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    Losing Hope

    Not your typical metal tune, esp the piano and the vocal, but a very good song. The organ stood out to me, as did the excellent guitar work.
  2. bjornpdx

    Watching the Black

    Wookie Whoa I didn't realize I was in Danger listening to the Wookie voice. Yeah, very Floydish it is. I like it. Pretty cool delay you have going on the vocal along with some extreme panning. Very laid back tune and well mixed. Sounds good.
  3. Love it! Top notch and very cool indeed, the video and the music. I knew about ergotism but didn't know its connection with the witch trials. I checked out your sinister frogs video too. You guys deliver a message with a great sense of humor.
  4. Nice perky pop. You had me toe tappin' once the song got going. Good transition to the reggae bits. Buzzy bass got a little distracting after a while. The robotic voice fit in very well. Nice job.
  5. Don't know about the UFX but my UCX came with a power supply which is rated 100-240v 50/60 hz input and 12v 2amp output. However I never use it since the UCX is powered by firewire connection to the computer. I think you need the power supply if using USB.
  6. That came out way more negative than I'd intended. Sorry. Adding your music to videos from the 50s/60s is a great idea and your project has promise. I liked the scratchy record player at the beginning and the '55 (?) Chevy scene so I was waiting for something to develop from that. Just wanted to suggest that you tie the scenes together such that the viewer sees some connection among the different clips. Thanks for posting.
  7. In SO if you mute an instrument track in the arrange view, it doesn't show up as muted in the mix view (and vice versa). So if a VST isn't playing it might be because you forgot that you had muted it in the console. If the console isn't in view then you're not seeing that red Mute button and you wonder what's going on. Presonus has their reasons for doing it that way but they really should give you the option to turn off that feature. Maybe in v5? Please?
  8. Good concept but you should put in more effort, such as developing some kind of a story or theme. I'm just hearing audio loops and seeing really basic video effects.
  9. I remember Martin Mull from Fernwood Tonite. Didn't know he was a musician, so I learned something. Fun lyrics for sure. Lots of words that rhyme with Mull! I did notice the clicking sound that Tom mentioned above but it didn't take anything away from your performance.
  10. bjornpdx

    If Time is Money

    jsg - Generally accepted meaning of the saying is: efficient use of time -> more productivity -> more money earned I always thought it meant that time is valuable, so you shouldn't waste it like watching one video after another on YouTube all afternoon. David, Doug, Tom Thanks for listening and commenting.
  11. The music fits the video (and vice versa) very well. More David Lynch than David Lynch. I thought Maschine was all about dance tracks but guess not.
  12. Yeah, just sorta leftanista. Don't sugarcoat it, tell us how you really feel. 😁 I like the clever lyrics: "embleachment" "hydroxy pox infusion" Vocal character fits the song well. IDK to me the voc could use some treatment, a little reverb or something. Maybe double tracking here and there?
  13. Very smooth. I'm impressed by the mix. Really nice balance of instruments which just sounds good in my headphones.
  14. bjornpdx

    Celtic Fantasy

    Very well done. Love that ethereal Celtic sound. Something truly mystical about it.
  15. I like it. Very relaxing and uplifting too. That repeating bass line gets hypnotic after a while which is a good thing. Thought the piano had a bit too much reverb the 1st time I listened but nah, it's okay. The reverb adds to the mood of the piece quite well.
  16. Thanks for that link. I had no idea TotalMix had a DAW mode. Should simplify things to the point I can actually understand what's going on in TotalMix. Carry on.
  17. bjornpdx


    The only time I listen to this music genre is when it's coming from the car next to me at a traffic light, and they all sound the same to me. But being a lyrics guy I gotta say the composition, the meter and rhyming is really good. I wouldn't use the same language, but that's the way it is lately. The demon-in-charge bit is done very well. Creepy but good. I like the co-pilot reference. There's a lot going on in the background which keeps things moving and there's a bunch of stuff I don't understand, but that's okay. I'm not a fan of this genre and you haven't converted me, but I do like what you did here. Thanks for posting.
  18. Not sure if I can meet these requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP (SP2) - (32 & 64 Bit) 2Ghz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support 512Mb RAM 30Mb free disc space DirectSound or ASIO compatible soundcard
  19. Daryl Missed this the 1st time around. Are your daughter and her boyfriend still separated a month later?? 😦 Another perky song with that trademarked Daryl sound. I always enjoy your lyrics and this one doesn't disappoint.
  20. Anders Made me all misty eyed. Really really good performance. I think you could have left out the drums but that's just me. I think John Prine is one of those under appreciated artists who most people discover by accident, but once discovered you become an immediate fan.
  21. bjornpdx

    The Visitor

    Beautiful music very well orchestrated. Gotta ask which instruments you're using, esp the violin? Boy does it sound good.
  22. bjornpdx

    Red Rocks

    Doug Thanks for listening and commenting. Yeah that OTS flute is great. All kinds of articulation possibilities. Mark I have an actual Native American flute as well. Never could get the hang of it though. freddy As always thanks for listening and commenting. tom I've taken a couple of trips to the Grand Canyon (north rim) specifically for thunderstorms. Had a scary one way too close but I got it on video. Makke thanks for listening and commenting. Tom This is actually a shortened version of a very drone-y maybe too long track. I messed up and cut the beginning a little too soon. noynekker Appreciate the comments! Paul Thank you for listening and commenting.
  23. This would make a really good soundtrack. I like the back and forth between the violin (?) and organ. Thanks for posting.
  24. I downloaded it (462MB) and listened to it while avoiding housework. Active listening is always difficult with ambient music so I jotted some notes (again) The 1st part: Nice interplay of instruments, kind of playful. Might need more variation. 12 min I was ready for a change, and like I said before, this part with the soundscapes and sweeps interested me more. Nice menacing tone here. 15 min getting hypnotic 17 min back to the arps. Kind of abrupt. Maybe need more pad in the background 20 min Familiar aaaaahs and ooooohs Korg M1 I think. 23 min very nice bell melodic part. Vangelis like. This is my favorite part 26 min back to the bell arps like in the beginning. IDK doesn't work for me. Purely subjective. An enjoyable listen for my morning coffee Wookie. Will there be a side two of that vinyl album?
  25. David Very nice! Sparse but just enough to uplift my mood on a dreary day.
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