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  1. I've had a lot of issues with MIDI play in the last year (also after many years of using this DAW). I'm not sure if the updates are the problem or my soft synths or what exactly.
  2. I did that but it didn't' work unless I also had this set in the preferences.
  3. I figured it out. "Always echo current midi track" was unselected for some reason.
  4. My midi keyboard is connected; shows activated and selected in mini input settings, and when I press keys, I see the keys on the piano roll activate. But doing so does not trigger the accompanying soft synth. Pressing the piano roll keys with my mouse does activate the synth, so clearly, it is loaded and working. Also clearly, the keyboard is connected and sending signals. Why doesn't it work with the synths? I've tried it with several different ones. Rebooted. Selected/unselected/reselected the synth. No change.
  5. Thanks Jim, but that's what I was looking at when I found the All Inputs setting. I still don't understand what happened nor why an All Input channel would be receiving input from just some other tracks but not all.
  6. Thanks all. It is an input issue, I think. Input was set to All inputs instead of my particular midi controller. As I discovered, when any track with all inputs is selected, it picks up input from somewhere; where exactly I don't understand since it is not playing every midi note from every other track. So that's still a mystery to me. I also felt fairly sure I had all tracks set for my midi control omni input, and that seems to have changed. But in any case, I solved it for now though I would love to understand this better if someone feels compelled to educate me.
  7. You'll see in this screenshot that there is no midi on this first track--and neither do I see any events in the event viewer--and yet this instrument is playing at this point in the project. Soloing and muting verifies it is this track. I think I did have something there at one point, but I deleted it. The only way to avoid it at this point is to mute the track, but I would like to delete it completely. What's going on here??
  8. Indeed I did. I thought that might be the case but couldn't find where until after posting this of course. Thanks.
  9. I've experienced a number of oddities lately, so I am not sure if this is related to the new beta release or a larger issue. But suddenly any audio effect added to a channel has no effect on the channel. I could revert to the last, official version, but I would like to keep trying out the beta version if this is something I can fix otherwise. I have no clue as to what's happening. Any suggestions?
  10. This is still unresolved. Any ideas?
  11. When I select a section and choose "duplicate" a completely empty section is created after the section. Control+shift has the same outcome. I am guessing I am missing a setting somewhere, but I cannot find what it is if anyone can tell me.
  12. Yes, I was using "zeroed out" to mean it was in the neutral position, but thanks for checking.
  13. The timing and swing options were zeroed out Kurre, so I don't think that was it. Thanks.
  14. They were set at quarter notes when I did this, and I could not replicate it. So I have no idea what happened. I guess I will just get in the habit of double checking. Thanks.
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