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  1. I picked up the bx_console SSL 4000 G. It just seemed too hard to pass up. I wasn't going to let software gas get in the way of saving up for my new guitar amp but here we are. 😆 Rocky
  2. I like the SLO-100 model, I bought it individually in 2012. BTW...... If you have Jam Points Satch can be had for $40. Rocky
  3. The mission was a success! I probably still need to get him a better monitor but he's in business for now. Thanks again for all of the input! Rocky
  4. bluzdog

    XLN Early Bird Sale

    The bundles are a really good deal. Rocky
  5. Thank you for all of the food for thought. You guys rock! I ordered his box and he should have it next weekend. 🙂 Rocky
  6. I have a monitor but it's not 4k . I may revisit that down the road, for now he should be set. Rocky
  7. Yes and it takes forever. I recently replaced the power supply in his Xbox. It actually went pretty smooth. Rocky
  8. I pushed my price point some and I'm considering this: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-rog-gaming-desktop-intel-core-i7-9700k-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-super-2tb-hdd-512gb-ssd-black/6401068.p?skuId=6401068 It checks most of the boxes and should be future proof for some time. What do you guys think? Rocky
  9. f.w.i.w.... I'm not looking for a high end gaming machine but he definitely needs something usable. He has an Xbox1 and lots of games. Right now he's talking about running minecraft on the PC. When I get back home I'll pick his brain a little more. Thanks for all of the useful info. You guys Rock! Rocky
  10. I feel truly blessed to have the resources to do things like this for him. Rocky
  11. I was thinking about that as well. Thanks. Rocky
  12. I check these out. I love my Lenovo laptop. Do you know what model you bought? Thanks. I'm not that guy, I wish I was. Thanks. Thanks for the replies guys! Rocky
  13. My 13 year old has been hitting me up for a while now. He doesn't know specs so he keeps sending me links to cheap boxes because he's chomping at the bit. Do any of you guys have suggestions for towers in th sub 1k range. Also how about Intel vs AMD? Any help would be appreciated. Rocky
  14. F.w.i.w....I like Zo's idea best so far. Rocky
  15. How about a colon cancer charity. A google search brought up a bunch, I don't know which one to trust. Here's one: https://fightcolorectalcancer.org/about/financials/ Rocky
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