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  1. Any chance you have another monitor hooked up and it's starting in that one?
  2. Hi Dan. Welcome back to Cakewalk. Just to make sure... you set it at Preferences/Project/Metronome And these settings are only good for the Project you are working in. It should save with the Project, but if you start another project you will have to set this again. If it is something you want to do all the time, make a project template with this setting in it.
  3. I have the latest version (2022.06 build 028) and it has it - under Preferences-Project-Surround
  4. The default for the MIDI input is Channel 10 - TD11 (Omni should work also). Set the MIDI output to TD11. If you have MIDI recorded on the track it should play through the headphones. If you want to audio record it, run cable(s) from the Aux output into your interface. You can also use the TD11 as an interface and record directly. In ASIO, you will have to deselect any other Audio drivers (input and output) and select the TD11 for both. (In Preferences / Audio / Devices). You should then be able to record audio. If you want to record audio from your MIDI track, just add an audio track, set the input to TD11, record arm it, and press play.
  5. parboo12

    Sonar & Zoom L-12

    ASIO can only (usually) handle one IO device at a time. First uncheck the Solid State Logic boxes (both input and output) and you should be able to select the Zoom stuff.
  6. Try highlighting the clip and pressing 'K' (clip mute)
  7. Thanks for testing things out, bvideo. Hopefully the bakers will check this out.
  8. Then why don't you try it out, and see if it works like you're telling every else. Oh right, you already have and it works perfectly.
  9. Hey bdickens, thanks for the great info! Just a couple of quick YES or NO questions for you. 1. Have you sat down for a few minutes with Piano Roll, put in a note and moved it around to different locations, while playing around with the Window settings to see if Quantize picked up your note or not? 2. If so... did you get the results you were expecting?
  10. Has anyone else tried checking out the accuracy of this? I haven't got good results.
  11. Sorry folks, it appears that when you split the instrument track that both are selected by default. My problem was not realizing this. When I make sure only the track I want to move is selected everything works fine. Thanks for everyone's help.
  12. Anyone else tried it? I did this first thing in an empty project, if it makes any difference. Doesn't work every time for me. Thanks!
  13. Nice video, John, but have you tried specifically what I was asking about (the Window option of Quantize)? I thought I understood it, and was trying to demonstrate it to someone what these options did, and I found the Window to be very inaccurate. Thanks!
  14. Open up an instument track in Track view. Then Split Instument Track. Now try to move the Midi track on the other side of the Audio track. There seems to be a problem there.
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