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  1. You can scale the UI from 100%, 90%, 80%, and 70%. There's 2, 4, 8, and 16X oversampling so if you're running low on DSP, you can scale it back. The THD tweeker knob (+/- 30) is pretty sick. Tobias Lindell is an active audio engineer, so he self scrutinizes his stuff a lot before it's even tested by other people. This is also why he tries to hit a price point that's acceptable from the hobbyist to the seasoned full time pro.
  2. Roland DJ-99 2-Channel DJ Mixer I expect this to sell out fast. edit: spoke too soon.... looks like it sold out already... op; please delete thread.
  3. e-cue

    12 Days of UAD sale

    12 Days of UAD Sale Hide ya wallet.
  4. Free Fuse Audio Labs W2395c Basically, W2395c classic Baxandall EQ combined with a mid-band filter. AAX, VST, AU. And free. Like ya mama. Sk'doosh. https://fuseaudiolabs.com/#/pages/product?id=300965965
  5. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/5305143109849363278?safe=strict&sxsrf=ACYBGNQKkKP6sFKJad4GI8asbwV0gyHP1Q%3A1573408026004&psb=1&q=focusrite 2i2 studio&biw=1375&bih=1000&prds=epd%3A5402129542364378981%2Cpaur%3AClkAsKraX27K0NlYHrqylxMLGGj4SZ9CvWbIgnqu9AvJ96Ni-hJL06Q6HeitwKpcWTDfB01GfBBcSPrDqV-cdy8VBLZE8vlH8mWYoahTAA7d0lXT546gYnIwLRIZAFPVH72QwtrUIH_Uk3G1eytxYGJx0kqbag%2Cpdprs%3A3%2Cprmr%3A3&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj-8uPemeDlAhUt11kKHbUyDrEQ8wIIhAM&utm_source=affiliate_CJ&utm_medium=1122587_cj_4485850&utm_campaign=Deep+Link&utm_content=13713149 via Google Shopping has Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio USB Audio Interface & Recording Bundle (2nd Gen) on sale for $146.50 with code NOVSAVE19 for 20% off ( 10% w/ promo code UGMBKO, but 20 is more than 10, right?). Shipping is free. Tax may vary. And don't forget their plug in collective.
  6. here here... I've emailed them several times about this. I own several of their TH-U bundles, and I'm still sometimes confused about what I own of their's and what I don't. I'd make the same argument for Rematrix.
  7. I had an issue upgrading (link said it was out of stock). The Boz people fixed it lickity split. I really like this update. It addressed a lot of the issues I had with V1. It's much faster and easier for me to dial in. I've moved on from the SPL TD because it can thin things out. The SPL does "click" fine on a kick drum, but dialing in punch isn't so easy. Transgressor does punch very well. It can also tame the spits I get when I'm using these types of processors on acoustic guitar (plucky vs. strummy). So this and the UAD Sonnox Envolution really cover me well. It's well more than a $30 tool.
  8. Someone over there went to a pawn shop recently. ;)
  9. When you log in and look under "My Account: My Products" (then logging into the ever dreaded here ilok account), can you verify that it's not there? A lot of my friends (and I) had the same "already registered" message, but right afterward checking in the products tab it showed up.
  10. Same, but check your account after it claims the serial was already registered to another user. When I looked under products, a fresh auth showed up (I own Anthology, and a couple others over there).
  11. Okay, fair enough... You can get a UAD Satellite for $1200 new + the Neve DFC for $149, bringing the total to around $150 cheaper than the Harrison. Does the Harrison include DSP? If so, and if you could "Instantiate 100's of MPC Channels on a system to recreate the Harrison MPC console processing experience in Pro Tools and/or across an Avid control surface.", this would be something to pounce on. Also, every post house I know/interface with has the uad platform- literally everyone of them. Let's take UAD out of the equation. Waves SSL G channel: $39 McDsp McDSP 6050: $50 Wave Arts Track Plug: $30 Brainworx Console N: $99 Steven Slate VMR: $149 ... or for oranges - $1500 would get you access to all their plug in's for a decade (or longer depending on the promo). $1500 isn't even in the ballpark. Large post facilities have budgets, but they aren't stupid.
  12. Apple and Oranges. UAD's AMS NEVE DFC CHANNEL STRIP is literally a tenth the price right now, and Neve (even AMS NEVE) is arguably a more revered brand than Harrison.
  13. It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black...
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