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  1. e-cue

    PSP Avedis EQ for $29

    PSP is a bit hit n miss with me. I consider this one a big hit. I often prefer it to the Api 550 offerings that are out there. Great find, Lar...
  2. https://avid.secure.force.com/pkb/articles/Knowledge/Pro-Tools-2023-3-Release-Notes#KnownIssues "Dolby Atmos: Tracks are not properly time-aligned by real time bounce to ADM or multi-stem wav (PT-282856)" Ridiculous that this major bug hasn’t been fixed (and almost every engineer I talk to isn’t even aware of it).
  3. $80 upgrade seems steep for the feature set. At that pricepoint, I was hoping for some revolutionary Atmos feature- a boy can dream. But some of this was on the wishlist for a wrapper like this for a while so they just might get me.
  4. KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch 50% off $24 Kinda similar to MTV Music Generator for PS. I’m not exactly sure how to export audio other than the aux port, which would be quite limiting. Sale ends: 3/28/2023 at 08:59 AM PT
  5. I..... I beat Larry?! Quick! Somebody name a street after me or somethin'!
  6. IK Multimedia Total Studio 3.5 MAX $177 Maybe login to their site (seeing it for $199 there) and check for an update/discount... $99 for me. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/ts3/
  7. Think this’ll show up cheaper elsewhere? The sound examples remind me vaguely of some of the stuff my TC Electronics D2 unit does rhythmically, and I dig this ole unit because it does stuff plug in’s don’t.
  8. Am I stupid(er than normal) or... is there no way to pass external audio through the Leslie cab, bypassing the organ? I can bypass the leslie cab, durr, but not the other way around. I suppose it’s possible they omitted this feature, but that would seem extremely short sited. booo!
  9. Seems a better deal to buy from them off ebay as it includes free return shipping, and is cheaper if you buy more than one. Same on Ebay without promocode + free shipping returns Direct from Monoprice Indio Power Block Fully Isolated 8-Output Guitar Pedal Power Supply on sale for $39.99 after applying promo code PRES free shipping Make sure to enter code “PRES”.
  10. Not atmos? Pfffft. it’s 2023. Get WIFFIT UAD! I kid, mostly. These demos sound pretty good. And that’s pretty much the same way I’d mic a 122.
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