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  1. This is hard to resist for $9: https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/accessories/rk143g
  2. bluzdog

    XLN 30% Off Adpaks

    I have all of the ADpaks. I mostly use them with Addictive Trigger for kick, snare and tom replacement. I like the work flow in EZ Drummer for building drum tracks. I sometimes use AD2 after I've created drum tracks with EZ Drummer. If I wasn't so heavily invested in AD2 and not using the samples for drum replacement I would take the King's advice and go EZ Drummer and/or Superior Drummer. I don't know if it's still available but XLN had a download page for gm versions of the AD Paks.
  3. bluzdog

    XLN 30% Off Adpaks

    I like Fairfax 1 & 2 as well. ADPaks also work with Addictive Trigger which is a big bonus.
  4. Bruce Johnston did. He wasn't an original member of the Beach Boys but he joined the band in 1965.
  5. Is MS2022 pretty intuitive for someone without video editing experience but is comfortable with Cake and Studio One? Thanks. Rocky
  6. No pop up here either. It must be because I'm greedy and already purchased it in the past. 😁
  7. Just enough to get you addicted!
  8. Finally, Project page automation!
  9. Isn't that what Bandlab is all about to begin with?
  10. This chaps my *ss for sure!
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