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  1. it happens randomly and then works fine. have not identified a pattern yet.
  2. when i click on a drop down box. it flashes open and closes. it will not stay open. so i am not able to assign a track to a buss for example. this has just sstarted happening. not sure why. it only happens in cakewalk, not in any other program on my computer. anyone experience this or know how to fix it?
  3. At this point i would delete the post if i knew how.... not looking for a musician, just a drummer....
  4. out of convenience i have used virtual drums and programmed them as i usually am writing and recording mostly by myself and have a buddy come over and sing. Now i am collaborating with a buddy and i think i would like to have a live drummer. Any drummers out there that would want to paly and record drums for me, hit me up! Its a hard rock song, actually a few songs, kinda zepplin, 70's rock vibe. let me know and i can send a link to the rough idea versin. It has not been arrainged yet. just have a guitar idea recorded.
  5. I have a good preamp and just ordered a compressor. was wanting to smooth out the vocals a bit on the way in. I usually would just use the pre and then compress with a plug in, but i found i had lots of automation edits to do. So i am wanting to just smooth it out just a bit, same for bass guitar. So here is my question: do i need to eq before the compressor or should i be ok without eq? Like i said i am not planning to use heavy compression. just level a bit. Thoughts?
  6. I am looking to take the leap to some 500 series gear. I need a mic pre to start with and a chassis. Recommendations on some reasonably priced good quality mike pre and chassis? Also, should I consider used 500series gear?
  7. So i see you use FW1884 control. so questions for you: Are you using an RME interface and the FW1884 as a control surface? And I am guessing the RME sound quality is better than the FW1884? Also, i used the firewire install to windows 10 tutorial. that was invaluable for me to get the tascam working on my new computer. So if you are the author, thank you !!
  8. I checked and MOTU works on a PC. FYI.
  9. Yup, I'm confused. Does MOTU not have drivers?
  10. Why did you guys choose RME over MOTU? As much as I don't want to change, I may have to soon.
  11. I just got a new computer and as of windows 10 there is still a way to load drivers for the 1884. I don't want to give up the 1884. I love it. I did pick up a frontiers tango 24 for cheap, that should be here in a few days. Gonna give that a try via adat.
  12. Looking for either an interface that has 8 analog inputs and has NO preamps. Or a ad/da converter without preamps. I have my own preamps and want a way to connect without hitting a preamp on the interface from another preamp. Worried I would overload, as well as sound quality. What are you guys using? Looking for suggestions.
  13. I do have a wax melter smell good thing, does that count?
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