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  1. 6 Packs are $105 at Thomann. https://www.thomannmusic.com/toontrack_ezbass_midi_6_pack_bundle.htm
  2. Yes, that mage it a no brainer for me.
  3. Isn't that what XLN XO does?
  4. I have BFD but got tired of fighting with it. Most of my content doesn't show up.
  5. I'm controversial, sometimes I let EZdrummer play the sounds in AD2. 😆
  6. I concur, while they don't lend themselves well to gas, their plugs always work well and the sounds are legit. I'm pretty sure I'm all caught up on drum samples at the moment. 😆
  7. Those are nicely done. Definitely nicer than the ones I built. Thanks.
  8. I'm moving in to a new room and I'm looking for a few ideas. It's not big ( 10' 4"x 11'4"). I'll mostly be recording guitar. The current plan is use a laptop ( I'll probably get another machine at some point) with a Babyface, Quad Cortex and/or a Tonex pedal and monitor through Dynaudio BM5As. I have Masterlink ( CD player) and a turntable that I want to include. I'm considering an Audient Nero as a monitor controller/hub as it will give me enough i/o. It would be cool if I could monitor everything through room correction software. The room is empty and I'm pretty stoked to get it set up with guitars, amps, etc. I don't have a huge budget but I plan to pick up a desk https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ProRakLS840B--rab-audio-pro-rak-ls840-studio-workstation-black-trim An Audient Nero, A Fryette Power Load IR, a Schiitt Mani 2 and a couple of speaker stands soon. Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I think @cclarry posted a 2tb drive that's on sale. 😆
  10. Tempting! I would gain Sampletron 2, Fame Studio Reverb and the title of Total Studio Max.
  11. Just my opinion but I wouldn't let an on/off switch preclude an otherwise great solution. You could always use a power strip, smart plug, etc.
  12. There's Peter! Congrats on an awesome Launch. 🎸
  13. I took a lap through the factory presets. There's a lot of good stuff in there. A few observations playing through them with my '91 Strat plus: The EQ is super functional and sensitive. Small moves make a big difference. I made eq changes on just about every preset and it made a huge difference. A lot of the presets were gain heavy. Once I dialed them back a bit they sounded more to my liking. The noise gate works great but needed to be adjusted on most high gain presets. I found myself toggling between the amp settings ( gain, bass, mid, etc.) and alternate settings (reverb, comp, noise gate, etc.) often. The bank up function does not wrap back around to bank 0 once you get to 49. I'm pretty stoked about this pedal and I can see me building a pedal board around it. It sounds awesome out of the box. I haven't hooked it up to the Tonex software yet but I'm sure I'll be able to get it dialed. I 'm in a bit of limbo getting my new music room set up so I didn't a-b it against the Quad Cortex but I'm sure it will hold it's own. I.m.o. it doesn't really compete in the same space as the QC. The QC is more of an all-in-one unit complete with effects and the Tonex pedal is more of a collection of amps with a built in compressor and noise gate. I think a steal and a no brainer at this price point especially if you have Jam points. I think an effects loop would have been a huge benefit but then again I've never minded putting time based effects in front of my vintage amps. An onboard tuner would be a nice addition. My biggest request is for global eq to high pass and low pass. Any who, I'm off to clean out the room that's soon to be my music room.
  14. It's not really worth it to me. I would only gain Sampletron 2 and the Fame Reverb.
  15. Uncanny.......this just showed up: Total Studio 3.5 MAX Savings: MAXgrade from any MAX product for only $/€99.99 Total Studio 3.5 MAX (Digital Download) The ultimate collection of authentic sounds and gear. 143 products, over 470GB of sounds, 497 FX, 63 plug-ins. Digital Download. TOTAL VALUE $12,223.00 YOU SAVE $12,123.00 $99.99
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