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  1. I bought a new PC six months ago and reinstalled all my software. I've just loaded an old Sonar project that I want to re-work and it's saying my BT Analog Phaser is not present, which was on one track. What happened to the Blue Tube plugins in CW ? Edit: I found the relevant thread. I can't get them back unless I uninstall CWBL, reinstall Sonar Platinum, reinstall CWBL. 😔
  2. Use the Inspector. I always go into the Inspector and change the foreground and background colours of all my track clips so that I can more quickly identify them, drums/percussion=red with white text, bass=brown/yellow, pianos=blue/white, and so on.
  3. The ability to 'hot key' my soundcard's screen for changing sample rate so save the number of clicks I now have to do when changing up , e.g. when about to master, or change down, e.g. when using a guitar processor.
  4. "...this problem becomes absolute my side.." Can I just clarify, do you mean that audio processing is not as good when you close the Help module? Is that 100% the case every time you open CW and close the Help module?
  5. Great idea. I'm not a deep geek when it comes to my PC so I don't feel confident going under the hood, even though I'm tempted when I see posts on forums setting out various tweaks. For example here's one on the Studio One forum which tempted me but I left things alone in case I upset something by accident: https://forums.presonus.com/viewtopic.php?f=151&t=37827 Noel, about Max's suggestion?
  6. Check your MIDI channels. Each sound must have its own MIDI channel routed to a corresponding MIDI channel in the soft synth/sampler. Let us know if you need any further info. Stick with Cakewalk, it's a terrific DAW! 😎
  7. Thanks again Noel. I've just done the following which bears out what you say, and my incorrect use in the past of SampleTank 3! I changed the Thread Scheduling Model settings, the results of which may or may not be useful to you. The song at the moment consists of 15 tracks as follows: 1 - MIDI Drums via Addictive Drums 2 1 - MIDI Strings via Halion Sonic 1 - MIDI RealGuitar 1 - Audio 11 - Other instruments via SampleTank 3 loaded 11 times, one channel for each MIDI track. "System Memory Usage 29.2% (80%)" Thread Scheduling Model : 2 (1) At 256 samples: no crackling. Engine Load c.54.7%. Late Buffers 0 (2) At 128 samples: no crackling. Engine Load c.83%. Late Buffers 0 (3) At 64 samples: a crackle or two every 15 seconds or so. Engine Load c.123%. Late Buffers about 200 in the first minute. About 160 if audio FX turned off (only some Pro Channel EQ on the single audio track). Thread Scheduling Model changed to 3 'Aggressive'. CW exited and restarted. (4) At 128 samples: continuous crackling, Engine Load different for different plays, but starts at c.112%, climbs to c.126% . Late Buffers about 120 in the first minute. Thread Scheduling Model changed to 1 'Legacy wait for single object'. CW exited and restarted. (5) At 128 samples: no crackling. Engine Load c.89%. Late Buffers 0. (6) At 64 samples: almost continuous crackling. Engine Load varied on different plays, c.117% then 143%. Late Buffers about 200 in the first minute. Thread Scheduling Model changed to 0 'Legacy spin'. CW exited and restarted. (7) At 128 samples: no crackling. Engine Load climbed from beginning of the song from c.70% to stabilise at 95%. Late Buffers 0. (8) At 64 samples: occasional crackling. Engine Load c.132%. Late Buffers about 275 in the first minute. Thread Scheduling Model 2 seems best for me.
  8. That's exactly what I discovered yesterday with Sample Tank 3. For years I've used SampleTank 3 by loading one instance of it and directing all my MIDI tracks to it, loading samples across as many slots in ST3 that I need and directing all my MIDI tracks outputs to that single instance. I recently replaced my 9-years old PC with the powerful spec shown in my signature and was disappointed that the latency performance is lower than that in my old clunker PC. Did I perhaps shoot myself in the foot by buying a 14-core to replace my 8-core? Using SampleTank 3 as described above to provide sounds for 14 MIDI tracks I have to set my RME Aio PCie interface sample rate to 2048 or above - precluding the use of a guitar processor plugin. Noel on the Jan release thread has told me that the best way of using SampleTank 3 is to load multiple instances of it, which seems counter intuitive given ST3 is multi channel/multi timbral, but that works. With 14 MIDI tracks spread across samples loaded in four instances of ST3 I can go to 256 samples with no crackling. Is the 'fault' with ST3? Should it support muiltiprocessing? (Thinks...does SampleTank 4 support it?) Do any multi timbral samplers support it? Why can't DAWs handle all multiprocessing? PS: I found on the Studio One FAQs a support comment that says it's best to keep sampler libraries on a disk drive other than the OS or the one where the DAW software is, as loading of samples will be faster. Is that the case with Cakewalk?
  9. Thanks Noel. "If you have a single audio track (? MIDI?) feeding the synth this means that all the work is being done by a single core. " I have one instance of SampleTank loaded and 14 separate MIDI tracks outputting to a MIDI channel each in SampleTank. Is there a better way to set this up so that more cores are used? E.g. more instances of SampleTank? "One thing you can try in this use case is see if plug-in load balancing helps." I always have that ticked. My PC spec should have no trouble with such a relatively small project. It's puzzling. ------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT: It seems I may have been using samplers like SampleTank incorrectly for years... I tried loading two instances of it and directing the MIDI outputs of the MIDI tracks half to each and the crackling stopped when using 1048 samples. I then split the load between three instances of SampleTank and could achieve 256 samples with no crackling. At 128 samples there was slight crackling, an engine load of c.108% and late buffers. I always thought that as SampleTank is multi channel/multi timbral it was more efficient to load one instance of it and direct all my MIDI channels to separate channels in SampleTank. Now it seems (I'll try it tomorrow) that the best way (in terms of the PC's multi-processing engine that is) is maybe to load a separate instance of SampleTank for every channel, each instance handling only one channel! This new tool has already given me a revelation! 💁‍♂️🤫
  10. The new info in the Performance Monitor is useful, but tells me what I already know, that I get a lot of pops and clicks in an almost wholly MIDI project if I don't set my RME AIO Pci card to 2048 samples. 😩 My project only has 14 MIDI tracks and one audio track. The MIDI sounds are coming from SampleTank 3. At 512 samples I get immediate audio engine drop out. At 1048 samples crackling sets in. The new data from the Performance Monitor says my engine load flickers between 70% and 90% followed by a figure in brackets of 102% to 105% once I start Play. Playback and record buffers are set at 512. MIDI playback is set at 200 Millisecond Buffers. At 2048 (46.4 ms) samples I get no crackling. The Engine Load stats flicker between 55% and 90% with a figure in brackets of 92%. It's out of the question for me to use an guitar processor plugins as the required latency for 'no clicks' is unworkable for these. I'm seeing zero late buffers in the Performance Monitor. Any suggestions as to what I could change to improve things gratefully received!
  11. 32 is a very low buffer size. I get crackling at 512 if I have a number of SampleTank samples loaded and I've got a new , fast PC with an RME AIO interface on a PCie card. I bet it disappears if you raise that 32 to 128 or 512.
  12. Yes, it's irritating. I use NI's SampleTank3 and Steinberg's HALIONsonic. The former needs to do the learning thing (which I can never get work properly) and the latter properly obeys volume and panning instructions from the CW track with no problems. (Thinks: I wonder if SampleTank 4 behaves better?) John
  13. Wow, December's update in the nick of time! Seriously, many thanks for all the CWbB team's efforts, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you! 🥂🍾
  14. What a fabulous user interface! 😀
  15. I use the Plug-In Manager to manually disable the VST2 versions.
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