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  1. The day after I posted this I found out that I was wrong about Komplete Select having the full version of Kontakt 7 included with it I found out that that's not the case. In fact, it comes with Kontakt player. The salesperson kind of led me to believe that it came with the full version. So, I was out over $200 in Canadian dollars and had to spend over $400 to get the full version. But it really was my own fault for not doing my homework before buying it.
  2. I know what you mean about all the "K" stuff. Keep in mind that I didn't have a clue and put all my faith in my sales rep. I found 3 libraries by Indiginus that I just HAD to have. Their site said that I would need a paid version of Kontakt in order to use them. So I went shopping for Kontakt. Sales guy pointed out an open box version of Kontakt 13 Select package for $179 US dollars. I live in Canada and have to pay the exchange rate, tax and $48 duty. Total cost was north of $250 I installed it only to find out that it was Kontakt 6 PLAYER. I needed the full version of Kontakt in order to use the plugins I wanted. Long story short; Another $400 plus and I now have the full version Kontakt 7. Of course I didn't buy it from the same store. I got it directly from NI and was even able to pay for it in Canadian money. It came bundled with a few libraries that I'll never use... oh well... at least I have it now. This expensive experience can be chalked up to being my own fault because I didn't do enough research. But I can say that I know what all those "k"s mean now. I also noticed that Indiginus have now made it very clear what is needed to use their libraries on their site... in big bold font.
  3. Of course you mean "Kontakt" lenses... Please don't kick me off the forum
  4. To the OP... I just bought Kontakt Komplete 13 Select from Sweetwater this week. It is an "open box demo" so I only paid $179 for it. Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 7 are included in the bundle. In fact, they come with any of their Komplete packages... so I was told by their tech.
  5. Thanks for this, Eric... very much appreciated for sure. I have to say that I have never gotten to the point where I've noticed dropouts in anything I've done. I'm a very simple creator and have never had any problems. At the most I'm only using 5 or 6 virtual instruments within my songs. Now, at least, I know what to look for and what to do if ever I do start having any trouble.
  6. You're so right, Michael. I'm also guilty of this. For the very most part Cakewalk has been extremely stable for me. If there are any problems it is probably caused by something I've done. (I'm still a newb)
  7. Thanks for your explanations. I guess I should have included the info about what synths I'm using. SampleTank 4 and Addictive Drums 2. I'm guessing that these are "sample" instruments that will use up a lot of cpu and memory resources ?
  8. Greetings... After a long time away from doing anything related to music, I've managed to find some time to get back into it. That being said, I'm still a newb at using vst instruments in my projects. I've been looking around for some in depth info about freezing tracks to cut back on cpu usage. So far I've been using soft synths only and they're all MIDI tracks. Looking around in the reference guide I find that it seems to only be talking about audio tracks. Is there any significant benefit from freezing vst MIDI tracks as well? Does a vst soft synth instrument use a lot of cpu, even if there's no effects to it? Much appreciated.
  9. Fantastic job!!! You had me tapping my foot while having my first coffee of the morning. Thanks for posting.
  10. Thanks!!! I'll do the same for you if I find anything. 🙂
  11. I was supposed to pay $99 for mine - complete with the drums. But they had a promo code and it dropped the price down to $60. Like you, I will keep trying when I have a bit of time to play with it... try to find some videos that go beyond what Kenny shows. /Bobby
  12. I was under the impression that you could compose any beat you want with it. So far, after looking a dozens of videos about it, I've come to the conclusion that this can't be done - but I'm hoping that I'm wrong. I think it may be great if all you're looking for is to make (what I call) dance music. Oh well... $60 down the drain. I'll be sure to do a lot more investigating before I buy something else on impulse. /Bobby
  13. I bought Captain Plugins last week after watching a video by Kenny Gioia showing how to use it. Granted, he was working in Reaper but it should work the same way in Cakewalk. I have managed to make a loop by using his techniques but he didn't go into great detail. He just gave a simple explanation about how to make a simple loop. And also, I haven't been able to figure out how to edit a preset to make my own beats... to change the drum pattern into a different beat than what the presets give me. For example, change a 4/4 into a 3/4 time signature. I also haven't been able to figure is how to insert one of my own samples to replace the default instrument . /Bobby
  14. Thank you for your insight... very much appreciated. Actually, my two most important plugins (instruments), are already installed where I want them. So I wouldn't be touching them if I were to do a major cleanup. Or maybe I should say a clear up. In total I have approximately 230 plugins spread out on three drives. I don't use 90% of them and probably never will. They were all free - except for ST4 and AD2. I'm wondering if anybody else is guilty of collecting everything they see back when they were newbs, only because they were free? So I guess what I should be doing is deleting most if not all of these plugins which I know will still be there, unused, after I'm gone? /Bobby
  15. Glad to see this topic... I'm a total newb when it comes to plugins/FX I have some all over my drives. I want to put them all in one folder with sub folders. My mainly used "instruments" are SampleTank 4 and Additive Drums 2. They are on the Cakewalk system drive and Cakewalk has no trouble finding them. My question is: Using Window's file explorer, can I just move all the rest of my plugins on to one drive and then have Cakewalk scan to find them in their new position? /Bobby
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