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    Ruralrocker - Thanks for commenting. I have to revisit this piece after a while. I do think you're correct about the levels of the different synths. Had a lot of trouble trying to get that right but mostly I think there's something else that's missing and it's just not coming to me. tom I was perhaps in a not so good mood when I made that comment ("it's crap!"). I decided to just leave it alone for a while. Wookie Really glad someone else is familiar with Klaus, one of my heroes. Freddy Thanks for commenting and the encouragement! Appreciate it. David and Paul Thanks. I always appreciate your comments.
  2. bjornpdx

    Particle Play

    Quite the assortment of electronica you have in there and pretty impressive how you made them all work together. Nice to see someone else using FM8. You know how you try not to laugh when you hear that blurp over and over but you can't hold back? That was me.
  3. bjornpdx

    Glasgow Blue

    Love the title. Beautiful and a very pleasant listen. Guess I was waiting for a bit more structure or a theme to grab on to. You did mention that a voice is needed and I would agree. If I were more familiar with Blue Nile I would most likely have been more into it.
  4. Freddy Your stories set to that great blues guitar never disappoints. Timing of the lyrics are a bit rough in this one but still enjoyable. You have some interesting characters in your neck of the woods!
  5. Pretty darn good. I like it!
  6. The song is really good but the mix needs some work. I'm not the one to ask for mixing advice but my impressions are that there's kind of an overall muddy sound to the production and the vocal needs to stand out more. But don't get me wrong, I like the song!
  7. bjornpdx


    Mark Astounding mandolin playing and yeah I got a live feel from it. Very very nice. Hmm, Kramer??
  8. bjornpdx


    Canopus, I didn't realize there was a Canopus around here.😀 I've taken to naming my spacy stuff after constellations, galaxies things like that. Thx for the comment. Doug, Thank you. Sort of have to get into the mood for this music.
  9. bjornpdx


    Canopus Maybe more of a sound track for a spacey video. This has kind of a Klaus Schulze vibe to it I think. I used Z3TA2 and Fab Filter Volcano and I modified Omnisphere patch Hypnotic Filter Tapper for the nice filter sweep effects. Also Diva, Zebra and Synthmaster. Thanks for listening/commenting. EDIT : I'm thinking of pulling this one. It sounded pretty good at midnight but then it turned into crap overnight IMO. EDIT again: it's okay.
  10. Always a pleasure to hear your latest Lynn. Very good arrangement and chord changes. You work with a lot of different instruments and you orchestrated them well. You've been blessed with a great voice that sounds good in just about any genre.
  11. Really liked the melodic lead instrument and the risers being part of the song and not just transitions. Sounded good!
  12. Nice one. Sounds really good.
  13. Boy, you guys are good 'bout all I can say. Enjoyed the video too.
  14. I'm just blown away by the musicianship. Great job!
  15. bjornpdx

    Elysium Angel

    Didn't expect electronic from you. Sounds good but IDK there may be too many different phrases in there?
  16. Playful and kind of fun. I like it. A bit more conventional than your other posts.
  17. Jerry You're not overstepping bounds; I appreciate your comments and suggestions. This piece is more of a first draft, getting my feet wet kind of project. I didn't bother much with articulations and I don't think the factory library I used even has them. When I get back to this project I will certainly refer back to your suggestions and I thank you for that. Hidden Symmetry Thank you for your comments. I tried playing a real clarinet a while ago and I gave up. A bassoon or oboe is probably even more difficult. tom When I return to this project I'll experiment with reverb (and articulations and some kind of overall structure). I have a lot of trouble getting reverb right.
  18. I didn't notice anything unusual about the voc until ~4:40. Just sounded different like maybe different recording environment. I like the "supposed to be kind of man" and "got to be kind of man" like maybe he's not such a devoted husband and just doing what he's doing for appearance. Nice bass line throughout. I expected a chord change at "I went out for groceries" IDK it just seemed like it was time for it. Had some trouble with "asked out on a date" Seemed like a more subtle word is needed there. IMO. I understand why you're proud of the song. Great job.
  19. Doug, Thanks for the encouragement. Don't know if I'll do many more like this one. Tom, Yeah I agree on the reverb. Should have done that. The sudden ending is a comment on the capriciousness of life, its seemingly incessant nature revealing itself to be merely ephemeral...nah, it wasn't going anywhere so I decided to end it. David, Thanks. The bassoon is an odd instrument and I'll include the oboe in there too. There's something about their sound that's very appealing to me.
  20. I was trying for a classical piece like a string quartet and I came up with this, a composition for bassoon, cello and two violas. Bassoon? Yeah, I just liked the sound of it. Bassoon from NI Woodwind Solo Cello and violas from Kontakt Orchestral factory library I've done some semi-classical pieces before but nothing like this genre. Maybe not all that good but it was fun to do. Thanks for listening
  21. My wife is into folk dancing and when she heard your song she broke into an Israeli folk dance. She doesn't know any Finnish dances but it worked well for Israeli I guess. Pretty cool to update folk music with modern instruments and gear.
  22. bjornpdx

    Make me Smile

    As always, professional quality sound and video. Very impressive.
  23. I don't think I've heard you play acoustic before. I'd pick the acoustic version if I had to choose a favorite mainly because it sounds a bit different from the Kirby style I'm used to. Not sure what that means really but it's a good thing.
  24. Very nice! You know how to use your voice (inflections etc) to get the most out of the lyrics. Well orchestrated too. And weirdly I got a Jethro Tull kind of feel from the song.
  25. Seemed like the voc was panning L and R, but maybe that's the stereo separation? Kind of a nice effect though. Might be a bit too much treatment on the vocal, couple of glitches here and there. Writing a song for a woman goes way beyond a card and flowers. So don't worry about it, she'll like you. 😀
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