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  1. I know how many great songwriters we have on here so I thought I'd spotlight a fabulous (in my view) recent album by Tim Minchin. Musicality and eclectic mix of styles aside, the lyrical craft alone is simply phenomenal. Warning, the odd couple of songs have the odd expletive - just in case that matters to you. Check out "Apart Together" (I found it on Amazon Music but it's probably on most of the popular streaming services). Highly recommended Andy
  2. AndyB01

    And Rest

    What a lovely, understated track; you've certainly mastered the art of less is more here. A fitting finale (if it is the finale) to Wookiee's Private Parts & Pieces. I'm currently working on an instrumental track, built entirely from Scaler. If I can get anywhere near this standard, I'll be very happy. Andy
  3. I hear the bottom end that Wooks is hearing but I actually quite like it, as it gives something of a baritone guitar vibe - so I wouldn't overcook any correction. Nice fingerstyle guitar chops too btw - very well done. Andy
  4. AndyB01

    Work It Out

    Feeling very 'Purple' after listening to that - fabulous! Andy
  5. Most Scaler users probably know this already but as a new user I'm still on the learning curve. For me, the eight chord limit per pattern was a cause of frustration, I could see how to add more patterns but not how to easily switch between them when using midi capture. Turns out, if you display the patterns in grid view and lasso them all with mouse (click and drag) you get a set of key switches starting at C1. Who knew? 🤷‍♂ī¸ Anyway, if you were (like me) wondering how to do this, now you know. Certainly makes midi capture a damn site easier. đŸ¤Ļ😂 If anyone else has any tips and tricks for Scaler, please share. I need all the help I can get (as you can probably tell). Andy
  6. AndyB01

    Under Your Umbrella

    I don't know about Zappa but I do know I really enjoyed this track - surprises around every corner and great guitar work. Well done. Andy
  7. AndyB01


    Great vibe on this Allan, really enjoyed the listen. Very well crafted as always. Andy
  8. I thought this had a chamber feel to it - could definitely use some development and definitely worth pursuing. Andy
  9. In a word: perfect. I loved it. Brilliant! Andy
  10. Ripples by Genesis - specifically the version on Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited II album with lead vocals by Amanda Lehmann. A truly incredible and completely perfect blend of menace and vulnerability and a massive improvement on the Phill Collins original. Gives me spine tingles every time. Andy
  11. Ah the joy of backing tracks - your honesty is commendable! 🙂🙂
  12. AndyB01


    I really love that heavy, driving snare and different instruments playing the same melody line - very neat. Piano mixed maybe a little left in my Sony cans but it's not too out of place. Some very cool chops on show here (love that Hammond btw). Andy
  13. An odd observation but I like the fret noise on the acoustic - because I can hear you working the instrument to get that great tone (which is superb btw) - how did you record that? Oh and the lead isn't too shabby either 😉😂 Great job. Andy
  14. I wanted it to get 'big' in an orchestral sense and 2:50 was a long time to wait for that crescendo but definitely worth it. This is beautiful work Fred and by no means easy to do (my attempts sound so lane in comparison), well done. Andy
  15. AndyB01

    Christmas song

    I didn't have anything to compare this with so I searched for a sung version on YouTube and then listened again to your version - you did a good a job with this. I would have liked a little more light and shade (crescendo and diminuendo) to give it more feel - perhaps a nylon strung guitar would give you that - but otherwise I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing Andy
  16. AndyB01


    I thought the original mix was perfect on my Sony MDR-7506 cans (but I do love me some drums) - enjoying that muted guitar and that dreamy sax - aww just lovely. Great to kick back to and fabulous guitar chops all round. Andy
  17. AndyB01


    Kurt is right, Mike's Cakewalk videos are incredibly good. One way to fatten this is to triple the guitar track using panning and switched reverb - here's a really neat technique I picked up from @Creative Sauce - watch from around 20 minutes in where he covers this. Might help: Andy
  18. AndyB01


    Hi Kriss. Bass was a little too high for me and Kurt is right about the timing, but some lovely guitar chops and tone in there. It's a very intimate vocal but it comes and goes a little in places but that kind of adds variety and mood so maybe don't change it. I'd also agree with Kurt on some percussion and maybe some strings to lift it in places. The lead guitar melody worked for me but the tone didn't - a little 'thin' I felt so maybe you could fatten that a bit or add some drive on the remix. These things are all subjective though and ultimately what I think doesn't matter, it's your song and if I'd written and performed that I'd be feeling pretty pleased with myself. Thanks for sharing, Andy.
  19. AndyB01

    Milo !

    The thing about clean guitar is that there are simply no hiding places for any flaws in your technique (not than you need any) because this was peerless and flawless at the same time - loved it. I'm with Lynn - it finished way too soon. 🙂 Andy
  20. I think I have his entire solo catalogue, so I'm something of a superfan but unfortunately I missed out on tickets for the forthcoming Seconds Out tour. ☚ī¸
  21. I listen to a lot of Steve Hackett and he makes lots of small nods to and excerpts from previous tracks - often from different albums - in new material, so I'm always on the lookout for that trick and and I think it's a really neat one.
  22. AndyB01


    This has an AOR feel - I love a 12-string - nice chord progression, story and great lead work too. Very nicely done all round. Andy
  23. I definitely agree with Wookie on the above - that was my first thought. Home run on the mix for me - sound great on my Sony MDR-7506 cans - what a terrific song and such creative lyrics; you should be very proud of that. Top work. Andy
  24. I love the tribute to Pt II in the middle - that is such a great hook - definitely keep going. Andy
  25. AndyB01

    Free Flight

    Kudos to your percussionist (the rest of it wasn't too shabby either). I really enjoyed that Peter, as I do a lot of your stuff. Thanks for sharing - that video was well worth the effort, really brings the track to life. Andy
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