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  1. Thanks everyone for listening and commenting. As Lynn mentioned, I was in Uganda taking pictures of wildlife so he graciously stepped in to field comments on the song. So I'm back and totally jet-lagged but thinking now of making a video with an African themed soundtrack. I heard a few local performance groups there which gave me an idea of how to do the soundtrack so I'll give it a shot.
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    I really liked the credits too. You forgot Ben Dover and Charles U. Farley!
  3. bjornpdx

    I'm Retired

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate you listening and commenting.
  4. Old Man Arvin in collaboration with Lynn Wilson https://soundcloud.com/orygun/old-man-arvin Many thanks to Lynn for his suggestions, modifications and additions and especially for his outstanding singing. And for just being a great guy to work with.
  5. Bill, I'm checking out Amberlight and will probably buy it. Could be really useful for a music video. Thanks for the tip.
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    New epic synthpop!

    Kloon This sounds to me like a 60s song, esp the synths. I thought everything sounded very good, the vocals and instruments and the mix but there was something about the structure that didn't work for me. Like at 2:18 and 4:04 "I find it hard" seemed like a chorus starting up with a nice melodic element but then it didn't go there. A more distinctive chorus would give the song a better structure, but as always this is just one man's opinion.
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    The Mystery

    Very soothing and nicely orchestrated though I thought the harp could have been brought out just a tad more.
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    Epic production Tom and you did that with Premiere Elements? I'm guessing you got some footage from the Getty archive? I'm asking because I'm thinking of doing that. Having done some video myself I can understand the time it took to make this. Anyway, the video adds on to the already excellent song, now a soundtrack.
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    Steve, I heard the first version of this and I really liked it. This one too is excellent. You have a distinctive voice which fits a sad song like this very well. There's a little glitch at 0:58.
  10. And here's a short scene from the movie (except the movie doesn't have the narration) in which Keith Moon blows up his drums https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swKU_ZHWOoE
  11. Don't know what that thing is but kind of looks like you used Topaz filters?
  12. The Who The Kids are Alright A "rockumentary" movie. I have the DVD which I watch pretty often because their live performances are so good and also to watch Keith Moon do all his crazy stuff.
  13. Wonderful melody and performance. I really like the country flavor of the song such that I was expecting a fiddle in a couple of spots there.
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    I'm Retired

    Wookie As always, thank you for taking the time to comment. Harry Yeah, I agree that cymbal needs toning down. I'll take a listen to that and the guitar. Thanks Lynn I have occasional trouble with phrasing (and enunciation) in my regular speech too probably because I only spoke Swedish until we immigrated to the US when I was six. English is sometimes tricky even after all these years. 🙂 Tom Thank you. Well, hope to see you in retirement world sooner than later!
  15. I'm a big Gillian Welch fan, but somehow I'm not familiar with this song. And yes, David Rawlings is an amazing guitarist. Your voice fits this song so well. Really enjoyed the listen.
  16. I have no sound engineering or mastering credentials to my name so I'm just going by my own personal experience here. I listened to the song without reading the comments first and I too thought the drums were holding things back. I know my hearing ain't what it used to be but maybe all the beats aren't prominent enough? So maybe replace the hi-hat and stick or add in some toms for a fuller drum sound.
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    I'm Retired

    Sean Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Kind of funny that you cited that one phrase since I did it that way deliberately because it just seemed to fit the beat better. Another one of those things that you do over and over until that's the way you think it should be, but then it doesn't sound right to another listener. I never really noticed that example from Fleetwood Mac but I see what you're saying. One of the local radio stations keeps playing Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. "A singer in a smokaaaaay room" drives me crazy. Kloon Thanks for listening and commenting.
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    I'm Retired

    I'm Retired https://soundcloud.com/orygun/im-retired It's winter so I stay inside and write stupid songs. I can never get the de-esser at the right setting. A lot of strong ssss get through and if I crank up the de-esser then it sounds like I'm lisping. Thanks for listening.
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    Back in the USSR

    Olivier, Very nice performance. I thought at first this is a direct translation of City of New Orleans into French but it's not. The lyrics can be found by googling "salut les amoureux". I used Google translate for a not so poetic English version.
  20. That's a very nice tribute to some great musicians, John. I really enjoyed your video.
  21. That was staggering. Great video too. You've made a heavy metal fan out of me.
  22. Thank you Bob! We lived near Chicago when I was a kid. I remember taking a field trip to the Adler Planetarium and how awesome (in the original meaning of that word) that was. Kloon It was late and I forgot to de-mouth-noise the vocal. I've always had a problem with mouth clicks and smacks (just ask my wife) but Izotope has some filters that take care of it. So I did that and just posted an edited version. And I appreciate you mentioning that. John Thanks for listening and commenting. Jude Thanks. I ran into that expression a while ago and it stayed with me.
  23. Between the Eternities https://soundcloud.com/orygun/between-the-eternities EDIT: I made some changes on the vocal part so use this link: https://soundcloud.com/orygun/between-the-eternities-v2 This might work as a soundtrack to a planetarium show. Not really sure about the vocal part though. Thanks for taking the time to listen.
  24. Freddy Yeah, this is one of your better efforts, tho I've liked all your submissions. Listening to this I got a little nervous since it seemed like the delays were all going to crash into each other somewhere along the line, but didn't happen. Enjoyed the lyrics and boy I really liked that guitar solo starting ~1:20.
  25. James, I'm just sitting back and letting that guitar carry me away. I never know what to comment on when the music is that good except to say, hey that's really good!
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