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  1. This just in: "Larry is a gay polygamist with many clingy followers" 😁
  2. That looks like fun! 😎
  3. It's taken years but evidently people are warming up to WUP.
  4. I upgraded Gold to Diamond and it added a year to WUP. My Next upgrade if needed will be Diamond to Horizon + Restoration + Saphira + NLS, right now that's $140 and adds "12" plugins and a year to WUP.
  5. Wup can add value when it adds plugins and/or additional functionality which is never for me. I go the upgrade route instead which adds a year of Wup. Waves customer service is fantastic but you pay for it. If I'm having issues it's usually all of my Waves plugins, I can buy a $29 plugin and be wupped for that.
  6. I think they absolutely customize offerings with tracking cookies.
  7. bluzdog

    Apple Mac Mini M1

    No doubt, we haven't had this much drama in years!
  8. I would much rather pay $120 up front and be able to use my Slate Trigger 2 expansion packs with SSD.
  9. $13.99 for the Deluxe upgrade with Jam points! Thanks for the heads up.
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