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  1. Thanks for the tips - I've got them downloaded - next step is to try them
  2. I went to the Acoustic IR database. I have a Takamine Jasmine with a Joyo JE-307 installed. The guitar itself sounds good for a sub $100 guitar and the $25 pre-amp actually works ok. I looked at Nembrini's Acoustic Voice but didn't buy it and I'm interested in trying the acousticir.free.fr IR database. The JE-307 I think is a knock off of the old 90's Fishman "barn door" preamps. That pre-amp isn't listed so I'm wondering of the listed ones, which would be the closest?
  3. I've learned a lot about mixing because I was able to get mixing chain plugins inexpensively (or free) and experiment with them. Mixing is a science/art I find fascinating but I prefer to play instruments with my limited time so I gravitate towards "black box" plugins that can quickly get me mostly there. I confess that following the deals here and collecting what I can on the cheap has been a lot of fun and once in a while a plugin just works for me - Sunset Reverb, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor are examples. @Starship Krupa - I'm curious what you did to mod your RA-100? I use that amp for mixing.
  4. Thanks, I actually did glimpse that one on Newegg but for some reason it didn't register.
  5. Hi Jim, I looked at Mini-ITX cases but didn't come across one these dimensions - 9.5" x 6.5" x 14". I saw some smaller that I think would be a cooling issue as other's mentioned and others that were sized for home theater. The size above would be a good compromise - do you know which case company makes one that size - Thanks!
  6. The use case is for gigging with VST synths. The host software is Cantabile. The laptops have been excellent (one is a backup). The past six months I made a lot of changes (Win10 updates, UMC204HD driver newer version, new updates to some of the VST's, new version of Cantabile) and noticed some glitching when playing lots of notes that wasn't there before, I will take Erik's advice and make sure all recommended tweaks for a music machine are in place correctly. I have removed anything that doesn't need to be running, turned off power management for hardware devices, tweaked the power configuration, and a long list of other things listed. I'm willing to go larger than a NUC as Jim recommended above. I think a Mini-ITX will be the build
  7. I'm using some laptops now that have been good for years (i5 3.5Ghz, 16GB RAM, SSD) but between Windows 10 updates and newer VST's I'm starting to get some glitching (Spitfire and IK B-3X for example). I want to go to the micro form factor plus a screen. Some motherboard, ram and storage configurations work better together for music production, any recommendations would be very appreciated.
  8. Definitely go to SSD for storage but do full ongoing back ups - when those fail it's not like the spinners.
  9. +1 on Macrium Reflect. I've been doing a lot of swap ins of SSD drives. I used to use whatever the manufacturer provided for cloning software but after constantly running into glitches (Samsung Data Migration) (WD version of Acronis) I settled on always using Macrium Reflect.
  10. I avoid RAID 0 (sometimes referred to as disk striping). It's more difficult to recover if there's a problem (as OP is experiencing) . Surprised a system would be setup that way as the default configuration.
  11. I followed your suggestion - it did pay off to move my desk just a little more away from the corner. BTW, I notice my curve may not be that unusual. I'm following a Mixbus tutorial by Vince Mazzocchi who uses Sonarworks. His curve is similar to mine with the large bump around 100k
  12. My mixing desk is in the corner of a 15 x 15 room (yes - I need figure how to fit a drum set, keyboard rig, bass amp, guitar amp and couch into a more intelligent setup). ARC helped me correct a big room bump in low frequency (speaker closest to corner was +6db at 100Hz) that continued on a downward slope from there until 2K. You gave me the idea to simply use the ECM 8000 - see how close the correction is to the ARC. If it's in the ballpark I donate the ECM 8000 along with the software. Thanks!
  13. Was reviewing earlier in this thread regarding discussion about Behringer ECM 8000 between @NOLAGuy and @Max Arwood I bought ARC which came with the newer MEMS mic last year so was able to get a transfer license and then downloaded a new ARC license for myself in the promo. I bought the $28 Behringer ECM 8000 from Sweetwater so the person I'm donating my license to doesn't need to buy a mic. I'm trying decide if I should give the IK MEMS mic along with my old license just to make sure I'm not going to mess up their calibration or is the ECM 8000 good enough (non-pro user)? Read some of the threads linked - it looks like the ECM 8000 can be used with ARC to get good room correction without a generic calibration file. Any comments on this very welcome.
  14. The email to support did it. I was able to transfer the products I bought over the last few years and then get them again through the Group Buy.
  15. I'm down to one last pick. @ALC's spreadsheets were invaluable in figuring out what I didn't already have. I bought the AmpliTube Leslie in 2018. I can't transfer it because after two other transfers (B-3X and Philharmonik) it's not letting me do any more so I can't get my promo copy. Help me Obi Wan @Peter - IK Multimedia . I've submitted a support request twice but didn't receive a ticket. Thanks
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