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    One More Day Remix

    I can only endorse the views of others - this was great first time around and this is even better. For me, it just lifts the vocals slightly and there's a little more separation in the mix. Great work all round - one of those songs that thumps you right in the chest. Andy
  2. AndyB01

    Psychobabble Blues

    Bjorn - don't beat yourself up over timing, try practising alongside a metronome. Don't try to play anything specific, just noodle about with chord progressions you know but try to keep in time - it'll come. I like the blues progression on this and it works well with the lyrical story, now a bit of Hammond organ in the background and you have yourself a winner. 😀
  3. I have a Gen1 Focusrite 2i4 (better since a new driver was released) and I run CbB, S1Pro and a bunch of VSTs/ FX including Melodyne 5, EzKeys, EzDrummer, EzBass, Pianoteq, GarritanIO and Izotope Elements to name a few and it seems to cope with all these with ease. My input devices are a Roland A88 v1 and a couple of guitars, DI'd through the sound card. The other big plus with Scan stuff, it doesn't come preloaded with bloatware. 👍 Entirely up to you of course but in my experience, you could certainly do worse. Andy
  4. Tony, I have a Scan 3XS laptop - coming on for three years old and still rocking. They are very solid machines and although I had some initial problems with mine (it would randomly BSOD) the after sales was superb. Eventually turns out the BSOD is caused by my ancient sound card which needs upgrading; I've learned to live with it and it happens only rarely these days. 😂 I would go to Scan again when I replace this, I had custom desktops before but this has proved to be a very good machine. Couple of minor crits, the fan can sometimes be a little on the noisy side but I suspect cooling has come on since I bought this and the battery life on mine is not spectacular but I almost always use it on mains. Hope that helps Andy
  5. What a great take on an old classic, a little less Bublé than the usual covers of this song - that's for sure - and all the better for it! 😂 Top work as always Andy
  6. Nigel - your vocalist could sing the phone book and make it sound like an aria - fabulous mix on the vox and that touch of delay really nails it. Great mix all round - another belter - loved it. Andy
  7. Great honky-tonk piano, vocals and mix - loved it! Andy
  8. I guess it was ultimately borne of frustration, I don't have hours to waste trying to fix something that should just work out if the box. I did do a fair bit of googling around the problem across multiple forums and concluded that my experience was far from unique and there didn't seem to be an obvious fix - apart from uninstall/ reinstall that I had already tried several times. I contacted AmpleSound support and tried everything they suggested to no avail - it simply would not work - so in the end they said they would support my case for a refund and actually they were very good about it but I would have to go (with their approval) via the reseller - which was fair enough. The reseller (whom I won't name) was extremely difficult and pretty obnoxious and only eventually agreed on the basis that I would be 'banned for life' from ever purchasing from them again. A very strange approach to customer service but ultimately their loss I think. Andy
  9. I couldn't decide between sidestick or snare so it's a bit of both - I probably need to choose one or the other. Great crits Tom thanks - as for the remix - I'm on it but what it's really crying out for are the kind of vocals only someone like @garybrun can deliver, but I'm never going to be playing in that league sadly. 😂
  10. I purchased the 12 string and no matter what I tried I simply could not get it to work. I could find the VST, fire it up inside the DAW but all the sounds we're missing and nothing I did would resolve it. After a few robust exchanges by email with both AmpleSound and the reseller, I eventually managed to get a full refund. Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole after that experience, no matter how good it sounds. I hope you manage to get it working. Andy
  11. Seriously impressive work to compose in that way and get results like this - Tom had it with 'I'm humbled' - #ditto. Andy
  12. This is catchy Douglas - guitars sound great but for me the mix is a little 'full on' and I kind of feel all the instruments are fighting for attention but - having said that - this gives it a raw and live-like feel that I rather like; so I'm not sure I would want you to change it. Maybe a live edit and a studio edit. 😄 Anyway, I enjoyed it so thanks for sharing. Andy
  13. Great cover - no more to be said - anything by Bowie is one hell of a project to take on. Good work. Andy
  14. AndyB01

