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  1. Greetings... I have started doing a cleanup on my hard drives, getting rid of stuff that I’m no longer using, and would like to include a lot of vst and plugins that I don’t want anymore. I would also like to get all the rest of my vst instruments and plugins that I’m keeping more organized, putting them in one or two folders which would put them all together instead of them residing all over my drives. Could someone show how I would do this so that it won't cause havoc within Cakewalk? It would sure be appreciated... thanks in advance.
  2. Studio One + $179.00 per year gives you Studio One 6.5 Pro and the use of every VST instrument and effects plugin they have. I don't know how much the new Sonar is going to cost when I have to pay for it but I've seen from estimates predicted here that it's going to be anywhere from $300 - $500 for a one time purchase. BUT... what is it going to include? Good thing is, if I really don't like Studio One + I have the option to cancel before renewing and then come back and get the new Sonar. (but from what I've seen so far, that's not going to happen.)
  3. OK... here's a stupid question. I somehow changed my start screen to where it shows my projects in a list instead of the default boxes. How can I change it back again? Thanks so much in advance for your patients... much appreciated.
  4. I am using a 10 year old core i7 37.xx gig cpu I have 3 drives, one I use exclusively for my music software Last year I did some major upgrades. Had my C: drive cloned onto an SSD drive. I had my music drive cloned onto an SSD drive. I I now have 32 gig of RAM. It now runs lightning fast and I've never really had any crashes, even using lots of plugins and vst's. I guess at some point down the road I will upgrade my motherboard and cpu but as of now there's really no need for me to do that. I had my computer guru at my local computer shop do the clones for me as I'm really not very tech savvy. I forgot to mention that the 3rd drive is used for backup and storage and isn't an SSD which really isn't necessary seeing as what it is being used for.
  5. Hi John... I watched your video on this about 6 times before I got it to work. I have a good memory but it just doesn't last very long. Thanks so much!!!
  6. Thanks for this... problem solved. I never would have found this on my own as I didn't know what I was looking for or what it was called - (scroll lock) I looked the term up in the manual and learned how to turn scroll lock off. For the life of me, I am really wondering how I managed to turn it on. Oh well... it's back to working as it should again.
  7. Thanks so much for the info guys!!! So much appreciated. John... I'll have a go with your idea tomorrow. Make a backup you say? By the time I finish a project there are 3 or 4 backups. Sorry for taking so long in getting back to you. I didn't have the "notify me of replies" turned on and haven't been on the forum very much Much appreciated
  8. Hi all... I hit something today that made my tracks stop scrolling when they're playing. The cursor goes off the screen moving right but the tracks don't move with it. Is there a setting that will get it back to normal? Thanks in advance
  9. Greetings all... There's another DAW that I play around with. This lasts no more than 2 days before I come back to CbB. I've been using Cakewalk/Sonar since version 3 so it's very hard to move away from it, and most likely I'll never change to any other DAW. There was one feature that I really liked with the other DAW. I can slow down or speed up the song's tempo and the audio tracks don't change their sound... they sound exactly the same as they do at the original tempo only slower or faster - whatever speed I change the temp to. Is there a way I can do this in CW? Thanks so much in advance
  10. Thanks for the comeback... much appreciated. What I was trying was to see if I could break up an mp3 from one of those karaoke sites that a friend suggested. Keep in mind that there's no way that I'm gonna be using them any time soon. I was able to download the one song I got one track at a time and it worked out ok. But that's as far as this experiment is going to go. When I transposed it to my key it sounded like crap. Nope going to keep doing my tracks in Cakewalk
  11. Thanks for the comeback... much appreciated. I really didn't think it could be done but I thought I'd try anyway...
  12. Greetings... This may be a stupid question - please forgive this old newb. Is it possible to convert someone else's MP3 file into separate wav tracks in CbB? I don't know if I'm explaining myself properly... I'd like to restore the MP3 back to where it was before it was rendered into an MP3 - putting each instrument back on it's own audio track. Thanks for your patience... much appreciated.
  13. Greetings all... Somehow I changed my time ruler format to where it shoes M:B:T and H:M:S:F which is making the display too small for these old eyes. I've done the right click on the time ruler to get the option to change it. They are both checked. I try to uncheck the H:M:S:F box but nothing changes. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance...
  14. Had my main drive cloned to a new SSD. Also bought another SSD to be used exclusively for all my music software. I did a deep removal of my IK stuff with IObit removal tool. (free for a limited number of uses) Then used IK Product Manager to download and install all of my IK stuff on my new music only drive. Everything works as it should. So yes, a complete uninstall / reinstall would probably be your best bet. (but that's just my own humble opinion )
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