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  1. I think a hardware compressor would work better than a plugin. Do you agree? That being said, there are obvioulsy situations it makes more sense to use a plugin. but in general. Which do you think works better? The hardware or software?
  2. Not sure what i did exactly but i did get it working. I got a new Antelope interface and want to use my FW1884 as a control surface only. Anyone here use a FW1884 as a control surface only? I'm not sure how to go about it. it is selected as the control surface however something is missing as cakewalk is not responding to it. Any ideas?
  3. Nevermind. I bought an antelope.
  4. Anyone using UAD Apollo interfaces with cakewalk? do they play nice?
  5. have you tried Ugritone?
  6. What are you guys using as reference mixes for Modern Hard Rock genres ? Everything i pick is kinda old school. looking for suggestions of some really good modern rock mixes.
  7. Do you remember how to install Rapture? I have serial and reg code. can't remember if its part of CW or not.
  8. thanks so much!!!! You ROCK!!!
  9. I have all the install files and serial #s and reg code from when i purchased SONAR Producer version. I installed Dimension Pro and it prompts for a Reg Code, which i have. And it says it is invalid. Anyone else have this issue and is there a way around it. I have a screenshot of my account from cakewalk from when i purchased it. so the Reg Code i am trying is the reg code they gave me when i purchased it.
  10. I ended up getting the Suhr Reactive Load IR. And i am very happy so far. sounds great. noticed much better guitar sounds when recording. I also purchased IRs. so now i need to go thru them and pic some out. The Suhr came with 16. Which a few i really like. The only think i don't like about the Suhr...there is no power switch....or i am very blind and am not seeing it. So if you get one, get a switched ext cord. Thanks all for the discussion... being the gear head i am , i will probably end up with the OX at some point as well. Why? Why Not!? Peace!
  11. Two Notes Captor X, Suhr Reactive Load IR or Universal Audio OX? and Why?
  12. it happens randomly and then works fine. have not identified a pattern yet.
  13. when i click on a drop down box. it flashes open and closes. it will not stay open. so i am not able to assign a track to a buss for example. this has just sstarted happening. not sure why. it only happens in cakewalk, not in any other program on my computer. anyone experience this or know how to fix it?
  14. At this point i would delete the post if i knew how.... not looking for a musician, just a drummer....
  15. out of convenience i have used virtual drums and programmed them as i usually am writing and recording mostly by myself and have a buddy come over and sing. Now i am collaborating with a buddy and i think i would like to have a live drummer. Any drummers out there that would want to paly and record drums for me, hit me up! Its a hard rock song, actually a few songs, kinda zepplin, 70's rock vibe. let me know and i can send a link to the rough idea versin. It has not been arrainged yet. just have a guitar idea recorded.
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