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  1. What is this green line that appears above the clips pane? When I place the cursor there it changes to a tiny S . I'd like to get rid of it as it is annoying!
  2. So after much checking etc, I finally found why - the ALLOW ARM CHANGES DURING PLAYBACK/RECORDING in Recording options was unchecked! I thought it odd that the main record button in the transport bar was not changing to red when I was pressing the R key- only just noticed it tbh...so I went looking the in project record options and then checked that box and it is now recording again. Thanks for all the input and suggestions.
  3. ok checked all of the above (including any hidden loop points) and all is clear. All is connected, the graph (LED) on the right of the track pane shows MIDI activity, it is all set to the correct channel, I can actually play the synth involved, it simply does not record!!
  4. thanks Cactus - good thought...I having issues lately in accidentally creating these in a project with inadvertent key presses so I will look further in and see if that is the case.
  5. Hey guys, thanks - answer is yes to all of the above! It's why it's so weird.
  6. Set up a MIDI track, setup an instrument, keyboard is recognised and the LED bars are flashing to show input, track set to record press the R key (or even record button in main transport control) everything starts BUT no MIDI data is recorded to the track? Is there some new method in recording MIDI? Or is there some hidden switch or setting somewhere that I have changed (inadvertently) ? Thanks
  7. Sooo, totally my fault - everything in Sonar was correct. I had the outs going in to two mono channels on the desk - I set it this way ages ago for something else and totally forgot. And of course BOTH were panned to the centre so of COURSE it was always coming out in the centre - duh!!! Sorry guys for wasting your time, but I thank you for taking the time to respond! Much appreciated.
  8. hmm, okay bitflipper interleave is at stereo no effects on either master or individual tracks. I mean I should be able to send a mono track to either left or right, not sure why I'd then need a stereo panner?? Anyway I'll play around some more. Craig same thing...put the cans on and signal is dead set centre even though the track is panned either 100% left or right...audio out the audio i/f is definitely connected L-L and R-R to the speakers, and the phones jack is stereo and both sides are working....but I'll keep experimenting. I must admit to wondering why the live tracks (at gigs) always sounded so muddled in the middle when I pan all tracks in a mix to keep centre clear for live vocals. The green led bars even show the track is panned correctly, but it still comes out via cans and speakers as centre : Oh and the waveform preview pane also shows it panned to one side!
  9. thanks guys - answer to both is no (Craig) ; and already done that (RStJ) - as in my OP - although I wrote it as default stereo
  10. Just started noticing this really....trying to pan tracks but the master is still coming out as all mixed to centre? And when I export the tracks, it is the same all tracks are not being panned as set in individual track panning. Is there some new trick to get this to work as expected in the new Bandlab Sonar? Do I need to create two buses one set to left then one to right and forget master? Thanks Oh and the tracks are all at the default stereo. IE they are not forced to mono (even though the audio clips are) I tried changing this to MONO but it made no difference.
  11. and now it has lost the AD Drums validation! What is it with this app? an update and everything changes! Damn annoying really.
  12. Thanks guys, tried a few things from above it still crashes sonar the minute I try to load a module. The "old" pro channel view that was pre-loaded with the EQ, among others is totally gone. Maybe I'll have to re-install "old" Sonar again, as mentioned above. The responses were much appreciated, and I'll continue to try and hunt this down.
  13. Firstly Pro channel (after the last update) now shows none of the standard Pro channel stuff, like the EQ etc, and whenever I try to load a module it crashes Sonar. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks
  14. Cool, thanks all at Cakewalk for the hotfix - opening projects issue has gone (related to one project only button) - with the Allow Only One Open Project checked!
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