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  1. Thanks for your tutorials Mike, I've learned a lot from your videos, please keep up the good work....
  2. That's beautiful, my kinda music...More, More...
  3. If Chuck E Baby's tip doesn't work, try increasing your buffer size from 128 to maybe 256, can even go as high as 512, as long as it's workable...
  4. I see what you did there, lol... Yep shared a lot of cool tidbits....
  5. Yep? used to be a guy on the old sonar forum, by the name of Yep, anyone knows what happened to him? I learned quite a few things from him....
  6. But to me it seems like besides mastering, cakewalk does everything that studio one does, and actually been doing so for quite a while..I was watching a tutorial on the studio one multiband compressor, and the guy said that studio one is the only Daw that includes a multiband compressor, what am I missing? Sorry if this is in the wrong section!
  7. Hello all, my question is, is there a way to increase the waveform size without increasing the volume? Thanks...
  8. Here's a pretty good Read... https://www.musictech.net/features/interviews/stem-mastering-cass-irvine-wired-masters/?utm_source=MusicTech&utm_campaign=dcaa98331d-MT_Weekly_Digest_W17&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_174209224c-dcaa98331d-51976535
  9. If this feature have already been requested, I apologize!!!! Can we please have vu meters in the pro channel??? Thanks.
  10. Mr Anderton, I bet u have a lot of inside info, can you throw us a bone, what's happening behind the scenes? Promise we won't tell anyone
  11. Canopus, that you for the carbon theme, I have old man eyes, and this theme is just what the doctor ordered...Isn't too dark or too bright just right, I can see everything so much clearer, even the colors seem more vibrant....Thanks again
  12. Does anyone here listen to smooth jazz, R+B, Neo-Soul ?
  13. Ability to stretch the faders, or choose between long and short faders..
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