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  1. I thought this was going to be a new EZdrummer expansion.
  2. @smallstonefan long time BFD user. updates to BFD3 have been minor at best. any significant changes, improvements, rumours of a BFD4, etc have been very slow in coming. the only thing they've spent time on (apparently) is releasing a free player. -if- everything is working fine for you as is, i would -not- recommend the downgrade to the current InMusic version. the two biggest issues imo are: 1) the InMusic DRM -requires- online re-authorization every 90 days or less. it's improved since the initial rollout, but still less than perfect. if you have reliable 24/7 online access, it's not that big of a deal to reauthorize, -unless- the InMusic servers are acting up. If you do any sort of remote/location/live work, forget it. 2) Once you make the switch. -all- of your prior investment in expansions gets hijacked by the new InMusic DRM. you no longer own it per the original license and it is now only as good as InMusic's capability to support it. they seem to be living down to their reputation... fwiw, i keep a dedicated rack mount server to run everything purchased & installed prior to InMusic. they are still the best sounding (by far) for my needs.
  3. nice comment from the lead dev for Valhalla. "We put TENS on just to give it a listen. Sounds SPECTACULAR. I'm super impressed with both the spoing-y-ness of it (physical modeling right there!) and the overall smooth sound. Love it on drums. The different modes all sound great. Really captures that BX sound, where it has that spring sound while overall being much closer to a plate reverb (and a well tuned plate reverb at that). Nice work!"
  4. not exactly any old spring verb, but the AKG BX series. UAD has one (the BX20) for $199 or maybe $99, depending on the promotion. have some IRs of a BX20, but the Klangheim is way easier to use. and for 24€, a deal. have and use the Fuse Audio Labs VREV-305 as well, finding this class of spring verbs to work well with acoustic/organic ensembles, or pretty much anything where you're working with a smaller/more intimate vibe and trying not to wash things out with a plate or some digital verb. ymmv.
  5. SD3 @ BFD3 prices ... @Soundwise maybe have a look at this? (haven't loved the ST Speaker Shaper) https://www.threebodytech.com/en/products/cabinetron
  6. well, haven't bitten (or been bitten) in quite some time, so comes out to ~$7/plugin here. the question (as always) is, what do i really -need-?
  7. if best = first call/most used, then; CW Gloss EQ CW PC76 U-Type Compressor CW PC4K S-Type Bus Compressor Valhalla Delay if non DAW specific core project basics, then; BFD3 Scuffham S-Gear Melda MAutoDynamicEQ NFA Elevate if non DAW specific fx, then; UAD EMT140 Fuse Audio VREV-305 / Valhalla Delay Fuse Audio VCS-1 channel strip Metric A|B
  8. after passing on UAD for years given the lack of reasonable upgrade offers for previously owned products, took a look at the latest bundle and must say i'm a bit shocked at just how drastically their pricing has changed. the signature bundle even includes "vaporware" (i.e. the Sound City whatever it is) ?! haven't followed the chatter but comes across as a bit desperate given their legacy, perhaps signalling some impending change? or just the harsh reality of commoditization impacting their bottom line? they've always been usable quality standards, but there are plenty of highly competitive alternatives. ... whatever, got my attention, looks like a very good time to upgrade some existing versions, pick up native versions and add some 'staples' at a very low price to help with cross platform projects. of course, the ones used the most are not included (emt140/250, neve bundle) but have alternatives, so np. ... hit up their support and expect to check a forum or two with these questions. but any comments based on your experience are appreciated ? do native versions count as separate instances from DSP versions (thinking to run native on a laptop, keep the rack mounts as DSP and /or native) > assume these are separate vsts, just not sure about the licensing ? do the updated "Collection" versions automatically replace the "Legacy" versions in a project? > doubt it ? are the updated "Collection" versions heavier CPU hits than the "Legacy" versions? > possibly? given what i recall of their marketing ? has anybody noted any sonic difference in the "Collection" versions? > 😄 ? anything i missed? wait for a better deal? > ya i know, wrong place to ask, but this could be hard to pass up
  9. agreed, has been requested before. see the last page in this post.
  10. really tried to get one these to do something for a sound i was after. didn't happen, at least on the first dive into both. There's a bloated version direct from Celestion (Celestion SpeakerMix Pro) which i found to be a sluggish resource pig, never made it past the demo stage. thought (hoped) the ST version would be more useful. back to real amps in real rooms.
  11. what every musician lives for. just discovering that despite all the corn, cliches, countryfied rhinestones, Don Rich & Buck Owens had this down in spades. it's magic. fixed that for ya. go for two in a row.
  12. good one, but her version of this is such a great example of a killer arrangement/interpretation. she also brings it live.
  13. soundalikes has been/was? a lucrative business for session musicians for decades, when the number of entertainment media channels was fairly limited. https://www.billboard.com/pro/ai-music-tools-copy-artists-voices-legal-questions/ it's only an issue when there is enough money for the lawyers to make a case. plenty of examples, same as it ever was. melodyne was in the "witchcraft' category when it first came out, mainly because it was less artificial sounding than autotune which interestingly enough has since evolved into a 'sound' of it's own. i imagine the largest market for AI ripoffs is most likely just for personal gratification and possibly a potential revenue stream for some artists to 'officially' license their formants. however a YT full of Adele/Drake/etc/etc 'hits' would get really boring really quickly, kinda like synth presets, and this whole issue will just as quickly become passe'. so probably not that big of a deal. are 'tribute bands' still a thing?
  14. as a S1/CW user. have you found a custom theme that enhances your productivity in Reaper? or do you run with the default ui? tia
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