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  1. I had the same issue, I had to re-record my bass track..
  2. Kinda quiet on the cakewalk front, any updates coming soon? Just wondering.
  3. Thank u scook, I unchecked always import broadcast waves at their timestamp, and all is well now, thanks for your help.
  4. Yes sure there's data in the source files, I can even audition them, also get them to work in another DAW..
  5. I'm trying to use Drums On Demand multitrack in cakewalk by bandlab, when I drag in the multitracks, it creates all the necessary tracks, but no waveform and no sound. Can someone please help?
  6. Is it just me, or does studio one do something unpleasant to the bottom end. I've tried other DAW's but I keep coming back to Cakewalk. "Don't believe the hype"
  7. last time I checked there wasn't a choke group in sitala, has that changed?
  8. I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston, produced by one of the baddest producers on the planet, David Foster..
  9. I tried different modules, all I get is the top portion which says save preset, delete preset, copy and paste settings, everything else seems to work fine
  10. I can't find the pc presets, when I click on the icon it says no presets
  11. I found my new favorite theme, many thanks Matthew..
  12. Thanks for your tutorials Mike, I've learned a lot from your videos, please keep up the good work....
  13. That's beautiful, my kinda music...More, More...
  14. If Chuck E Baby's tip doesn't work, try increasing your buffer size from 128 to maybe 256, can even go as high as 512, as long as it's workable...
  15. I see what you did there, lol... Yep shared a lot of cool tidbits....
  16. Yep? used to be a guy on the old sonar forum, by the name of Yep, anyone knows what happened to him? I learned quite a few things from him....
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