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  1. I've missed you David πŸ™‚ Jazz is a brave genre - especially the timing - I can never get it right so kudos to you for trying this; there's definitely a basis for something here. More craft on the ending for sure (one of those spiralling sax descant licks that tails off springs to mind). Looking forward to more. Andy
  2. AndyB01


    Lol you should hear mine without Melodyne! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Very anthemic this - 80s UK Synth Pop - I was reminded of the Pet Shop Boys Andy
  3. I could listen to stuff like this all day long - I agree more bluesy than prog but there are shades of Gilmour for me too. A very enjoyable five minutes Andy
  4. Production is great with great instrument separation on my cans and the lyrics are well crafted (which I always appreciate). Although I agree with @bjornpdx about the rhyming in v1 - I did think that was clever (and I may steal that idea) πŸ˜‰ - would have been great to see that carried to v2, but I know that when you end up searching for a rhyme it can end up sounding contrived so vive la difference! Andy
  5. AndyB01

    Tiny Squares

    I mean, it's not as if any decent music was ever made with two guitars, a bass, drums and some vocals. πŸ˜‚ I like this, it has a live feel and I imagine it sounds really good live - my only very minor crits are that I would consider adding some slightly more complex harmonies on the vocals and I would definitely open up that lead guitar a touch and really let that thing rock! Andy
  6. Brilliant, just brilliant! Andy
  7. Your guitar work never disappoints and is always a pleasure to listen to - have to agree with Tom on the piano sound but it's a minor crit overall and easily fixed. I like how the rain comes and goes throughout the mix. Oh and +1 on early starts (and late finishes) - way too many of those lately... Andy
  8. AndyB01

    There Before

    Don't know where to start in describing my thoughts in detail on that, so I'm not going to bother - save to say - I LOVED IT. Came straight back for a second listen - but with more volume - knockout! Andy
  9. AndyB01

    All the Love I Need

    There's a lot to love here: the groove, the vox, that organ - have to agree with Tom about the spoken part and - you can really hit the high stuff, so why not lift it and really make it soar? Great work and a really enjoyable listen, some spit and polish and you have the makings of a great track. Andy
  10. Exactly this - I can hear the tune inside the accompaniment and I always think that's a sign of great compositional skill. You simply have to put some lyrics to this some day Really beautiful work Andy
  11. AndyB01

    Return Ticket

    Completely blew me away - loved it! Andy
  12. Only one word I can think of to describe this: 'stunning' Pure rock that oozes quality from every bar - brilliant stuff!
  13. Take a bow - that's a quality job right there - great work. Andy
  14. Nice playing Kenny - love those mutes (and everything else), great clean sound as well - so many places you can take this - a very enjoyable listen. Andy
  15. Many congrats to all who collaborated on this - great vocals Gary. A song like this is right in my zone - it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and delivers a thump in your chest - exactly what songs like this are supposed to do. A wonderful tribute and I hope it delivers positive memories for those who have lost someone close - thanks for sharing.
  16. AndyB01


    Very, very nice - I like this a lot - great groove, had me snapping from the start and nodding my head in continuous approval. Do I detect a hint of old Rhodes in there - so many great sounds. Got a big fat grin on my face after listening to that. :-) Andy
  17. AndyB01

    Snow in June

    You could slot that track in to any one of a dozen or more Steve Hackett albums and it wouldn't sound an inch out of place - if there's a higher compliment I can pay you, I can't think of it right now. Awesome stuff! Andy
  18. You're not alone Wookie - add me to the 'not a fan of Elvis' club (good to know there are at least two of us) πŸ™‚ This cover however - like Gary's other stuff - is really very good.
  19. Same here, I don't see the problem. Somebody on here once compared one of my songs to 'something Billy Joel might write. Man was I offended by that (not). Took me weeks to get over that one. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ I shouldn't beat yourself up too much over this one. Andy
  20. AndyB01

    The Dance

    There you go then πŸ˜‰ Understood about the backing tracks (they're good by the way). I'm a big fan and user of pre-canned stuff from EzKeys so you won't get any crits from me on that score. 😁
  21. AndyB01

    The Dance

    Nice vocal again Gary, reverb didn't trouble me but it's a very personal thing - I also tend to use too much so we must have similar ears. A twelve-string would really fill that guitar track (I know, almost impossible to fake a 12-string sound if you don't have the real thing handy). I was wondering at one point whether it could use some strings but sometimes less is more and often the best approach is to strip it back. Nice job, very enjoyable listen. Andy
  22. AndyB01

    Your Man

    Gary that's just great - fabulous vocal, guitars and a lovely sharp ending - really good you should be proud of that one. Now how 'bout some Gretchen Peters, she writes some great stuff. πŸ™‚ Loved it Andy
  23. Cheers Grem - inspiration comes from the strangest of places, right? The story behind this song is nearly 40 years old, still too painful to tell it other than through a lyric and a tune. Thanks again and to everyone who took time to listen and critique. Andy
  24. Really nice work - that guitar tone absolutely soars away beautifully. Sometimes a song is the best way to say what you really feel and it doesn't always need to words. Best wishes to you and your wife and thanks for sharing this. Andy
  25. Ha yes I think my undoctored vocals could achieve similar effects. A mate who really knows his stuff has offered to do a proper mix on this for me, so I'll take him up on that I think and see what he can do with it. Thanks very much for the kind words. Time to start working on some more new material now though.
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