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    If Time is Money

    If Time is money then I'm a millionaire. My virus song. I couldn't sing or even narrate the lyrics so I'm leaving it up to you - karaoke style!
  2. Paul Yeah, very 60s love song. The lyrics seemed awkwardly phrased here and there but on the whole a very good song. Thanks for posting.
  3. bjornpdx

    Spirit Wind

    This has the two things I always look for in a song - good lyrics and good melody. In this song the melody stays with you for a while after the first listen which is a huge thumbs up from me. Great job!
  4. Doug Not a millionaire but a billionaire. You really do have a unique sound and style to your music. Great song and exceptional playing as always.
  5. bjornpdx

    Rowanberry tree

    Makke I always have to google something after listening to your music (like rautalanka and rowanberry), but that's ok! Very smooth playing in that 60s style of guitar, very nice. Being a folk song, I would guess the song goes back a few centuries and has been played all kinds of different ways depending on the technology at the time.
  6. Amazing as always. Hey, would you consider doing a video? I would love to watch you play!
  7. bjornpdx

    Red Rocks

    Red Rocks Inspired by the red rock canyons in Utah. Very ambient. Flute is OTS Mesa Winds bunch of Omnisphere sounds Trilian I wrote this a few years ago. Thought I would try remixing it now that I have more experience with mixing and now that I have Ozone to help with mastering. So this is a first pass at a remix. Thanks for listening.
  8. bjornpdx

    Stai Giù

    Promising. There isn't much going on in the background so something like a string track would help to fill in the sound. Just one man's opinion. Thanks for posting.
  9. bjornpdx

    Falls of Thunder

    I too remember you from the old forum and it's great to hear your music again. Nowadays video is so commonplace but back a few years most people didn't have a movie camera so family images from back then were still photographs. I like that you created a song from your movie (which probably didn't have audio) and fit the lyrics to it. I thought the vocal could have been brought up a bit more and that's about all I can suggest. Nicely done.
  10. Tom You had me toe tappin' from the get go. Well balanced mix, great performances and just plain likable. Well done, and boy do I hope the lyrics come true.
  11. bjornpdx

    Tuesday Morning

    Tom That was my go-to piano, the Kontakt Grandeur plus the NI Raum plugin for spaciousness. Thanks for listening. Max Thanks for listening. I did play the melody part and then I went in and fixed all the mistakes. Doug Thanks for listening and the comment on the composition. The other Tom Thanks for listening. I like ambient dreamy stuff once in a while. The genre is hard to write because of the long sequences where you have to get into the flow of it at different points in the song. The voices? Did you hear voices?? Hmm better get that checked out. Nah, it's a Sound Iron VST called Mimi Page Light and Shadows, some unusual vocal stuff from this vocalist.
  12. bjornpdx

    Tuesday Morning

    Tuesday Morning This started off as space music but evolved into more of an ambient/easy listening genre. Thanks for listening.
  13. bjornpdx

    Some Days

    I like songs that are easy to critique like this one. Everything about it is just excellent, the music and the production. Thumbs up my man.
  14. Wow, I can only imagine the work it took to put all this together. Just excellent. Got a question. About 1:15 and elsewhere in the 1st movement is an instrument that sounded more like a traditional synthesizer doing some arps to me. Is that what it is or is that a bassoon or oboe?
  15. bjornpdx

    The Two of Us

    Rex You said you were working on the BGV and what you did is very effective. Blends in nicely with the voc. The wahwah was a bit too heavy for me, kind of took something away from the mood of the song. All in all a beautiful song. Excellent lyrics too.
  16. bjornpdx


    I already commented on your SC page but here it is again. This is the best song I've hear from you, Wookie, I recognized the M1 aaaahs in there and some of the other synths. Made for a nice morning listening to it a few times with my coffee.
  17. bjornpdx

    Corona Corona

    Great job Freddy! It's wonderful that people are appreciating those whose every day jobs are essential to the rest of us.
  18. My one and only experience with a psychedelic is recreated every time I hear a song from side 2 of Abbey Road. Just to add a music reference to this forum.
  19. I'm liking this one a lot, Doug. Not much to critique IMO, maybe could be EQ'd a bit brighter IDK. Really liked that lead in ~ 0:35. Something in there sounds like a 60s band to me but can't put my finger on it.
  20. Thanks. Works for me. Just have to make a few edits for my VSTs.
  21. bjornpdx


    Hidden Symmetry Thanks for listening and commenting. I just kept my usual slouch while composing this. Doug Thanks. I hope that Kraftwerk sound will make a comeback some day. Fat chance I think. Tim Thanks. I think every song has a story and it's interesting to hear how they came about. Makke Thanks. I love seeing those old 40s and 50s movies about Hygiene and Popularity etc. Can't believe they were taken seriously back then. And the student audience at that time probably didn't. Tom Thanks. It was a fun project. It had languished for a while and needed something and I believe you had an influence in my adding in the old movie soundtrack stuff. David Thanks. You live long enough and you see changes that are directly opposite to what was believed years ago. Like in Reefer Madness. Bajan Blue Thanks. Yes! Klaus Schulze was (is) one of my heroes. Amazing what he did with those old synths.
  22. I listened to the 2nd song in the links just above. Sounds good to me. Lovely song and well performed too.
  23. bjornpdx


    Very promising song, just needs some more time spent on the mix. I think the voc level is just about right and the bgv are very good.
  24. Love it! Very Eno-esque. I'm totally chilled out. Love the title. The music takes me right there to that harbor. And I kind of liked that good old vinyl scratch sound. Haven't heard that in a while.
  25. bjornpdx

    right place

    Wow there's some time distortion, slo-mo vocal vs speeded-up instruments. You could average the two but it wouldn't be the same. Jesse, your songs are never boring.
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