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  1. Is it just me, or does studio one do something unpleasant to the bottom end. I've tried other DAW's but I keep coming back to Cakewalk. "Don't believe the hype"
  2. last time I checked there wasn't a choke group in sitala, has that changed?
  3. I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston, produced by one of the baddest producers on the planet, David Foster..
  4. I tried different modules, all I get is the top portion which says save preset, delete preset, copy and paste settings, everything else seems to work fine
  5. I can't find the pc presets, when I click on the icon it says no presets
  6. I found my new favorite theme, many thanks Matthew..
  7. Thanks for your tutorials Mike, I've learned a lot from your videos, please keep up the good work....
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