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  1. Vocals are good - so back yourself and go for it! Mix sounded good to me but there are wiser heads and better ears on here than mine. Well done, I enjoyed the listen. Andy
  2. Yep, that was it - cheers. All fixed. 🙂 Thinking back, I don't know why I used a send and an FX track for an amp sim either. 🤷 Andy
  3. Thanks, that could well be it. I will rain check that and post an update if that's the fix. Cheers Andy
  4. Right chaps - technical question: I'm trying to improve my rudimentary mixing skills by following Mike Enjo's excellent videos. I have created sends for my FX and buses for the instrument tracks, done the gain staging and have ended up with a half decent mix (well to my ears). However, I think the lead guitar is just a tad too hot, but when I try and trim the level in the relevant bus fader it has zero effect. The guitar track in question has two sends to a delay and amp SIM and outputs to the bus. I'm clearly missing something really obvious and/ or doing something really dumb, but I just can't land where I'm going wrong here. Anyone care to have a crack at solving this one? I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance Andy
  5. Mike's videos are superb, he deserves all the accolades. I've learned more from him in six months than I've learned from fiddling around with DAWs for the last ten years. Andy
  6. AndyB01

    EZKeys MIDI Updates

    Ah that's it then - I got all mine in one hit 🙂 I rely on your timely updates to ensure I haven't missed something - please keep up the great work. 👍
  7. AndyB01

    EZKeys MIDI Updates

    Cheers Larry - I had eight EzKeys midi packs to update and one update for EzMix2, although to be honest, I have never been able to detect what these MIDI pack updates do or change - I don't think they add any new midi tracks so far as I can tell. I am sure the Toontrack Meister @Bapu would be able to enlighten me 🙂 Andy P.s. my curiosity got the better of me, so I checked one midi pack as a before and after and it has added one new MIDI track - so now you know. EzMix seems to have a new UI, with an added FX rack and an updated tiny non-scalable main window and text so small I'm now struggling to read it - even in my very best specs - nice big step backwards there Toontrack - cheers guys 👍
  8. Wow - what gorgeous vocals, you nailed the piano sound and even the guitar solo with the modulation in the chorus at the end. Fabulous ❤️ Andy
  9. Says to me there's a lot of hype out there and a lot of people spending hard earned $ on strings they don't need. On acoustics, I think the decay is a genuine thing (as demonstrated) but on electrics - nah - I'm less convinced. A quick rub with some metal polish every few weeks and my strings are good to go. 😂😂
  10. AndyB01


    Very good and really captured the mood you were after I think. Feels to me like this should be the start of a much longer piece - you could really develop this in a lot of different directions. You should definitely give that some serious consideration. Andy
  11. I'm a huge James Taylor fan - Mud Slide Slim is such an iconic album - this is an exceptional cover. Well done! Andy
  12. AndyB01


    Killer track and groove - brilliantly executed as always. Would have loved one of those fast licks followed by a hard stop at the end but that's just a fave trick of mine (like Anita Baker's Fairy Tales where the jam session at the end is the stand out part of the track). Loved it Andy
  13. AndyB01


    This is a WiP??? Rex, take a break mate and give the rest of us time to catch up... 😉 On a more a serious note - another absolute belter - such a big Eagles vibe for me (and I mean that as a BIG compliment) I LOVED it - keep up the great work! Andy P.S. I have the same questions as @David Sprouse - what are you doing with these songs as they really deserve to be performed and heard?
  14. Good old Bert I think he limited a lot of musical ambition - mine included - although my lack of practice and failure to apply the required technique might have also been contributing factors 😂 A
  15. I've just been up in the loft checking out some plumbing repairs and loaded mouse traps (don't ask) and stumbled on an old folder of lots of old lyrics and sheet music from what must be over forty years ago. Some old songs I penned back then, the lyrical naivety is both charming and slightly cringe inducing at the same time - all that teenage angst I guess. 😂 As I recall, one of them even won second place in a local song competition. I might dust a few of these down and see what I can do with them (if I can remember how they go). Not sure I can do much with Bert Weedon's Rock and Blues Album for Guitar course though - they were the days... Andy
  16. Nice trem effect on the chorus harmonics (superb attention to detail) and that driven guitar riff is spot on. Bass could come down a notch for me as well but that's a really minor crit - this is brilliant work. Well done! Andy
  17. Tom Visuals are stunning! Are the horns a smidge too hot? Yes - imo - but please don't change them because they work really well. Can I have a crit? I'm with @Wookiee on the vinyl scratch thing - didn't need it and at first I thought it was my cranky old MD7506s. 😂 Overall great work all round. Andy
  18. I sometimes write lyrics in complete isolation to the music track - so you're essentially writing a poem. Themes that I use to help me form and tell stories: Real life experiences - the more painful the better. People and places I have met/ been but change/ invent what happened. Things I read in the media that catch my eye - build a story around it. Things you'd really like to say to someone but you can't articulate it directly to their face. The music can follow the words, I also use songwriting tools like Toontrack EzKeys and Scaler2 to help me create new musical ideas. Might not work for you, but you were after ideas... Hope some of that helps. Andy
  19. I think the Dimpro sounds are still remarkably good - some of the ePianos are better than anything else I have IMHO. There's also some nice stuff in the Digital Sound Factory free add on packs. Andy
  20. AndyB01


    Nice percussion Rex - liked that a lot - another cracking song and vocal. How do you keep knocking this stuff out - keep going man... Andy
  21. AndyB01

    Your Man - Remix

    Well you're already a legend on here - what a voice - I absolutely loved it! Andy
  22. Cheers John, new subscriber here. I look forward to working my way through these. I've been using Cakewalk all the way back to Home Studio XL but still have so many gaps in my knowledge. Andy
  23. What a great site. My first ever digital piano was a Roland HP137, it was (comparatively) cheap with more than a few shortcomings, but I loved it. I later traded it for my current Roland A88 (Mk I) MIDI controller which, as a MIDI controller, leaves an awful lot to be desired but has a gorgeous weighted piano feel. Now superseded by the significantly improved Mk II. Loved the trip down memory lane. Andy
  24. Prog is full of furry aliens from faraway galaxies: Squonk and A Trick Of The Tail to quote just a couple of examples - it's a perfect coupling. 😂😂
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