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  1. Many thanks Jacques. So it looks like what I thought, i.e. that you get a lot more in view at one time. I'll take the plunge! Edit: After more research I think 2560x1440 is a better choice than 3840x1260 because with the latter the text will be too small and it would probably mean upgrading my graphics card due to the larger load.
  2. I'm thinking of getting a larger PC monitor, going up from 27" to 32". How does having HD at 3840 x 2160p look? Would CW simply expand and therefore look more pixel-y? Or would I see more of it but in the resolution i see it now? Similarly, how do programs like Word and Excel change, again, more detail or larger views? Probably all a bit basic, but I've never seen a 32" monitor in action on a PC! I'm perhaps nervous because 4k TVs are trumpeted everywhere but in fact they can only show 4k if stations broadcast it and the programs themselves were filmed in that resolution.
  3. I've fired up Z3TA in order to find some synth or pad sounds for a new song. I'm a guitarist and absolutely clueless when it comes to synths, and the Z3TA GUI in particular! Can someone help me on finding how to make a patch's oscillations do so in line with the song's tempo? Many thanks.
  4. If that means more (some?) music on there, I heartily agree. I confess I haven't visited it since Bandlab bought CW and I checked it out. I was bored to death by the abundance of utter dross from wannabes whose only musical instrument is an iPhone. A plethora of 'beats' and an almost total absence of music. There, I said it before someone else did. πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰
  5. Thanks all. I settled on OBS. I did have to watch a lot of YouTube videos to find out how to record audio as OBS doesn't talk to ASIO, or something. The best of those videos was this one which describes how to obtain a REA VST that acts as a 'pipeline' from the main out of CbB to OBS. How to get audio from your DAW to OBS.
  6. Skyline_UK

    Video Fun

    A very nice song David, it builds beautifully. The vocalist put it across just right. A nice mix too. John
  7. Skyline_UK

    Warp 8

    Nice track Wookie, love all the different textures and sounds as it develops. A nice aural experience! 😊
  8. Skyline_UK


    Very evocative, nicely played! πŸ™‚
  9. Skyline_UK

    Monkees cover

    An enjoyable listen, the frequencies are well balanced, a nice mix. πŸ™‚
  10. I was thinking of doing one or two 'hints/tips' videos and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good screen capture application? I've tried Debut and OBS and was not impressed, you have to go through all manner of hoops, other app installs, etc. There must be a product out there that simply talks to DAWs without having to have a degree in computer sciences to use!
  11. Thanks guys, comments much appreciated. πŸ‘
  12. Many thanks for the reactions guys, much appreciated. ☺️
  13. It must be project completion week for me ... two projects boxed off in as many days. I heard someone on TV use the expression 'It's a zero sum world' and it immediately suggested a song to me. The lyrics came fast, which was a change, I usually get a handful of lines at first but then have to spend days wrangling the rest out. Anyway, I'm quite chuffed at the end result in this case. You Tube - "Zero Sum World"
  14. Great song, superb production, cracking guitar work, and I'm so jealous of that voice. 😊
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