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  1. I had to stop using Nectar 3 - even though I have a fairly powerful computer it baulks at Nectar. I don't have trouble with other plugins.
  2. Stop giving me palpitations guys! Just when I'd resigned myself to never seeing anything new this side of Christmas 2025.... 😭
  3. Yes, things seem to have been in gestation for an awfully long time now.
  4. I check every day. I know, I know, it'll be ready when it's ready. 😒
  5. That's what I'm getting. 🤨 Tim, I have my snap intensity at 'Extreme'.
  6. I've never had this before. With snap enabled in the PRV, and 'snap to' I can drag notes to wherever I like in a current project and there is no 'tugging'! The note goes where I put the cursor and won't pull to the correct snap positon. Have I accidentally turned something else off that is affecting this?
  7. I need to delete 250 of the wretched things. Searched the forum and the 'Filter' method doesn't work. Nor does the Event route work - they don't show in there ?!?! Any ideas?
  8. I would love to see a 'repeat last action' function!
  9. I shall no doubt buy whatever comes next. Although, it does involve an act of faith: I understand the Sonar about to be launched is what I already have but with re-jigged better graphics, which is nice, but that's it for the time being. But my experience with the guys at the heart of this product tells me it's ok to make that leap of faith, so I will.
  10. I will never pay a 'subscription model' for anything. It's what my dear Mum used to call a 'catch-penny'. It's rapid growth in other areas of commerce, starting with gym memberships, now weekly food recipe boxes, pet food boxes and Lord knows what, has parallelled the trend of many people these days not bothering to check all activity through their bank accounts and being shocked one day when they find they've been paying a Direct Debit for something they stopped using months or even years ago. A super wheeze for the businesses offering subscription models, mainly because it disguises the true cost to the renter as 'an easier way to pay'. But it's not for me, sorry. I don't wish to cast aspersions on the motives of the folks currently deciding the new pricing structures; I'm sure they are considering our best interests, but there are obviously also business concerns and the siren voices of subscription lock ins must be wailing in the background! I am quite happy to buy software outright, and even pay for annual updates, but I will never rent any software.
  11. Try this instead. One of the best tools I ever bought. Sonnox Codec Toolbox
  12. But I've got that phenomena again where Shift_F leaves space at the right as if there are events there somewhere. I've viewed Events and there is in fact nothing there. I've deleted nothingness for hundreds of bars - still Shift_F won't fill the screen. It's ages since I had this happen so forgotten any other remedies. Are there any?? 🙄
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