    Uncertain Future

    Good mix - superb guitar tone and - I agree - less is definitely more. Great chops on the guitar. Andy
  15. Steve you just keep you nailing these covers - another great job. You are a brave man taking on Beatles stuff - hat's off to you fella - well done. Andy
  16. AndyB01

    Winter Moon

    Welcome also to the forum. +1 to both Tom(s) on the drums (see what I did there) 😉 and I agree that there is a lot going on here. I'm with you on creating drum parts - I lose the will to live after about four bars. I find Toontrack's EzDrummer a relatively inexpensive go to for non-drummers and a great way to add variety to my drums, without all that effort and I don't need the complexity that Superior Drummer offers at over twice the price! Anyway - a great start and look forward to hearing more stuff. Andy
  17. AndyB01

    Forever Ago

    Wow I feel like I went through a bunch of genres there - the panning on the vibraphone(?) at the end was a really neat trick - felt like it was jumping around inside my head. Cool track. Andy
  18. Thanks Douglas, I always mix on cans - which I know is a mistake - I'll have a listen through monitors but will probably re-cut the vocal first as I am still not happy with it. Thanks for listening and commenting as always. EzKeys David is for people like me who wish they could play better piano, but can't; so they call out for a virtual session pianist. If the link works you can read all about it here. Appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment - I wish I could take credit for piano, but apart from the extended chord on the fade at the end - I really can't. Lyrics however - all my own original work and I also have to 'fess up to the vocal. 😂
  19. Hi All - I do hope everyone is keeping well and safe - wherever in the World you are - and continuing to make lots of great music. I can't really compete with some of the fabulous lock down tunes I have been listening to on here (I have been real busy at work so very little time for music sadly). Anyway I managed to grab an hour or two today to finish off this little guy that I have been working on for a week or two. Now when I say the mix is raw, I mean raw. However, on the upside, this is mercifully short at just on three minutes. It needs work - I know right - but your constructive crits are always welcome. So I figure if we're talking Covid - it has to be either Blues or Country and as I'm not talented enough to play the Blues (or Country come to to think of it)... but I found this little ditty on EzKeys, gave it a few tweaks and knocked out some lyrics - which tell a bit of a simple little story about being old, loneliness and isolation. A real feelgood tune with a distinctly unfeelgood lyric (c'mon you know I don't do happy songs) but here for your listening pleasure (or not as the case maybe) - I give you: Ain't No Way To live: p.s. don't mention the mic noise - I already have that on my very long fix it list... 😂
  20. You're on fire Tom, keep them coming, loving your work. 😂😂 Andy
  21. Incredible. I love the drum track on this and the playing is so tight with a great mix as well. I could listen to that for hours - terrific stuff. Thanks for sharing - very enjoyable. Andy
  22. Great groove, great chops, great story. Another one in the back of the net! You can file this one under 'done'. 👍 Andy
  23. Colin, just wow - awesome? I absolutely loved every second of that. Shades of Dance On A Volcano with all that staccato (I hope you don't mind the reference). Fantastic chops all round - link to the album please, where can I hear more? Absolutely top draw. Andy
  24. First impressions are good - a full size interface at last (where has that been)? There's a lot to explore under the hood. The audio import - not sure I'll use that too much. Midi keys import to LH worked well (mostly) but to RH chords was too busy (will depend on the song). It gives you a base (no pun intended) but you'll have to do some editing to get a really good result. That said, all my usual bass tracks have two things in common: they're out of time and dull as ditch water; so this can already accomplish a whole lot more than I can using a vst and a midi controller. Definitely going to be one of those products it's worth investing the time in to learn it properly. Overall, I'm happy with my new toy. Can it replace a real, live competent bassist? On balance I would say not - at least not when they're sober - but how often is that? 😂😂 Andy
  25. AndyB01

    Make me Smile

    Brilliant production and a another killer vocal - great work. Andy
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