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  1. Black Salt Audio Escalator $48 with code DYNAMICDUO Run the demo before you buy this. People have been hyping it a lot online, but it seems to break apart way too fast for me and the inability to tweak under the hood was a deal breaker for me. But hey- different strokes.
  2. *rage quits this world* thanks for the head's up.
  3. gone... up now: Mackie CR3-X 3" Powered Studio Monitors (Pair) Limited Edition Gold Trim $70.
  4. Daily pick... Akai Professional MPK mini mk3 Red Keyboard Controller and Headphones $99
  5. Donner Studio Monitor Isolation Pads, 4 Packs Foam Studio Monitor Pads $9 4 pack (for a pair of speakers total) code: C3 YRMV: Additional 10% off orders over $20 Check the link for additional discount (1st order, etc).
  6. deal dead. Fingers crossed that they put the XL on sale soon since I already have one of these.
  7. Elgato Stream Deck/Controller w/ 15 Customizable LCD Key $95 with clipped coupon if ya know, ya know.
  8. https://madronalabs.com/products/aaltoverb?locale=us $35 new.
  9. e-cue

    IK iRigProQuattro

    Fore what it's worth... This is letting me apply 96 of my jam points. I'm considering it to capture IR's and maybe backups and other misc unplanned stuff.
  10. So this will get me laid? Asking for a friend, that wants to get me laid.
  11. e-cue

    McDSP May Sale

    75% off a MCDSP APB-16?! I'm in. Oh. "Up to" marketing gets me again. Oh, oh. Not on the hardware. Too bad I already own all their stuff. Except for the hardware, that is.
  12. I slept on DS-10 for a long time. It's pretty rad and a bit less 'clicky' than more of the envelope compression type stuff.
  13. somewhere... fleer just dropped a glass in horror, but won't understand why....
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