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  1. I followed your suggestion - it did pay off to move my desk just a little more away from the corner. BTW, I notice my curve may not be that unusual. I'm following a Mixbus tutorial by Vince Mazzocchi who uses Sonarworks. His curve is similar to mine with the large bump around 100k
  2. My mixing desk is in the corner of a 15 x 15 room (yes - I need figure how to fit a drum set, keyboard rig, bass amp, guitar amp and couch into a more intelligent setup). ARC helped me correct a big room bump in low frequency (speaker closest to corner was +6db at 100Hz) that continued on a downward slope from there until 2K. You gave me the idea to simply use the ECM 8000 - see how close the correction is to the ARC. If it's in the ballpark I donate the ECM 8000 along with the software. Thanks!
  3. Was reviewing earlier in this thread regarding discussion about Behringer ECM 8000 between @NOLAGuy and @Max Arwood I bought ARC which came with the newer MEMS mic last year so was able to get a transfer license and then downloaded a new ARC license for myself in the promo. I bought the $28 Behringer ECM 8000 from Sweetwater so the person I'm donating my license to doesn't need to buy a mic. I'm trying decide if I should give the IK MEMS mic along with my old license just to make sure I'm not going to mess up their calibration or is the ECM 8000 good enough (non-pro user)? Read some of the threads linked - it looks like the ECM 8000 can be used with ARC to get good room correction without a generic calibration file. Any comments on this very welcome.
  4. The email to support did it. I was able to transfer the products I bought over the last few years and then get them again through the Group Buy.
  5. I'm down to one last pick. @ALC's spreadsheets were invaluable in figuring out what I didn't already have. I bought the AmpliTube Leslie in 2018. I can't transfer it because after two other transfers (B-3X and Philharmonik) it's not letting me do any more so I can't get my promo copy. Help me Obi Wan @Peter - IK Multimedia . I've submitted a support request twice but didn't receive a ticket. Thanks
  6. I transferred B-3X and Miroslav Philharmonik 2. Afterwards I could chose those, before I transferred the dropdown skipped over them.
  7. I just caught up on this thread. I want to comment on the AT5 loading time. I noticed a few seconds more load time after one of the 5.xx upgrades - not sure which one. Question - do you have AmpltiTube installed on a solid state drive (SSD)? If not you really should clone your spinner to an SSD using the free Macrium Reflect. I know that's a brute force fix but that upgrade (plus maxing out the memory to 16GB) allows me to use a 2012 i5-2400 (3.10 Ghz) Dell Optiplex 790 for music - not as snappy as a new machine but not painfully slow.
  8. I chose the ARC software only crossgrade. It showed up as the full product so all is well. Now there is no time limit - my nephew isn't in a hurry for that transfer so we'll wait until support resets my transfer limit.
  9. I transferred B-3X and Miroslave Harmonik that I purchased a few years ago to my nephew. When I bought a third transfer it won't let me use it to transfer ARC to him. Of course with 24K new sales support must be overwhelmed so I'm not getting a response to my request to reset the limit. Question: I can't use the promo for ARC software only but I can choose the ARC crossgrade. I guess in the end the license I get is the same so I should just choose the crossgrade from the Promo drop down for one of my slots?
  10. Hi Thanks, I refreshed the promo page and they're showing up - thanks for the link also
  11. I haven't caught up on this new promotion thread after taking off a week. How do I find the above effects? They're not in any collection in my AT5 SE. I looked in the drop down for the promotions and don't see anything titled 3X. Thanks
  12. The iRig Keys is nice but you could just get a Nektar 49 for I think around $90. My latest pair of keyboards are used E-MU Xboard49's - compact B-3X heaven! I paid $50 for one that the pitch wheel doesn't work (I swapped it's pitchwheel with the second keyboard and it worked - something is up with the mainboard on the first one) and $90 for one that needed clean up but works perfectly and looks good now that I gave it a detail. I really like the action. They are a bit over 10 years old but the keybeds are in great condition.
  13. I was able to use Jam Points to bring the transfers down to $14 but had 31 before and now after using 12 I'm zeroed out - must be reversing out the points awarded for the B-3X and Miroslav. I'm good with that - who knows when I would figured out how to spend them in time after this promo
  14. It's such a relief that this thread is smaller now No one ever (including IK suppport) answered my pants and suspender question - Promo's for several products I bought in the past were not selectable in the Promo drop down. I bought some transfer licenses and transferred them out and I was immediately able to select those products. Just wanted to give my nephew Miroslav and B-3X. Finally know how transfers work! They just take the product out of your list and send you an email with a new Serial.
  15. I have a few questions about License Transfers: 1. I have several people I'm thinking about giving my past purchased licenses too but haven't made up my mind. Can I just transfer them for now to another email address I own? I'm asking this question because it leads up to the next question. 2. If I transfer my B-3X and AmpliTube Leslie will that then allow me to choose them from the drop down lists of the Promo ? They're in the list but I can't choose them. 3. Both the above were crossgrade purchases - how does that play into IK License Transfers? Thanks for any detail on this.
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