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  1. It’s easy enough to record a midi clip in Cakewalk and export the midi to be imported into Z3TA. I’ve done this before to create specific patterns to be used in this way. Worked great.
  2. This is on my list of feature requests! A work around is: You can insert the midi fx into the clip then when you need a different setting split the clip and adjust the fx on the the split part. I do this for Quantizing drum fills differently. When you’re done you can bounce to clip if you want.
  3. Not near my setup, but a quick solution could be: Duplicate the midi track, quantize that one to straight and use that one to look at and listen to the other.. I'll have to check it out though. Kinda limited scoring wise...somebody else might have a more elegant solution.
  4. No Sync, No prob! All you have to do is record the audio then adjust the tempo map to follow your audio. You can use set Measure Beat at now or try dragging to the timeline and let melodyne map the tempo (although I’ve never had good results with Dragging to the timeline. I personally like turning on the click, opening the Tempo View, hit play and redraw the tempo map so that the Click (metronome) stays right with the music. Once done with any of those steps you can Quantize if needed. If you need help, just PM me the project file and I can make a Tempo map for ya.
  5. Also if you weren’t syncd up and don’t feel like redumping you can always sync up what you’ve record by mapping the grid (tempo) using Set Measure Beat at Now, since your project is midi. If it was audio, you could map the tempo a different way. Then quantizing should work fine. If the grid is off, it only quantizes off.
  6. If you were slightly rushing the Click track (if you used one) you may need to use a Negative Offset value in the Quantize options to account for rushing . Or nudge the actual notes over till quantize is working good. If it averages to ahead of the beat I might set the Offset at -33 or -45 -55 If Quantize gets off due to Rushing a drum fill the I might just Nudge till It just crosses the threshold to good. Turn the strength down and Dial in how much rush to use. Or Play with the Offset. I like to insert midi quantize on a Clip So as to split the clip and change the Quantize settings for Each Clip when Various Quantize values are needed (1/32, 1/8 T 1/4 T or less strength (or none at all) in the drum fill,!or Rush Or drag a Chorus or part of a song with a Negative or Positive Offset. Side note: I would like to see Automatable Quantizing to automate all of the various values without the need to split clip or process separately. You really have to think about note divisions and appropriate strength, Swing and Offset values. (Usually not just one setting) Also don’t be afraid to just Nudge the specific midi notes in PRV to retain more of a Live feel. Groove Quantizing can be very useful as well. Just have Fun with it!!
  7. Enable Audio Snap on the clip Click to turn on Clip Follows Project tempo) Draw a gradual drop in the Tempo view. Zoom in to go Real gradual. (Or insert tempos by hand) I like using a graphics tablet and pen and drawing them personally 😁 Once pleased with the tempo Bounce to Clip or Track using the MIX Radius or Mix Radius Advanced algorithm offline render mode. (You’ll hear artifacts until you bounce using the good algo) ✌️
  8. When my zoom gets ‘hung’ I use the WIN key to get enough control to Right Click the Task bar then click ‘Show Desktop’. If I Zoomed After hitting play this works to regain control. If I Zoom first then hit play, I have to close Cakewalk via the Task manager.
  9. You can always use a midi track and open up the Event List and insert a MCI cmd. In the data box for MCI cmd type either ‘pause’ ( to pause at that point of the song) or ‘stop’ (to stop and rewind to the now time) . Use spacebar to un pause or restart. Fairly recent addition to the event list, and a welcome one. 😄
  10. If I hit Play then Zoom and it hangs, I can hit the WIN key to escape the Horizontal Zoom slider, then Right click Task bar and Click ‘Show desktop’ to regain control. If I Zoom then hit play and it hangs I have to WIN key then Task manager and End Process for Cakewalk. I have since Cleaned my Video drivers and re-installed, as well as swapped from a firewire interface to a USB one. Projects that hung every time aren’t Hanging now. They still jitter and stutter between 75%-100% Horizontal zoom, but have stopped hanging all together. Not sure which worked. I have cleaned Video drivers before and still had it happening so I’m not sure.
  11. Mono plugins from Waves are fine and the Stereo ones work fine as well. The issue is specific to the Mono/Stereo ones. They currently only work in mono. Straight from Waves website: “Mono to Stereo components are not supported in Cakewalk by BandLab and Wavelab.” https://www.waves.com/support/tech-specs/supported-hosts#version-11 This is about Version 11, but it has always been this way. Noel has acknowledged this is a Cakewalk issue and they are looking into it.
  12. Check this thread. Waves Mono work in Mono, Stereo versions work in Stereo, and currently Mono/Stereo versions ONLY work in Mono. When trying Mono/Stereo versions on a track, those can get stuck in Mono. Normally when changing from mono interleave to Stereo interleave uou may have to Press E twice (or bypass plugin or bin then re-enable) to force Stereo interleave.
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