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  1. Hm. I use Eset Nod32 Anti Virus and will try that. Thanks.
  2. 100% agree! Dreadful inducers of latency. I also have stopped using FabFilter products for the same reason.
  3. Pull all the other track volumes down so the vocal track is comparatively louder?
  4. Still not sure I understand articulation maps. Will it help me, for example, when using RealGuitar, where presently I put music notes in one section of the PRV and articulation notes lower down for upstrum, downstrum, muted strings, etc?
  5. Thanks scook, that's done it! Oddly enough when I Shift-clicked on it a tool tip came up saying 'Orphan'!
  6. There's an envelope on a track but there's no reason for it to be there. Perhaps a while ago on the project I'd placed it there to operate a plugin or something, but whatever it was it's now an 'orphan' and I can't seem to delete it. I tried dagging the events to a new track but the wretched envelope came along to. I don't suppose it's doing harm but I 'd nevertheless like to delete it. But how??
  7. My PRV has lost sync with with track view behind also! 😡 I also strongly suspect it's been jiggered by one of those finger slips on a keyboard key somewhere. Surely there must be a way of getting them back in sync again?? I've searched the online manual but it's one of those things where you're not sure what text to use.
  8. Skyline_UK

    Summer Daze

    Oddly enough, I had included a vocal response line at the end of one verse: 'California Dreamin' all the way' but I took it out just before final mixdown! 🤨
  9. I can't find a specific place to report a small bug. Do I just post it here and the devs will pick it up?
  10. Skyline_UK

    Summer Daze

    My nostalgic look back to the summer of 1967.
  11. A big breakthrough for me in combatting crackling (I can't recall the thread that enlightened me, sorry) was when I understood that when I have SampleTank3 or 4 running, and say twelve instruments loaded across twelve MIDI tracks and channels, the load on my PC is far less if I load a lot more instances of SampleTank, in this case I would load three, each instance loaded with four instruments, or even four with three instruments each. It still seems daft to me and kind of counter-intuitive, but I guess it's a 'feature' 😡 of ST. Other samplers may exhibit the same behaviour, I don't know. Oh, yes, and like Bob Bone said earlier, I have to keep toggling between 64 or 128 samples for tracking, and 1024 or even 2048 for mixing down, etc. Another 'feature' that we non-technical folk understand but find clunky in this day and age. Knowing the technical origins, ins and outs of these things doesn't make them acceptable, sorry! I did once suggest CW had a quick toggle button, e.g. that could be put in the custom command module of the control bar) that users could set the sample parameters for, e.g. 128/1024, but it got short shrift, so I continue to open Prefs, Driver Settings, etc., etc. every time I want to make the change. 😒
  12. I probably have the wrong end of the stick here, but do I understand that the pending Cakewalk update means my Melodyne Studio 4 won't then work and I have to shell out £135 to buy the Melodyne 5 upgrade?
  13. MSoft are certainly having problems with it. A few weeks ago it disappeared as an offering from my 'Windows Update' information. A couple of days ago it reappeared as available so I held my breath and gave it a go on my studio PC. All worked ok, although I haven't done recording for a while so I don't know if it has messed anything up Cakewalk-wise. Time will tell. (So far I haven't seen a single features change that could possibly be of remote interest to me. ) I did get one pop up at the very end about communication with my printers being a possible threat (?) and it asked did I want the PC to communicate with them - so I clicked yes of course. I replaced my studio PC nine months ago, so maybe that's why the update went ok. On my HP laptop, about seven years old, it got all the way and hung at 94% of installation, so I turned it off and on again and it reverted to 1909. Oddly, I updated a very old clunky Toshiba laptop and it was happy to update that although it took about ten hours. Like a lot of people, I Googled the installation hanging problem and there are 'solutions' online, but they are all horrendously complex and I'm not head of a company IT department or have a degree in programming, so I left it. MSoft must be aware that there are millions of computers not going up to 2004, and therefore not going up to whatever comes after that as things get more and more tangled up. They need to better communicate about this and sort it out.
  14. I've had them for a long time, they're high quality in functionality and looks, but I hardly ever use them. Reason: out of all my plugins they impose the heaviest CPU load and it becomes a pain adjusting the project environment to cater for this.
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