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  1. I'm an IK fanboy. I have so much of their stuff my user area takes 3 days to read. I should probably turn in my badge because I forget to use most of it. That's why I'm passing on this. So this bitch session was brought from KVR over to here. Ugh!
  2. This is very tempting. They have their own youtube channel.
  3. Wow I forgot I had this. My biggest knock against Melda is lack of tutorials. Good thing we have Chandler. You question is too logical and defies our nature of hoarding plugins.
  4. I forgot these allow for two authorizations. Take that Waves. I got this one again and put it on my iLok.
  5. Melda picks 4 plugins every week for 50% off. That's how I bought it. One time they have 2 of their super duper plugins for $99. I bought those from APD. I have 80 of their plugins. When they've had their bundles sale I could've had everything for under $500. You can install them on every machine in the house and lifetime free updates.
  6. Always but if it were other genres I probably would. I like that they have midi drum patterns. Vol 1 and 2 Ultimate Midi packs are included.
  7. Might go with Byome.
  8. How the upgrade prices are computed: we subtract 70% of what you have spent so far for the products included in the upgrade. We cannot know the actual price when you purchase from a reseller, so we assume 50% off, hence it is advantageous to purchase from us directly if you plan to upgrade. Minimum upgrade price is € 10. Good to know when you move up the Melda chain.
  9. With all of the romplers on the planet I never find UVI's pricing competitive.
  10. Their authorization is almost as flakey as XLN. I don't know how many times I've had to reauthorize. But it's not as flakey as the end user who bought and hasn't really put it to use.
  11. So anyone bought yet?
  12. I have and they tell you in the manual it is not the most resource friendly. Unfortunately when you buy Melda by 3rd party your discount for bundles is not a s great buying direct.
  13. They are not as heavily distributed. They seem to be for the trap crowd. What is tempting about this is the amount of midi files. https://www.adsrsounds.com/vendor/thedrumbank/ A good place to check and what is popular. These kind of sales are a weakness for me.
  14. Where I live there are no basements. If I did it would be like a DAW museum where I would slap together my old socket A system and use Gigastudio 2 and W2000.
  15. It's a guess for sure. As a DAW collector I'm starting to keep track of how frequent one needs to pay up to keep up to date. Cakewalk started doing that after about Sonar 3 and I started walking away despite the only license I didn't have in my collection was Sonar 6. The popular DAWs are the ones designed for dance music workflow. When I get a softsynth or presets I audition them in Bandlab. As for value and less cost to keep up to date is FL, Bandlab, and Reaper. Plus you can't beat the flexible licensing. Studio One is another one.
  16. Oh I know. I like an lean OS drive and I'm constantly exploring what's using more space than necessary.
  17. The real plus is I didn't have to download another download manager.
  18. It's always a contest for me which one would get used first. This or a NI voucher.
  19. I need some audio cables to hook up my AXE to my mixer. I don't want to order that online with a GC less than 10 miles away. If you are a wind player you can't get valve or key oil and reeds. Sam Ash is also closed.
  20. It doesn't cover the $49 code.
  21. I didn't because I recall is wasn't very stable among those who tried it.
  22. That's a great description. I deleted them some time ago. I don't know if they are better than the stock DAW plugins.
  23. Amazing that a lot of stuff I got around for under $10 has a high list price. I have enough compressors and eqs, don't want any amp sims. Which one of those consoles would someone recommend?
  24. Melda only takes up 8.2mb and that's 80 plugins. The worst one is NI. If you delete the 32 bit you can't update your 64 bit versions.
  25. http://synthmuseum.com/ Look how many of those died out. I just never thought a Roli would meet my sense of being practical.
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