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  1. I used Jam points and got in at that level to complete the AT5 collection. Most of the items I picked up were at the $25 level. It was still well worth it for $35.
  2. bluzdog

    PSP Saturator

    and Saturator X.
  3. That assessment was made with the stand alone version. I just created a Studio One project and added 2 instances of AT 4 and 2 instances of AT 5. The load time was super fast for both versions but AT 5 does use about twice the CPU power.
  4. F.w.i.w.... I'm running AT 5.2.0 on my laptop. It has an I7 8750H processor. Load time is 12 seconds and the CPU hit is negligible. It loads the 4 X-Gear pedals without issue.
  5. Welcome back! I hope you had a safe productive trip.
  6. If get at least one more tier after this, I'll get in one more time to finish my AT collection. 😆
  7. I'm already in at the $149 level for X-Gear. I was wondering about the other stuff.
  8. @Peter - IK Multimedia I have everything Amplitube has to offer except 11 pedals and 2 amps. Would it be worth buying a t-racks processor that I already have that came with T-Racks, to pick up the remaining AT gear? I assume they could all be had at the $50 level. I could pick up a processor that was included with AT when I bought it. Thanks. Items left: Replica, Moller, Mudhoney, Pinnacle Deluxe, Power Grid, Contour Wah, Nu-Tron III, Nirvana, Seek Trem, Seek Wah, Shape Shifter and JCA100H and JCA20H
  9. Wow, thanks for that Kenny. That helps a lot. The main thing I like about the X-Vibe is the flanger/doubler but I have the PA version. There was a sound guy in the 80's that would put my gtr through a flanger/doubler in the foh and it sounded amazing. I have all of the AT bundles so I have lots of chorus pedals, Leslies etc.
  10. I picked all of my available freebies before they added the X-Series stuff. I will only be able to pick three of them. The big question is which one to pass on. I keep going back and forth between Space and Vibe. Any suggestions?
  11. 🍻 Thanks and Cheers, I'll drink to that!
  12. Here's where I stand now. I wouldn't change a thing except Reggaeton and Fulltone ( I already had OCD). See what I did there? 😎
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