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  1. I did that. But when I hit record, the existing clip shrinks back to where the punch point is. All information after the punch point disappears.. So when I punch in, there is no overlap to crossfade. I always back up the cursor a few bars before the punch point so I can play along up to the punch point while recording, but there is always a pop/click. If I don't use punch, and just start playing, then yes I can do manual crossfades which is fine. But it's just extra work that I shouldn't have to do.
  2. Please forgive me with this question, as I know there is probably a very simple thing I'm overlooking, but can't remember what to do. I recall a few months ago while tracking some bass tracks that auto punch worked seamlessly and I didn't have to create any cross-fades manually or do any other editing. The newly recorded part melded with the existing perfectly. Now, I'm getting the dreaded pop/click at the punch point and have to mess with the cross-fades. I've read the manual and watched videos, but nothing seems to work. Thanks for any help. ~Jeff
  3. After a Windows update, I've seen things on this Board to check (or uncheck), to get your system back to where it was prior to the update. I know Windows makes changes during updates. So can someone provide a link to a thread that addresses what to look for and what to change back? Thanks so much. ~Jeff
  4. I'm having some audio issues out of the blue and would like to uninstall and then re-install CW by Bandlab. I'm an old Sonar Platinum user and still have all the goodies (plug-ins) from that program which transferred over to BandLab. I still have SPLAT on my system. So if I uninstall BL and re-install, will my goodies still be there and be usable in BL??? Thanks. `Jeff
  5. Jeffiphone

    EzDrummer double hits

    Dragging a beat from EZ into Bandlab. In Piano Roll, if i delete a hit, there's another hit underneath. Why are there double hits?
  6. My SI Bass doesn't look like that. Is this a new version of the plug-in? How do I get it? Thanks! ~Jeff
  7. I use the Mix Scenes on every project. One scene for tracking and one scene for mixing. On the tracking scene, I basically only have a reverb on the vocal bus (when tracking vocals). When tracking guitars, I'll only have Amplitube on the guitar track I'm recording. No other plug-ins or FX are on. After recording, I'll simply just switch over to the mixing scene where all my ProChannels and plug-ins are on. Then I can edit the newly recorded tracks and integrate them into the song as desired. This method has worked perfectly for me. ~Jeff
  8. Thanks Mark. That helps clarify things. I have two monitors, one being a large HD tv. So I just enabled the audio on the TV for Windows stuff. Cakewalk is still using the 2i2. Seems to work fine. I'd still like to use the 2i2 though. Can you tell me how I can set Windows to use the 44.1Khz?
  9. Actually, I'm not given an option to use any other drivers for Cakewalk or other audio. My default driver/device is always set to the Focusrite. The only other option in my device manager is the Realtek HD, which I thought I was supposed to disable for music production. As for the sample rate, that sounds more like what's going on. How would check that, and what would I be checking for??? Thanks so much! ~Jeff
  10. I use a 2nd Gen Focusrite 2i2 as my interface and have a great newish PC. Everything works fine when I'm playing back songs in Cakewalk, or mp3's in media player. However, if I want to watch a Youtube video, or any other thing with audio via the internet, the audio is horribly crackly and distorted. I've gone through all the device manager and sound settings for my computer, but nothing seems to fix the issue. I've also visited the "Suspend......" function in Preferences in Cakewalk. Basically, I just want all audio on my computer to go through my Focusrite into my monitors and play clearly. I must be missing something here. Thanks for any help with this matter. ~Jeff
  11. Hey all, Anybody tried this new plug-in? Reviews? Thanks. ~Jeff
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