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  1. That's beautiful, my kinda music...More, More...
  2. If Chuck E Baby's tip doesn't work, try increasing your buffer size from 128 to maybe 256, can even go as high as 512, as long as it's workable...
  3. I see what you did there, lol... Yep shared a lot of cool tidbits....
  4. Yep? used to be a guy on the old sonar forum, by the name of Yep, anyone knows what happened to him? I learned quite a few things from him....
  5. But to me it seems like besides mastering, cakewalk does everything that studio one does, and actually been doing so for quite a while..I was watching a tutorial on the studio one multiband compressor, and the guy said that studio one is the only Daw that includes a multiband compressor, what am I missing? Sorry if this is in the wrong section!
  6. Hello all, my question is, is there a way to increase the waveform size without increasing the volume? Thanks...
  7. Here's a pretty good Read... https://www.musictech.net/features/interviews/stem-mastering-cass-irvine-wired-masters/?utm_source=MusicTech&utm_campaign=dcaa98331d-MT_Weekly_Digest_W17&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_174209224c-dcaa98331d-51976535
  8. If this feature have already been requested, I apologize!!!! Can we please have vu meters in the pro channel??? Thanks.
  9. Mr Anderton, I bet u have a lot of inside info, can you throw us a bone, what's happening behind the scenes? Promise we won't tell anyone
  10. Canopus, that you for the carbon theme, I have old man eyes, and this theme is just what the doctor ordered...Isn't too dark or too bright just right, I can see everything so much clearer, even the colors seem more vibrant....Thanks again
  11. Does anyone here listen to smooth jazz, R+B, Neo-Soul ?
  12. Ability to stretch the faders, or choose between long and short faders..
  13. Lossmentality, wow that's a mouthful, or maybe I should say a fingerful, anyway everything works fine , like you mentioned except like, when I change banks, and I come back to the original track the knob values are changed, and the red led rings around the knobs are all out of wack, No biggie though, if I'm really into a project I hardly notice.....Thanks again for taking the time to make that spreadsheet
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