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  1. Thanks!!! I'll do the same for you if I find anything. 🙂
  2. I was supposed to pay $99 for mine - complete with the drums. But they had a promo code and it dropped the price down to $60. Like you, I will keep trying when I have a bit of time to play with it... try to find some videos that go beyond what Kenny shows. /Bobby
  3. I was under the impression that you could compose any beat you want with it. So far, after looking a dozens of videos about it, I've come to the conclusion that this can't be done - but I'm hoping that I'm wrong. I think it may be great if all you're looking for is to make (what I call) dance music. Oh well... $60 down the drain. I'll be sure to do a lot more investigating before I buy something else on impulse. /Bobby
  4. I bought Captain Plugins last week after watching a video by Kenny Gioia showing how to use it. Granted, he was working in Reaper but it should work the same way in Cakewalk. I have managed to make a loop by using his techniques but he didn't go into great detail. He just gave a simple explanation about how to make a simple loop. And also, I haven't been able to figure out how to edit a preset to make my own beats... to change the drum pattern into a different beat than what the presets give me. For example, change a 4/4 into a 3/4 time signature. I also haven't been able to figure is how to insert one of my own samples to replace the default instrument . /Bobby
  5. Thank you for your insight... very much appreciated. Actually, my two most important plugins (instruments), are already installed where I want them. So I wouldn't be touching them if I were to do a major cleanup. Or maybe I should say a clear up. In total I have approximately 230 plugins spread out on three drives. I don't use 90% of them and probably never will. They were all free - except for ST4 and AD2. I'm wondering if anybody else is guilty of collecting everything they see back when they were newbs, only because they were free? So I guess what I should be doing is deleting most if not all of these plugins which I know will still be there, unused, after I'm gone? /Bobby
  6. Glad to see this topic... I'm a total newb when it comes to plugins/FX I have some all over my drives. I want to put them all in one folder with sub folders. My mainly used "instruments" are SampleTank 4 and Additive Drums 2. They are on the Cakewalk system drive and Cakewalk has no trouble finding them. My question is: Using Window's file explorer, can I just move all the rest of my plugins on to one drive and then have Cakewalk scan to find them in their new position? /Bobby
  7. This is so helpful... it will sure help out with some frustration from trying to use 2 or more MIDI tracks with only one audio track. Thanks so much!!! /Oscar
  8. Greetings all... When I set up 2 or more MIDI tracks with my hard synth (Ketron SD2) should I also create 2 audio tracks - one for each MIDI track? Or does 1 audio track used for both - or more - MIDI tracks? Much appreciated /Oscar
  9. I wish shutting down and restarting Cakewalk would get rid of the problem. The problem also exists when starting a new project so whatever it is isn't limited to one project's setup. Seems to be a universal setting somewhere. Or mebbe a bug? /Oscar
  10. I've still not found the solution. I've even gone so far as to completely remove Cakewalk and then do a complete, "fresh" install. Same problem. I'm at a loss for what to try next. This is the first time that I've seen this problem in all the years that I've been using Cakewalk. /Oscar
  11. I've found that the tracks will solo without any problems... IF it's an audio track. It still won't work on MIDI tracks. But I can live with it. I've also discovered that I can't record a Sample Tank track to make an audio track. I'm still scratching my head on that one. Again, I'll just find a way to work around it. At least some progress has been made. /Oscar I've come up with what I think is a "unique" problem... My track solo buttons have stopped working. When I click on one it mutes out all other tracks and nothing is heard. The mute buttons are working fine. Has anyone else ever come across this problem? If so, is there a remedy? Thanks, /Oscar
  12. Thanks, HIBI... I'm gonna give it a try. /Oscar
  13. Is there a way to completely uninstall Cakewalk? In a way where it won't automatically reload my old settings upon reinstall? Thanks in advance, /Oscar
  14. Well after going up and down the list of keyboard shortcut keys for like, 10 times, I resorted to opening up a new project and started pressing any number of keys to see what reaction they would give me. I finally hit on the one that I wanted! To go up and down the numerical scale in the "Key" box at the bottom of a MIDI strip, make sure the "Key" box is selected then press: Ctrl + Alt + Plus or Minus key. /Oscar
  15. I've had my Roland JV-1010 for years. I was lucky... at the tiime I bought it the 1080 had just hit the market. The music shop I deal with had one 1010 in the showcase left and it was covered in dust. The sales guy just wanted to get rid of it so he gave it to me for $150, a real steal. I managed to get the expansion card on line a few years ago... giving it thousands of sounds. most of which I'll never use but they're there. /Oscar
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