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  1. Thing is, I love hoarding the tuners because I'm often in a foreign "sound motel" and if a tuner isn't handy, I just install that on their rig and leave it. The fact that ProTools doesn't have a built in tuner, or at least a plug in, is so dumb.
  2. To compare... If you have used the VLB902, the Lindell works a lot harder than the LRS version, so you'll have to dial back the mix knob on the Lindell if you want similar results. I like the Lindell better. The VLB is slightly smoother on the super top end (like, beyond the threshold of hearing). If you listen to the detector on the Lindell, the volume will change if you adjust the range. This doesn't happen on the LSR Audio version. The Lindell is much more like the hardware in my experience. Simple, quick dessing. It does work at 384kHz, if you are a psychopath that works at that sampling rate. There's stupid "noise" feature I quickly turn off. It oversamples to 16X. You can resize it, sidechain into it, and change the calibration of it.
  3. Meter on this thing can hit your CPU harder than expected. I only use the meter when I need to. Sounds like a DBX902 to me. Slightly improved on the VLB 902 from LSR sonically, who must've done this version, and the added features are welcome. No brainer at $29.
  4. New Year's Resolution... dig deep into all this "DynIR" voodoo.
  5. It's back here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1567589-REG/audio_technica_at2020v_at2020_limited_edition_chrome.html/SID/e8c186a668db11ec9be2363f2c00ba5d0INT I copped one. It WILL get fingerprinted with the shiny chrome, but I do prefer it to the black. Lots for me to like; looks good, great 'bang for the buck' sound, compact which is great cause it'll be one of my travel mics.
  6. It's all a conspiracy perpetrated by the Industrial Harddrive Complex. #staywoke
  7. e-cue

    Computer Music Sub

    Digital subscriptions get my hopes up everytime.
  8. SAMSUNG 870 QVO Series 2.5" 2TB SATA III Samsung 4-bit MLC V-NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-77Q2T0B/AM $127.49 w/code EMCXHSSU46 edit: there's a $10 giftcard promo on the app as well... edit edit: YRMV... looks targeted for certain email addresses...
  9. e-cue

    Coming Soon from PA

    Whoa. https://www.kmraudio.com/knif-audio-soma.php ?
  10. I was holding out to see if another retailer would come up cheaper/with rewards. Doesn't look like that's gonna happen.
  11. This company's website and server are down very often. I own MCab, but have been weary of Melda's products because of weird crashes with their stuff in the past. You have a rep for demanding the best out of guitar simulation stuff, so I'll start digging into it by year's end (along with starting to reorganize all my IR's, drum samples, presets, etc).
  12. Turd mic is back. Neewer NW-8000 USB Condenser Microphone Kit (Black) - 50.59 - $31.87 with code 63MW1221 = $18.72 free shipping w/ Prime or orders over $25+ Enter promo code 63MW1221 at checkout. Kit Includes: NW-8000-USB Microphone NW-35 Boom Arm, Shock Mount Foam Windscreen Pop Filter Desk Clamp USB-A to B Cable
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