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  1. Well, the link talks about it all as a 'funding round', which in short simply means rolling over maturing loans and continuing to borrow shed loads of money. And those agreeing to lend often want a say in how things are run. Ah well, back to our real concern, whither Bandlab and will anything change with Cakewalk? I've never understood how the costs of Noel and team (bless them all) have been funded, obviously cross-subsidised from other parts of the BL empire. But one day perhaps someone will make a decision based on a credo told to me many years ago by a then boss: "The quickest way to make profit is to stop doing things that lose money." BandLab stopped publishing Guitar Magazine here in the UK in January, opting for a 'digital version'. I wonder if they were losing money after acquiring it and failing to compete with Guitarist magazine?
  2. I don't understand all the gobbledegook. Does it mean you now have to have a powerful graphics card as well as a powerful PC? My PC was spec'd for audio and I didn't opt for an expensive graphics card for it.
  3. I use Melodyne a lot 🀫and every time I've finished with altering a clip and want to render it I have to choose Right click/Region FX/Melodyne/Render Region FX. I can't seem to find a way of reducing this to one click. I've got a one click launch of Melodyne on the Custom panel of the Control Modules but can't find a similar one-command to execute. Have I missed it somewhere?
  4. Did you ever find a way to do this? I've got a MIDI clip at 80bpm and need it to be 160bpm, similar to the project I want to put it in. It seems odd there isn't a way of doing this short of manually re-inputting all the beats.
  5. Many thanks John, I'll study that video. I downloaded MIDI files and they all have the 'correct' drum part, but somehow that YT actual isolated part has a certain tiny 'skip' swing which I can't quite put my finger on. As Lord Tim said, the kick is imparting a groove; certain push or pull to the pattern. It's a very smart piece of drumming.
  6. Many thanks all! I'll give those suggestions a run out tomorrow. πŸ™‚
  7. I have (from YT*) the isolated drum track from Hall & Oates' 'Maneater'. I want to extract a MIDI file for it and see how the element of swing is done. I've tried AudioSnap (which in all the years I've never really understood or figured out how to use...) and dragging the MP3 track to a MIDI track to see what Melodyne makes of it, which is not a lot because it doesn't know how to tell the difference between the kick, snare and hihat sounds. And there is a tiny, tiny bit of (tape?) bleed on the drum track from some of the other instruments. Is what I'm trying to do possible? If so, how best to approach it? * YT Maneater' drum track.
  8. I have a drum track from a MIDI file that I wish to use in Addictive Drums. The MIDI file is in GM but I want to use AD2 as it his a wider choice of notes/kit components. My usual way of doing this is to open the drum track in PRV, right click on the keyboard and choose GM under 'Use these note names instead'. I then take a screen shot so I know the names of the kit components being triggered in GM. I then repeat this, choosing instead 'AD2 Standard' note names and these duly replace those on the keyboard area at the left. I then, using the print out of the screen shot, drag the MIDI hits to where I want them on the AD2 map. I've always done this successfully, but now there is a glitch. When I select the row, say, for closed hi hat and go to drag that row from the wrong row up to the correct AD2 one, clicking on it to commence the drag causes the map on the keyboard to switch back to the GM drum names!! How can that possibly happen? Is it a new bug from a recent update?
  9. So, the squeaky wheel gets oiled. It came through this morning!
  10. Guitar magazine (once illustrious organ of the BandLab stable) did away with paper magazines last December. I had an email asking me to choose between using my subscription for access to their online thingy (not interested, I like to read/smell/feel a portable magazine,) or having a refund of the remaining balance of my subscription, in which case it would be processed to me in January. It's now March. Where's my money? Anyone else received theirs yet?
  11. Text displays fine in almost all of Cakewalk, but for some reason it's scratchy and indistinct - in comparison - in the Export dialogues, c.f. the tops of the letters B, E, R. Why is that? I'm on Windows 11 and the fonts display fine in that.
  12. I don't, as some years ago I lost my notes on how to set it up in Sonar - it was a bit complex as I recall. So I simply bought Sonnox's Toolbox. I export to WAV and do the rest in Toolbox, which is very versatile, and it's only Β£35.
  13. I like to bounce my finished mixes down to a new track, which I solo and use for mastering, etc. This bouncing down process now takes about twice as long. Why is that, and can I alter any parameters or something to get back to previous efficiency?
  14. I've always used Sonnox's Codec Toolbox for converting my WAV exports to MP3 with metadata: Sonnox Codec Toolbox Is there something in this update that will enable me to dispense with that then?
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