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  1. Trouble importing multiple audio tracks in MP4 video file. I am trying to import an mp4 video file (created in OBS Studio) into Cakewalk Sonar that has multiple stereo audio files within it. Cakewalk is only importing one stereo file and not seeing the other. Thanks in advance for any help on this!
  2. RexRed

    The Love We Feel

    Hello beautiful Cakewalk Sonar Peeps! Here is my latest song, it is still a work in progress. Some of my songs I think will never get finished because of issues I encounter while making them. This song has been difficult to make and at times I have felt like giving up on it but I think it is okay to release now. I have a few more things to do to it and it will be done. I thought I would give you a preview now and I hope you enjoy this new song. Love to you always! RexRed 💝💝💝
  3. New tune awesome Cakewalk peeps! 💝💝💝 (free to download!)
  4. Vastly differing opinions: 1: Just disabling HT will not increase single thread performance. What it WILL do is decrease temps so you can OC higher, which in turn will increase performance. or 2: Yes, disabling HT will give a small boost to single threaded performance. The cores are no longer divided and sharing work, so the one thread going to each core gets the complete attention of that core, so the single thread performance will slightly improve. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/can-disabling-hyperthreading-increase-single-core-performance.225564/ I like the logic of the second opinion, how much of a performance boost with less power consumption is debatable. A core working on one single task should perform better than two unrelated tasks. If the hyperthreaded core has less die space, has the damage already been done? And less heat on the core can prevent throttling in heavy loads. I am leaving HT off for a while because also there are mysterious heat issues with the 13900K chips as it is. Motherboard voltage spikes etc.
  5. Intel may be dropping hyperthreading from its CPUs to improve power efficiency and performance in portable laptops: • Power efficiency Hyperthreading can increase power consumption and take up valuable space on the CPU die. Intel wants to make its laptops thinner, lighter, and longer-lasting, so it can't afford the power cost of hyperthreading. • Performance Hyperthreading can be detrimental to performance in some situations, especially when there are more cores on the CPU. For example, Intel's Lunar Lake CPUs have 14% faster performance cores than the previous generation, even without hyperthreading. • Core counts The increasing number of cores on modern CPUs can reduce the advantages of hyperthreading. For example, Intel's Arrow Lake desktop CPUs may have 20 or 24 cores without hyperthreading, which would allow for the same number of threads. PCMag Intel Dumping Hyper-Threading in Its Next-Gen Chips? That ... Mar 5, 2024 — For years, Hyper-Threading has stood out as a major asset to Intel, but the tec... ExtremeTech Intel's Arrow Lake CPUs Will Allegedly Ditch Hyper-Threading Jan 22, 2024 — The slides show Intel is planning three variants of Arrow Lake for desktop: 8P... PC World Intel abandons hyperthreading for Lunar Lake CPUs | PCWorld Jun 6, 2024 — The reason is complicated, but basically it's no longer wanted as Intel strives... VideoCardz.com Intel Core Ultra "Arrow Lake" desktop CPUs with 20 and 24 cores spotted ... Apr 13, 2024 — No hyperthreading on board. The leak reveals at least two different models, on... Hyperthreading can be useful for programming and software development, especially when working with multi-threaded applications. It allows for the concurrent execution of multiple threads, which can speed up the execution of parallelizable tasks. For years, Hyper-Threading has stood out as a major asset to Intel, but the technology has its trade-offs. Supporting Hyper-Threading has a small but noticeable increase in power consumption, and it also consumes valuable space on the CPU die.Mar 5, 2024 Is Cakewalk multithreaded? Yes, Cakewalk by BandLab has a plug-in load balancing feature that uses multiple cores on a multi-core PC to process plug-in buffers in parallel. This feature can help balance DSP workloads and reduce CPU spikes, which can lead to audio dropouts and inefficient load balancing. However, plug-ins must be multi-processing compliant for this feature to work.
  6. Comment: Cinebench did give me a slightly higher benchmark rendering with my CPU with hyperthreading on but, I render my 3D graphics with my GPU not my CPU. If Cakewalk sees each thread as a separate core, I do not see how we will get better single core performance with it on. Cakewalk also sees my efficiency cores as cores too. It has no real shortage of processing units even with hyperthreading off. It is logical to concur with Intel in thinking that single core performance will get a boost with HT off.
  7. Intel says you get higher single core performance with it off and they have discontinued making power cores with hyperthreading in their new chips. Also, for gaming stats, more games benefit with it off than on. Cakewalk treats the second thread as a separate core and does not combined the power of the second thread. So does this second thread actually limit and slow down the core? Intel says, "Yes". With all of the years that hyperthreading has been around one would think that games would have been optimized to use double the threads, but that is not the case, most games LOSE performance with it on. I believe Cakewalk also loses single core performance (and stability) with it on.
  8. Check out my new Cakewalk Sonar song LIVE on YouTube!!! Check out my new Cakewalk Sonar song LIVE on YouTube!!! Please subscribe Sonar peeps! Say, "hello" in the live chat!
  9. Turn Intel hyperthreading off in the BIOS? When single core performance sets your song limitation, having a complete core dedicated the highest workload of your project is a benefit (in my opinion). You will not get double the performance by turning hyperthreading off, but you will get more stability and quite possibly more performance out of that single core (in my opinion). Any thoughts?
  10. I have found that Cakewalk hitches and sputters when I add two graphics cards. On my motherboard one PCIE 16 slot connects directly to the CPU and that card Cakewalk is fine with. The other PCIE 16 slot connects to the chipset. This card does not play nicely with Cakewalk. It seems Cakewalk having graphics streams passing through the chipset seems to add latency to signals. Anyone else experiencing that? My efficiency cores may be involved in this happening not sure. Two proton beams shall not be crossed! 😁 I am going to test if i defeat the second graphics card in device manager when I am using Cakewalk if that makes any difference. The hitching and sputtering is very slight and does not effect rendered files and it also does not result in dropouts. It is okay when this happens but is a bit distracting. Also, the CPU meters do not seem to spike in any way. It is just that adding a second GPU stream creates slight latency. I tried changing affinity and turning off cores and that made things worse. Please let me know if anyone else has experienced a similar thing.
  11. RexRed

