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  1. Thanks Larry for listening, your generous comments and your constructive feedback on the low freq response. I agree pulling down the low end at some places opens up the space for competing or close-by frequencies. It's simply a tight trade-off at times which gets overlooked 😁 🙏
  2. Thanks for listening Andy and your kind appreciation. Glad you enjoyed the music 🙏
  3. ramscapri

    Breaking Away

    Good guitars and vocals Andy ! Nice flow to the song and the vocals stand at the middle clear of the instruments that are well panned and placed both in space and freq eq. All in all, a good one there 👍
  4. Thanks for listening Tom and glad you liked the track 🙏
  5. Thanks for listening and your kind feedback FreeEarCandy 🙏
  6. Thanks for listening and your generous words Mark... but they are all stepping stones to more explorations, aren't they ? Thanks again 🙏
  7. Thanks for listening and your poetic feedback Jesse... glad you liked the track 🙏
  8. I liked the beginning Larry and kept me engaged throughout... nice guitars, jazzy beats and the pad synth plays its part well in the space... Good one overall 👍
  9. Durdle door is a good one Nigel... good catchy pace with clear vocals and smooth rhythm... 👍
  10. ramscapri

    Sad Day

    Quite a soundtrack piece Wookiee and does drive across the feel of sadness with emphasis on the depth of the emotions... Take care....
  11. Energetic rocky feel to this Tom with pacy beats to go along... quick and crisp piece... Good one 👍
  12. ramscapri


    Nice sequences of the guitars and synth there FreeEarCandy with the extra feel good kicking in when the wind instrument kicks in... vocals sit in well... Overall a good engaging groovy sway to the track that keeps you in it throughout.... 👍
  13. Neat sublime guitars there Mark with engaging vocals and a nice flow to the song... beats just right to define the pace and rhythm... Overall well done song with a modern country feel to it 👍
  14. ramscapri

    9 Dreams

    That was quite different and interesting Jesse, kind of an overlap between a soundtrack score and a rocky feel to a song, very unconventional indeed 👌 Good one... well put together 👍
  15. Steady Progressions... An original instrumental music piece... basically of the ambient kind with shades of lite pop, a touch of orchestral and some crystal-like sounds... 🙂🙏 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs0wAoqdhlo
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