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  1. I was at a friends house the other day, and he uses Reaper. I noticed on the bottom right of his screen a box that had the tempo listed, as well as the time signature. The interesting thing was this didn't just show these, it also allowed direct control of the tempo of the audio track/s/project, in real-time (albeit with a bit of lag to allow the system to catch up)....I was wondering if there is any such plugin available for Sonar? I had taken him some WAV files of audio tracks created in Sonar, and they played way too fast when he imported into Reaper from the thumb drive, however when I told him the correct tempo, he simply changed this in the little box and presto it all slowed down....he reckoned that all audio files have tempo info in them??? I have not heard of this before, is that true? I have noted that in Sonar when I adjust the temp of a project the audio tracks stretch in the display, but the speed (of the audio) stays the same, so I am a bit confused, hence the question about if this IS a "thing" and is such a tool available for Sonar?
  2. Perfect, thanks Scook - haha would never have thought to search under that term!
  3. Right, so I split a track (use scissors tool, etc) and "delete" the audio before the split, but it's not actually deleted it's still hiding there...how do I remove it really, as in permanently?
  4. The audio file itself defaults to a stereo track (well at least it shows two identical waveforms in the clips pane) . Bog standard setup, audio is going to main out. No other busses or aux sends, no efx.
  5. Loaded an audiofile on a standard audio track and none of the panning works? it just stays centre all panning left and right do is alter the volume slightly. Can someone shed some light on this please?
  6. Yeah true. I do have a couple of large USB drives...I guess I like the "automatic" backup that OneDrive syncing does. If I modify a file (in a synced folder) then it auto updates the online saved version. I don't have to worry that I have missed something when I "renovate" the system. But yes, it is a good idea you suggest.
  7. Just a heads up to anyone who comes across this thread. I gave it a good try, but it is way too slow to be useful. Some Sonar CWP files took near two minutes to d/l before ready to work on. I guess an average was about 45seconds to a minute. And that was with D/L speeds from about 900kb per second up to about a 6MB per second. It would probs be ok if you had dedicated cable, but on normal ethernet, not workable. I'll stick with having them local and syncing specific folders to OD. Thanks all for comments and thoughts.
  8. haha, back in the day we used an app called ChoPro for this...I still have a copy somewhere...I can get it to run in 10, but it crashes now way too often to be of use. If you are using 7 or 8 it may work and there may still be somewhere you can d/l it from. Not sure if any other software does it. You could also use Ultimate Guitar (think you have to join -free afaik- to create charts though) and create a chart there using it's wizard. Works quite well. It produces that format for charts. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/
  9. thanks yes I have audacity and it did not play there. The issue was the system audio ...just changed this and then changed the audio driver in Audacity (it did it automatically in WMP) and all good!
  10. thanks. Nah this is outside Sonar -BUT I had forgotten about the exclusive control setting so I'll turn that off and see. Sometimes Sonar CAN be guilty of hogginh drivers even when it has been closed.
  11. Just tried exporting a WAV (and an MP3 to test as well) and these appear to be valid files, but no other player - Groove, WMP, iTunes, Audacity - will play them? They load in ok but simply do not play. Fresh install from Bandlab of Sonar too, btw. Any ideas?
  12. Thanks guys, I already have Onedrive (with a TB of storage) I was more interested in experiences with using Sonar with files and data dynamically with an online storage system. And I HAVE tried the file syncing system (with OD installed on the PC) but I found it to be quite clunky in operation and idiosyncrasies. So I thought this time I might juts try and run it all from online, with apps on the PC of course.
  13. I have just completed an install to a new Intel NUC system and prior to downloading all my Sonar data to local storage, I wanted to ask if many folks here are using cloud storage, actively and dynamically? By that I mean directly accessing files online and not locally. If you are, I'd be interested to hear your experiences with same. Thanks
  14. Solved from this link http://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013357/Session-Drummer-3-is-not-being-recognized-by-SONAR-X3 ...I did search for this on the Cakewalk search bar but this one didn't show for some reason? Came across it by accident on Google. But installing the redistributable from MS fixed it. So thanks to Scook.
  15. Having this issue with Session Drummer 3...no matter what I try(including most of the tips - well at least the ones I could find) to get it to work. Cakewalk (latest version) will not sho it in the list of instruments (Plug-in Manager). I have noted that when CW is doing the scan Session Drummer flashes up, but so quick you REALLY have to watch closely to see it, whereas all the other instrument VSTs pause at least for a second or two....further, the Platinum Samples add-ons I have for SD3 find it ok and install fine. Does anyone have any ideas on this at all? Tried installing/ uninstalling a couple of times...adding the SD3 folder as a search folder in the VST prefs.......... tried moving the .DLL out of the folder - re-scanning-putting it back in the folder -rescan..................nothing seems to work...
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