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  1. might this be the replacement for the UAD version? the arturia version seems to be usable, but haven't done a head to head comparison yet.
  2. https://forum.bfddrums.com/t/bfd3-4-4-29-release-notes/3004 You go first. No you go first. Snark aside, they appear to have addressed the authorization fiasco from the relaunch. 🤞
  3. noting a similar crash with a PA bx_plugin which was solved by reverting to a previous version of the plugin as well as a number of screen draw bugs littering the screen with leftover bits that persist for the entire session. annoying, but not a shostopper. other than that, it's been running quite well.
  4. seems to be an ongoing dogfight to keep things working the way you want. have noted the same without being able to confirm exactly what was driving the activity, finding win 10 pro updates can sometimes reset carefully disabled settings. AVs can be a likely culprit, including win defender. not completely sure disabling updates actually disables downloading files? i've taken to setting the internet connection to manual and only connect as needed, but noting an unfortunate trend to require an active connection for some newer vsts...
  5. perhaps, but the trend to model the dynamic complexities of analog gear is bound to tax the limits of current hw performance. Most def it is a programming challenge that might beneft from better algos, but despite my skepticism, I'm starting to hear a difference that is closer to the analog gear I still use. Horses for courses, but consider something like Pong vs games today that feature extensive RT physics modelling to create a vastly superior user experience. I'm intrigued by the potential, learning to balance the tradeoffs w/o losing track of only point that matters, which is to create music that makes a difference.
  6. I sure hope so. CPU cooling/fan noise are an issue for the rack mounted systems here and the latest Alder Lake (3.6GHz?) is cranking it up even further. I recently O/C'd an i7 to scope out VST CPU load and saw CPU temps running at the edge of my comfort zone... Have not given water cooling a shot yet based on mixed and unconfirmed anecdotal hearsay wrt to reliability, but ambient temps are not getting any lower...
  7. you mentioned "shorting", but the jack itself is likely ok, all you might have to do is lightly reflow the connections to the board. ime they can get torqued when jamming cables = micro cracks.
  8. Maybe open it up and re-solder the connections to the board for the input jack?
  9. "The Kid's Are Alright" is a much better doc on The Who imho. And one of their best performance's can be found in the Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus. https://www.npr.org/2019/07/25/745287835/resurrected-stones-film-finds-pivot-point-in-rock-history This was a pretty great take on the capriciousness of the industry in general...
  10. Have battled similar issues, finding mine to be more related to CPU performance. Projects that used to run fine have stuttered/stumbled during playback. Raising the buffer to 1024/2048 samples has not always made a difference. However, I recently reviewed every single performance setting (most already mentioned above) and for the first time, set the CPU to be overclocked. CxB has been running like a champ every since, with fairly heavy projects (unfrozen VSTs) that used to grind to a halt. planning for an upgrade, but currently running an i7-5820K, nom @3.3GHz, but it will O/C up to 4-4.2 GHz under load. Keeping an eye on CPU temp, but hanging in there. you might try hovering the mouse over the CW performance monitor in the control bar to see if notes excessive dropouts, lost buffers.
  11. AA's answer to the one knob trend, at only €1.35 per control. they might have spelled it wrong... i understand their expertise is in dynamic convolution techology, this looks pretty convoluted...
  12. It's there every time on at least one project, looks like a screen draw bug, and since nested folders are a fairly recent feature, speculating it might be related.
  13. well now that Elon Musk has Twitter wrapped up ....
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