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  1. Signing up, if for nothing else than to help Lars' chances of winning.
  2. One of my fav AA plug ins.
  3. Also, this boxey graphic stuff annoys me (around the hmf and hf). Also around the amplitude knobs.
  4. After install it crashed Pro Tools on launch. I tried this on a 2nd rig, and the same thing happened. A peer had the same issue with a earlier version of software. Finally got it to work and noticed issues with the 40hz bell being set to 18hz (this issue was fixed with the update). Not exactly a 'bug' but, 120hertz is also a bit higher (around 130), 18K being more 16k, and 28K being more 24k (along with some other bizarre behavior I haven't been able to reproduce with the update). There's a meter issue where the gain reduction doesn't show on the meters sometimes (when you can clearly hear it working aggressively), you close the plug in window and open it and it usually starts working properly again. The plug in automation parameters show up a bit weird too. Look where they put the blend compared to the sat parameter that it literally surrounds in the GUI. Sure, not the end of the world, but........... That said, once you've dialed in your gain structure, it does seem to be pretty full and smooth.
  5. bitman, I don't know you... but I can instantly tell that I like you.
  6. STEP 1: Cop this for $37 STEP 2: Set fruity loops template tempo to 127 STEP 3: PROFIT
  7. Worlde Panda mini Portable Mini 25-Key USB Keyboard and Drum Pad MIDI Controller $36.99
  8. D'Angelico Guitars Premier Gramercy Single Cutaway Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Dark Cherry Burst $329
  9. I bought it when DDMF acquired them. Literally sounds broken to me. I'd avoid even at this price.
  10. e-cue

    Relab sale

    I do have this in my account for Complete (code here if you want to try copying and pasting: U-frYPbuvnzAwMmx4cIl5S7x3JT4tOFnKW ).
  11. e-cue

    Relab sale

    hmm. I might try again later. I hate this company, and I hate their website so maybe not.
  12. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/search.php?s=behringer+pedal&sb=low2high You can find these prices at a lot of other places (Amazon, etc). Clone list here: https://www.tonestart.com/ultimate-behringer-guitar-pedal-clone-list/ I don't consider these 'road worthy', but in the studio where the plastic won't break to crap as easily, I've been really happy with a lot of them.
  13. I have one auth on the cloud (which requires internet connectivity) and one auth on my iLok, which doesn't require an internet connection. I loathe the iLok cloud. It's messed things up for me even when I wasn't using it (had to start a cloud session, then end that cloud session to get Pro Tools to see it properly) on more than one occasion. I like the UI of this, but I have SO MANY 1176/78 variations.
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