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  1. Terrific work. Really sets the scene for the subject matter.
  2. Another excellent rautalanka version of a Finnish folk song. Melody almost sounds familiar but goes off in unexpected places here and there. Well done!
  3. bjornpdx

    Forever Ago

    David, I like the overall inventiveness of the piece and all the unexpected elements like the swoopy synths. Nice job!
  4. bjornpdx

    I Feel (Synthpop)

    Takes me back to the mid-80s. Really like the vocoder (?) at the beginning. Listening to it again. The mix is really good. Professional production throughout. A+
  5. bjornpdx

    Winter Moon

    Treesha, I like all the interacting arp bits that make the whole thing sound so playful. Nice job!
  6. Great deal! Thank you! I just upgraded from Win10 Home to Pro quickly and smoothly. So I think I understand how this works but just want to run it by more knowledgeable people: I'll probably buy or build a new computer sometime next year and from what I've read I can transfer this license to the new computer since the license is a retail version and not OEM. But you'd have to remove the license from the old computer first and there's some process for doing that. Does that sound right?
  7. Good orchestration Nice build up to ~2:00 I like the strings coming in ~1:10 Classical music dynamic range tends to be high but I thought overall the music was too quiet I'm not sure if the music brings to mind a pandemic but I don't know what that would sound like anyway. 😁
  8. Christian music always sounds too "nice" to me so I really like the harder edge you do. Vocal cuts through the mix very well so the lyrics are understandable. Love the guitar solo and accompaniment and the synthy part right after the solo. Very professional job!
  9. Probably the best composition I've heard from you - melody, chord changes and build up to the chorus. Really like the chorus. Guitars always sound so good. Thumbs up!
  10. Very cool mix of symphonic elements and synths. Bit of a leap beyond Switched on Bach. Incredibly intricate weaving of sounds. You put all this in on the staff view?
  11. Reminds me of one of those big band music cartoons from the 40's. Very cool violin. I have the Bolder violin and I know how fiddly (haha) keyswitches can be. Good job with that. Impressive clarinet too. Maybe too many Ne- Ne- in there would be my only crit. Really fun and inventive song!
  12. I have two albums on CDBaby, both in actual CD form and also in digital distribution. Must be eight or nine years ago when I did that and it was just for the experience of putting together an album, album cover etc. Never expected any revenue and expectations were met. I just checked my account and over the years I've earned $81, about half of that through CD sales (and about half of that from family and friends). Digital distributions (streaming mostly) came from quite a few music sites - iTunes, Napster, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Tidal, Yandex, JB Hi-Fi, eMusic, MediaNet and probably more. Never heard of most of them (Napster is still around?) but you could say that people are listening to my music. You can also say a few people stumbled onto my albums and gave them a listen. Either way, fine by me. I forgot what I paid CDBaby. Wasn't all that expensive. Hope that helps.
  13. Again I never know what's going on in your videos but no matter! Really like the drum track in this one especially. Your music videos are always so professionally done. Hope you're having success with them.
  14. Hey, TD is Tangerine Dream! Well never mind. 😀 So I'm not familiar with this other TD you mentioned, but I'm hugely impressed with your take on the song. It sounds like it came out of a professional studio IMO. Great job on the vocal track too. Hope to hear more of your stuff.
  15. Wow, powerful lyrics. The story behind the song wasn't evident until I went to your SoundCloud page. Beautiful song Steve. Can't tell you how much it affected me.
  16. Lynn I'm still trying to figure out what the lyrics are all about, but I like it when I can't. Just have to go back and listen again and pick up another clue. I did notice the guitar panning but didn't think about it much since you have the other instruments situated so well in the stereo field. Nice choice of intruments too - gives the song a fuller sound. Love the guitar which accompanies the vocal really well. Great job Lynn.
  17. Not the same situation but similar. A couple of years ago I started to notice distortion in one of my guitar vsts and I wondered how that didn't pass quality control somewhere. And then I noticed the same thing in an organ vst. Asked a friend of mine to listen but he didn't hear anything unusual. I used an equalizer and found the distortion happened around 4200Hz in my right ear. Got a hearing exam which showed a decline in my hearing but nothing really stood out. The audiologist didn't have any explanation except the usual "you're getting older." Anyway, the problem seems to have gone away and I hope it stays that way. Hope yours resolves as well.
  18. Jesse If I ever have a near death experience it would sound something like this. Check Yourself In - perfect name. Well that was just one of the many visuals conjured up while listening and I haven't taken any mood enhancing substances this evening. You have a whole other way of using musical elements to affect the listener. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. This one worked very well. I like it a lot.
  19. bjornpdx

    Like the Seasons

    tom Yep I'm in that "certain age" too. It's kinda strange hearing people talk about what life was like in the 70's when the 70s seem like yesterday to me. Leadfoot Sounds like the 60s 'cause that's where I still live - back when music was, you know, good. Doug Thanks. I worked on the lyrics for a long time. I thought they came out pretty well if I do say so myself. Tom I didn't notice the abrupt beginning, so good catch. And yeah I do have a pedal steel guitar (maybe 3 actually) that could be put to work here. Thanks Freddy Thanks for the comment on the vocal. The initial recording would not have worked, but Melodyne did a great job with pitch correction and breath sound removal.
  20. Crows, Van Gogh and Kafka. Just sitting here listening and pondering. Nice instrumental David. Kind of an interlude piece.
  21. bjornpdx


    The first heavy metal song I've ever heard where I could make out the lyrics. 😃 Thought it was going to be electronic because of the sweeping filter synths at the beginning but then you made a sharp turn into metal. And you nailed that genre nicely. No crits, just commenting to say that you did a great job.
  22. bjornpdx

    U-he ACE

    Thanks Larry (again) I need to get me another u-He synth! Edit: Guess I missed the $49 deal . It's $79 now.
  23. bjornpdx

    Forever Man

    Mark, I can picture this in a C&W music video. Same as noynekker above, I wanted the Forever Man part to stand out more and really hit the emotions, maybe by double tracking or adding some strings. But IDK you have such a great country voice that conveys the emotion behind the words really well, so probably better keeping it the way it is. So never mind. Hope you do well with it in Nashville.
  24. Love the bluesy guitar work here Doug. You make it sound just like it should sound. Great job.
  25. Ed, I'm more of a casual listener than an audio engineer but I can hear that things need some work. Guitars are very good. Good voc but could use some pitch correction here and there and maybe more reverb. Drums seem kind of tame - need more punch. Same with the bass. It's a well structured and very promising song that just needs tweaking. Thanks for posting.
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