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  1. well, many different software applications grey out text and or options that are not available. for example buttons my be greyed out and you are not able to click on them as they are not in focus or you may not have permission on websites or in other software programs. and many time the software will also display icons as an indication that something is not right. so my "obsession' with the icons is not weird. it simply wondering if 2 plugs not connected meant something was wrong, and the text appeared to be greyed out to me. apparently it was grey on purpose and the 2 plugs are apparently the symbol for VST3. Which i did not know. But thanks for your remarks....
  2. thanks to scook for helping. i agree it appears to be a toontrack issue as that plugin came out today. also, to the other person suggesting i read the fuiopcking manaul. i did look for that information in the online documentation under plugin browser thinking thats where it would be. if you know where to find it, feel fee to point me in that direct, otherwise kma!
  3. our posts crossed in the mail. saw this post after i posted my last one. thank you!! I will contact Toontrrack.
  4. just curious, when you zoom in on the VST3 icons, it looks like 2 plugs that are not plugged together and greyed out, so i assumed this meant it was broken or not compatible. the VST2 ones are NOT Greyed out and the icon looks like 2 plugs that are connected, i assumed this mean they are good to go and working properly so the greyed out are always VST3 and the icon doesn't mean anything? Thanks for your help!!
  5. Do they crash the DAW? yes they crash the DAW, after a DUMP error comes up. see pic Do they display an error message when loading? DUMP error comes up. see pic Do they load and not play? they do not load all of the greyed out VST3 do not work for me (see pic below) Thank you!!
  6. scook, i just updated SD3 and have their latest VST3 synth and it does not work. i am getting a crash. the total amount of user interaction to run the SD2 to SD3 update was clicking the "install" button. so what could i have done wrong? I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times with not luck. I re-downloaded and reinstalled again with no luck. i have the latest version of cakewalk i think. you are the first person to verify any particular VST synth that works in cakewalk, thank you! everyone just says their works fine. and tells me to do the things i have already done. so now that i know that SD3 VST works, i know for a fact that it should work on my machine. I also purchased EZDrummer3 which only comes in a VST3 version. And it is doing the same thing that SD3 is doing. I have done all the same things, reinstall etc. I went to the toontrack forums and there are lots of people having the same issues in cakewalk. so then i started looking and noticed no VST3 synths work for me. again, they are all installed by clicking and install button in a product manager portal software. so they are installed and cakewalk see them so they show up in the browser. I do not know what else to do at this point. they do not work for me. and i am stuck now. don't know what to do. So i have created a few posts with different title to try to get an answer. so far you have told me that SD3 works. Now i need to know if EZD3 works. Did someone actually get it to work or am i just spinning my wheels on EZD3.
  7. has anyone gotten EZDrummer3 to work in Cakewalk?
  8. again, no specific example! which ones work? none of mine do. I have done rescans, reinstalls (a few times), looked thru all the options, menus. done a bunch of stuff. it would be helpful to have an example of a VST3 synth that actually works. this may help me troubleshoot where the issues is. thanks! please give me a specific VST3 synth that works, i will install and see if it works on my machine.
  9. they were installed from the toontrack product manager. so i am not sure how they were not installed properly. I have reinstalled them a few times. how would it be that only the VST3 synths would be installed improperly and all of the other vst3 plugins be installed ok? hmm, especially since all plugins are now installed by some sort of manager without any user interactions other than clicking the install button. So i think there are issues with cakewalk and VST3's. Name a vst3 synth that works, i will install it and see if it works on my version. if it does, then i will look for 'install' issues.....s.....
  10. which VST3 insrument works and i will get it and try it. perhaps i have something wrong with my latest version of cakewalk. Either ay, i cannot get VST3 synths to work in cakewalk. Any sugestions?
  11. In my case it is true! EZDrummer and SD3 vst3 do not work in cakewalk. All of the VST3 instruments i have do not work. if you know something about how to get them to work please share. https://www.toontrack.com/forums/topic/ezd3-crash-on-loading-vst-into-cakewalk-by-bandlab/#post-2925688
  12. I am noticing that no VST3 synths / instruments work in cakewalk or at least my version of cakewalk. OtherVST3 plugins like iZotope or Amplitube seem to work just fine. Just issue with the Synths. Does cakewalk support VST3 Synths / Instuments? Or is there a setting somewhere?
  13. Thanks John! the greyed out ones are VST3 and do not work. they are causing a crash. I have noticed that all VST3 instruments do not work in cakewalk (or at least all the VST3 instruments/synths that I have). However VST3 plugins like iZotope and others seem to work just fine Only having issues with synths. hmm... is that your experience? or is there a setting somewhere? does cakewalk not support VST3 synths or do you think i have something wrong with my version? I have the latest version of cakewalk.
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