e. charity events) and as an equal partner. these were original bands, so pretty much a given from our POV. we had our own PA which was critical for both sound and cash flow and hired it out to other bands with our sound person (or one of us) to run it. this turned out to be a real bonus for networking when getting started and led to referrals for gigs, ins at venues, etc. every so often we would run into issues with the house guy at a venue and had to sort out if they got paid or not, or were just jerky about their tiny fiefdom. a little diplomacy and professionalism went a long way. there's some pretty great tools out there for FOH. Bluetooth mixers on iPads and digital fx have lowered the cost and raised the bar for results. so ya, get a real pro if you can.
  2. the web site is a bit rough, but despite the claim of "Programmed for Native Instruments FREE Kontakt 6 Player" the FAQs are a bit clearer. "Do I have to buy Kontakt 6 player? Yes, you need a Kontakt license to use it properly. If you don't own a Kontakt license the free DS Drum demo will lock up after 15 minutes of use. You can download the FREE Kontakt player here: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/samplers/kontakt-6-player/free-download/ The Full version of the DS Drum library will come with a Kontakt license" ... noting the bog oak snare, a rather unique dw offering, always wanted to hear that on it's own
  3. 🤣 woulda paid to see that (assuming it was originals) and so -not- a coyote?
  4. the forearm sweat band was a nice touch. genuine Warwick accessory?
  5. perhaps you should give Reaper a go.
  6. strikes me as a bit of an overly complicated mess. my understanding is take lanes are designed for capturing/speed comping performances. not ,mixing. what would one expect Mix Recall to do? might also consider the potential for increasing CPU load per project. fwiw, the way CW implements take lanes is a feature that separates it from other DAWs for me. I'd be a bit concerned about adding options that can easily and more appropriately be managed elsewhere. simpler = a more robust DAW = a more productive tool than a few extra ways to do something = better ime.
  7. and deselecting the option "Notes | Show Durations in Drum Grid" in the PRV for drum map editing. fwiw, never run across a use case for entering/hand editing super short midi notes.
  8. ime, pretty dependent on the singer and the desired impact for the LV. fwiw, tend to run with gain adjustment first if needed, then comp settings for effect and ride volume adjustments in the mix.
  9. RO-GOLD appears to be a subset of the RO-140, so perhaps they're taking a cue from Softube by releasing a stripped down version to capture a bit of mindshare in the frenzied waters of VST feeding grounds. +1 for the VPRE-73, gets used on a regular basis here and the VLA-2A MKII . Their VLA-3A is a good UAD alt, although the O/L GEM might be a bit more "3D". Their Pultecs are well regarded but don't have them (yet).
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