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  1. Not fer nuthin', but if you chat with them online after the deal is over, sometimes they'll still honor the price.
  2. There you go. Next time you feel like you need to buy something that you clearly don't need, just punch Lee in the balls.
  3. Behringer DeepMind 6 37-Key 6-Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer It just went on backorder. $200 cheaper than I've seen elsewhere. https://www.adorama.com/bedeepmind6.html?sdtid=13340638&emailprice=t&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_source=rflaid62905
  4. must... record... 80's glam Xtian rock....
  5. e-cue

    Blue Encore 100i Mic

    wrong link there, Larry Blue enCORE 100i Dynamic Instrument Microphone 56% off
  6. https://www.jrrshop.com/tc-electronic-june-60 Basically the chorus out of a Juno. It does do stereo out (single 1/4 port). Coupon code "group" takes $8 off. Came to $54.96 shipped with tax for me in CA.
  7. e-cue

    PA Ends Pick Pack

    Great move by Dirk & company.
  8. I got this free with a promo from JRR a while back. It emulates verbs from the Kurzweil KPP8/Rumour units. I used the plate presets most often. Sometimes the gated stuff works well. And it includes the very recognizable "Lazerverb" stuff. The tempo sync is a nice option. 21 schemkels is no brainer territory unless they do another 'free' promo and you need something anyway in the future.
  9. https://www.thehouseofkush.com/store?_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJkeWxhbkBwYXBlcnZ1c3R1ZGlvcy5jb20iLCAia2xfY29tcGFueV9pZCI6ICJNcGJXMkgifQ%3D%3D Some good stuff there.
  10. e-cue

    UAD Ultimate Bundle

    yeah.... it' says "Your ownership discount(97 plug‑ins): $1,500" I believe I own 115, but some of that might be considered packaged on their end.
  11. e-cue

    UAD Ultimate Bundle

    Their offer to me... Your Ultimate 7 upgrade offer (9 plug‑ins): $999 BUY NOW! Not really all that into the ones I don't have, and it worked out cheaper with any of the 'choose your own' bundles. The custom 10 (+3) is $999 for example. That's almost twice the amount of plug ins. And then there's the $25 off on either, making the Custom one around $75/plug.
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