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  1. 32 is a very low buffer size. I get crackling at 512 if I have a number of SampleTank samples loaded and I've got a new , fast PC with an RME AIO interface on a PCie card. I bet it disappears if you raise that 32 to 128 or 512.
  2. Yes, it's irritating. I use NI's SampleTank3 and Steinberg's HALIONsonic. The former needs to do the learning thing (which I can never get work properly) and the latter properly obeys volume and panning instructions from the CW track with no problems. (Thinks: I wonder if SampleTank 4 behaves better?) John
  3. Wow, December's update in the nick of time! Seriously, many thanks for all the CWbB team's efforts, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you! 🥂🍾
  4. What a fabulous user interface! 😀
  5. I use the Plug-In Manager to manually disable the VST2 versions.
  6. Are you thinking of an envelope in the track view?
  7. Thanks Noel. Yes, the latency slider is grayed out. I made those changes and it seems to have solved the problem. I think I still heard one or two small clicks, but I can't swear to it, but it's certainly a whole lot better. Afterwards, out of curiosity I also increased the Playback Buffer size from 128 to 256 . I have my Cakewalk projects folder on my SSD OS drive. Would this make any difference anyway? With 32GB of memory will all the Sample Tank, Halion Sonic and Addictive Drums samples be in memory anyway? There are ten tracks of MIDI. Many thanks, John
  8. After the update (hot fix not installed yet) I experienced clicking on a song entirely comprising MIDI tracks, using Sample Tank3 and Halion Sonic for sounds. No audio tracks made yet. I spent a long time adjusting MIDI buffers, etc. but to no avail. I use an RME HDSPe AIO card under ASIO and as a last resort changed the latency from 128 to 512 which cured it. In the past 128 has been fine, I only used to lower it to 64 or 32 when recording with guitar plugins, increasing it to 1024 for mixing. I never thought this setting would have any influence on a MIDI-only project. Obviously it does as increasing to 512 stopped the crackling. The only trouble is, when I record some guitar tracks I won't be able to have all the MIDI tracks playing as the crackling will be pretty bad I imagine when I lower the latency to 64, so I'll have to freeze or convert them to audio. Disappointing as I recently bought a new, more powerful PC. I'm going to try an experiment today and create the exact same project in Studio One to see if I get the same issue.
  9. Many thanks (again) scook. I couldn't get that to work for some reason, error messages popping up. So I did it the 'proper' way and all is good now. Cheers. John
  10. I always like the Lexicon Pantheon reverb so have just retrieved it from my Sonar 8 disks (by installing and choosing only that plugin to install). I did this on an old PC so as not to disturb my new PC's CW install. I copied the files over into the Shared Plugins folder on my new PC but when I launch CW Pantheon doesn't show up in DirectX Audio FX. I wonder if I have to chance it and do the limited install on my new PC, or could there be another reason it doesn't appear?
  11. I used to know how to do this, I'm configuring my first new PC in nine years and can't remember how I did it way back! I have a 'drum map' (file extension .map) for RealGuitar. I want to be able to right click on the keyboard in PRV view for the track where I'm using it and 'Use these note names' for the keys. That's what I used to be able to do. But the items in that list are from .ins files not .map ones and I can't remember how to get RealGuitar data into there as an option. Can anyone point me in the right direction here? (I'm sure it will all come flooding back to me then!) Thanks. John
  12. Base 57 was right. I edited the Registry and used Find and Find Next F3 to delete all references with MIDISPORT. I lost count but there were dozens. I then powered down, reconnected the MIDISPORT and turned the PC on. All was back to normal. Oddly, I didn't even have to rerun the driver install.
  13. Thanks Base 57. I think that may be the problem. I'll have a go at that thorough cleaning. 👍
  14. Yes, some sudden (? but why?) incompatibility issue with Windows. Yes, as a device it's all showing as working in Windows. As I said before, I uninstalled via Control Panel, turned off, restarted and reinstalled. Windows chirrups to say recognised and installed, but my applications just can't see it! Very bizarre. It was working fine up to yesterday. All I've done in between is install EZ Drummer and EZMix. It's a brand new PC and I've been doing a lot of re-installing of applications, plugins and so on over the last couple of weeks and when I installed the Anniversary it worked first time, and has done until today. I don't feel confident about uninstalling its driver and then hunting down all the references to it in the Registry and reinstalling, but maybe that's worth a try. Or I could just fork out £40 or so for a new one (NOT MAudio!) and move on...
  15. No, directly. Yes, I tried it in two sockets on the back and one in the front, both USB2 and USB3.
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