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  1. When I change the key signature midway through a piece, the new signature only last for one bar then reverts to original key signature
  2. I am recording guitar and get no sound in my headphones The existing rhythm sound well as does the PLAYBACK of my new recording. I just cant hear my playing when recording
  3. when I enter a series of eight-note pairs, the last of the pair does not align to the proper timing. I use the setting 0f 960 ticks per quarter note. The first beat of the song (entered by mouse) is 1:01:000. the next eighth note should land on 1:01:480. The notation shows the proper placement of this eighth note but it SOUNDS at 1:01:360. This is constant. I am forced to enter the note and then click on it to re set it to 1:01:480. This constant misplacement is present at what should be 1:01:480, 1:02:480 , 1:03:480 and 1:04:480.
  4. got it fixed, thank you...…………………….. alt 6 shift made it easy
  5. I select "project" and then "insert key change". THE KEY IS CHANGED BUT after a couple of bars the old key signature returns...I have to scroll through the entire song countermanding any of the original key changes Yes I can check the event line.........….very laborious to change every time it changes...maybe two bars at a time. and no, transpose not what I am looking for, but thanks
  6. when I insert a key change it only affects a few bars the reverts back to original key
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