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  1. I had Auto Theory Pro but not 5. So no upgrade pricing either. They have to come down on the price for me to consider. The plus side is it no longer uses iLok.
  2. There is this eye candy movement in just about everything. I find it annoying looking at PC parts like fans.
  3. This kind of stuff to a degree has been in FL Studio for quite some time. I have Riffer and Chtuhlu and I rarely open them. I'm so use to using my head or using midi files.
  4. They only have four products. I doubt their company is a full time gig.
  5. No upgrade deal so far.
  6. I've heard Gibson owners claim it's not a real Gibson until you break the headstock.
  7. It might be handy if a CM subscriber waits on it and the code is needed later on they can find it in their issue. That was the same code from the magazine and I downloaded it a week ago.
  8. BTW that code was taken from the latest version of CM.
  9. Considered getting this since it's a great price but I haven't even cracked open EW Choirs Gold.
  10. The scary part is it has HP on the label and it's not a printer. The reviews say stay away.
  11. I decided that after collecting so many EQs and compressors that I will forget to use it was time to collect channel strips. Me along with me ears are not smart enough to know the differences between all of these plugins.
  12. I like it better than the Cubase GUI. The lack of tutorials holds a DAW back. Your top DAWs also have a lot of 3rd party tutorials. What I dislike about Magix is their frequent paid upgrades. Smells like Finale.
  13. that it is no longer being developed, no future upgrades either.
  14. I got one for $44 off the everything bundle. $105 for presets isn't that tempting. I didn't get a $9 coupon so my entitled attitude may put that towards the Arturia presets.
  15. It is a nice app though. I downloaded a lot of GP tabs before they were probably threatened with legal issues.
  16. LOL I'd feel more safe locked in a closet with every virus known to man than consider this thing.
  17. This is a great reminder to never invest $$$$ in Spitfire products with their own player. This is more of a anti piracy scheme than anything else. I understand that. Maybe need to stop jumping at everything that is free.
  18. I would like a tankless. Where I live there are no basements and all pipes are overhead. You have to wait minutes for warm water to make it to the sink.
  19. The real Melda sub is the rent to own.
  20. Still not working for me.
  21. I always get the zips and create refills.
  22. I didn't even know there was such a thing in Mixcraft.
  23. When you download new ones the zip file will have the same name. The first one had the same VST and the Slice one was House.
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