    Love is Forever

    Well, I just posted above the last version before this song gets published. I replaced the first version. I may one day go back and "experiment" more with the song. I try and give some time for comments here but sometimes my deadline is short as is in this case. I hope you enjoy the final version of this song peeps! Best to you all! 💝
  12. RexRed

    Love is Forever

    Hey awesome Sonar peeps! Here is the first song created in the new Cakewalk Sonar! This song is still a WIP. It has been difficult making this, my thoughts are all over the place on this song, still. Not sure what it needs and doesn't need. I have fussed over it a lot. The nylon guitar plucking part is throughout the whole song, kind of monotonous. When I take it out in parts, it sounds empty there. The oos and ahhs, I use them a lot in my songs because they sound better than when I try and use a pad alone. The vocal comes in hot, I need to beef up the intro a bit more. With what? I don't know yet. I need to manually tame down a few vocal inflections, a bit of micro management. Or, I could just use the song the way it is... I am quite sure I will do at least one more long edit before this song is released into the wild. Critiques are welcome. 😊
  13. I have been aware that Cakewalk by Bandlab will not get updated for many months. The image I posted is of the new Cakewalk Sonar. I assume they are still updating that. I hope the bar can be resized a bit at the bottom, it was the very first thing my eye drew to when I opened the new Sonar on my PC. It has turned out to be a bit of a nuisance trying to use the tiny little bar to navigate horizontally.
  14. Cakewalk horizontal drag bar too small Can't a little bit be added to the right of this drag bar so I don't have to fuss so much to center my mouse on it? I use that bar a lot to move around in the song and it is too small. Thanks! 😊
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