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  1. https://ddmf.eu/plugindoctor/ Haven't had time to try it, but digging the idea. Meticulously modeled pixels based on claims of vintage wallet busters will never look the same again.
  2. Couldn't have said it better. NB The ability to document guitar voicings using the fretboard display is a most useful feature.
  3. @Josh Wolfer same use case for me. I've been pulling down the top of the multidock while in PRV mode and popping open the arranger track at minimum height Not the ideal scenario, but helps.
  4. Tremelo plugin, originally posted on the Scuffham S-Gear forum by @jbraner https://www.musicalentropy.com/TheGreatEscape.html
  5. Had a similar problem with an Eventide plugin which has been duplicated by the vendor and is being addressed. In this case, switching the track interleave from Stereo to Mono would hang up CxB. FWIW, the Black Rooster plugins I've used have been really good, Don't have the VLA-FET, but just checked the VLA-3A, even though it's lacking any "stereo cfg" and did not see any problems related to track interleave. Not much help, sorry, but contacting BRA might be a good next step as you're seeing an issue in another DAW.
  6. jackson white

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    I've looked for VSTs vs the real thing and just picked up the B-15N from PA. Trying to match the vibe/sound for some existing tracks recorded with a FET 47 on a '66 B-15N. Nope. At least not yet. I'm sure I need to spend more time with it but none of the presets (all I had time to check) are close to what I need for some "modern vintage memphis vibe." I've got a mid-70s B-15N parked next to my deck and noting the lack of the "Ultra Hi/Lo" toggles on the emulations. They make a difference. I'd given a few of the others a shot but nothing has ever worked as well for me as just going DI or micing a real amp in a real room. And not sure how you "meticulously model" the volume of air being pummeled to shreds with a real SVT. That's physics, not bits. However, a few guitar VSTs have gotten really good and useful. Maybe an opportunity for a "bass genius" to make this a priority and do it right instead of an afterthought for a guitar based product? If I get something working with these VSTs, I'll post a couple of tracks and let the forum experts weigh in on how well it works in context, which is all that matters. ..... Yeah, B3s. 2nd story venues were bad enough, but those load-ins up/down ice encrusted fire escapes well below the freezing point. Man.... No roadies, no B3s.
  7. I had managed to disable it completely before, but can't remember the exact wording of the spell.
  8. Updated from 1809 to 1909 a week ago. Not exercising it much over the last week, but everything appears to be working. Have some VST authorizations to check. XLN is the only one requiring action so far. Still trying to remember how to kill the Groundhog re-installation of the High Definition Audio Controller on every reboot.
  9. As an update, the issue has been narrowed down to the track interleave set to mono. Same for VST2 or VST3. Works fine in stereo.
  10. This hit my inbox a few days ago. "Drumdrops Launches New Website" with "...we will be adding loads of new packs". Drumdrops made kits that worked in BFD3, so perhaps it's worth hitting up Jack O'Donnell for an investment to convert BFD kits to SD3? If , as mentioned, their operating mode is to milk a dead cow, there should be more potential interest in the well recorded kits than an unsupported product.
  11. The basics are working OK so far (about 1 month). Was expecting larger improvements in latency but unable to come up with buffer settings that make a significant difference without wrecking something else. Using SPDIF, but not ADAT.
  12. Just tried the most recent release 2.94 as there was some mention of "This fixes a problem observed with the VST3 plug-in on Windows where the plug-in could load with muted output". Still no go. No input displaying in S-Gear and inserting the VST3 in the FX bin blocks the signal path. Also noted redraw issues. Click on Presets and the GUI won't redraw the part that expands to the right, making it impossible to close.
  13. FYI, this is locking up my projects ( "Cakewalk Application is not responding" ) any time I try to insert it into an existing project. I can get it to work on a new project using the "basic template", but it's a hard no go otherwise. I only installed the VST3 version. Works fine in Studio One, Pro Tools and Reaper.
  14. It might be something else. fwiw, I had a related experience with a vst3 from Eventide. Loaded it into a working project and it hung up hard when I tried to change some settings after inserting it into an FX bin. It opens fine in a new CxB project. It opens fine in other DAWs. Tried reinstalling, etc. Same problem, every time.
  15. These are great for rootsy stuff if you have the money.
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