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  1. At which version you stopped testing it on Windows 7? I still have 2020.11 (build 099) 64 bit. And I'd also like to ask to get rid of the six months reactivation request. Does it apply to the off-line method as well? Or can I bypass it with off-line activation done only once per computer/system?
  2. Where are the old installation .exe files in case one needs to backtrack to older version for some reason, like if the latest upgrades stop working on Windows 7? And what about the off-line activation? Does the six months reactivation period apply to it as well? I hope you could abandon that reactivation policy.
  3. Thanks. Goosh I was so blind I didn't realize it. But does the six months reactivation period apply also to the offline activation? Maybe I should ask from the Cakewalk support about it. I think it's not very good practice as we are dependent on the internet infrastructure that can become volatile in the near future. I refer to my earlier notion in another post about the Cyber Polygon simulation that predicts interruptions to telecommunication networks that, according to Klaus Schwab, will be more serious disturbance than the so called Covid-19 plandemia so far.
  4. But how is the offline activation done? I saw there was an article saying it should be possible, but the link leads nowhere.
  5. Maybe it was the SSD alone that made the difference? I thought Win10 is slower in every sense, unless you debloat it. However, maybe I should make another topic of this, but I found this article where it says the activation must be done every 6 months?! What about the off-line activation. I haven't found the instructions.
  6. Thanks for the replies and insights. Where do you obtain those old (or even the latest) installation .exe files as a separate files that can be stored somewhere? And activated without Internet connection? The activation request was another issue I came across after the long break. I though once it's activated it will remain so forever. Even if I don't use the PC for a year or two. But it was not the case. And I had some problems signing in through the log in box popping up on the launch. However, I managed to activate it after or alongside the aborted update procedure. So I must look for off-line activation in case I lose internet connection at some point. Look up Cyber Polygon simulation event that took place on 9th of July, last month. If global cyber attacks will take place and the system will collapse it's good to have something to do at home, like making music with activated tools;)
  7. I'm not an expert, never used those myself yet, so I was also looking for experiences of this Komplete Start package on Cakewalk. I thought this one is a kind of sampler, so you may need to trigger it from midi/piano roll track and assign the instrument for it, instead of dragging anything onto audio track from it. How do you like the package otherwise? Is it working fine and easy to set up?
  8. I have the version 2020.11 (build 099) 64 bit, but now when I launched the program after a long break, I saw notice of an available update. I tried to install it, but once it was ready to go after download I got another message that it's not supported by Windows 7. Is that true that the latest updates won't work in Win 7 anymore at all like the one I have? I remember even the one I have was not "officially" compatible or supported by Windows 7, but practically it was all fine. Is it the same with the latest updates, or is Win7 now completely incompatible?
  9. Hi, I'm new to this, but isn't there any convolution reverbs bundled with the Bandlab's Cakewalk now when it's available for free? Or you still have to go for third party plug ins?
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