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  1. Nothing wrong with using other peoples captures of gear you know and love. That's what I'm doing with my Quad Cortex until I get my remodel done and get my studio space back.
  2. you can sign up for free without a subscription and still download GP tabs.
  3. My favorite feature is on the Fretboard view settings. Turn on the scale and select a scale/mode.
  4. Ultimate Guitar-> choose song->select Guitar Pro tab->scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Download Guitar Pro Tab button.
  5. @daveiv if you buy GP. Let us know. There's a lot of features that take up real estate on the main screen that take up real estate on the main screen that you won't need or use right away and there's an incredible selection of song tabs formatted for GP on Ultimate guitar for free but it's not obvious how to download them.
  6. Absolutely, if you don't mind reading tab. It can also display the tab on a virtual fretboard, slow it down, loop, etc. You can also go through a list of scales and modes and display them on a virtual fretboard.
  7. That's a good deal. I find it handy sometimes for working out tunes. You can download free guitar pro files from ultimate guitar. I have GP7, paid full price with no regrets.
  8. Ditto that, thanks for the heads up!
  9. Groove 3 is the only subscription service I like. I stopped buying videos from them because I have a subscription that I got with the Izotope MPS. Before that I would jump on and off the monthly plan if I needed to get up to speed on something.
  10. SlowGold works great and it's free. https://worldwidewoodshed.com/
  11. I wonder if ToneX will host plugins for time based effects?
  12. I think he's posting from IK's bitchin' amp room.
  13. How is it you can post pissing and I have to post pith because I can't post piss? edit: it bleeped out piss when I posted it the first time
  14. We already lost Lars, let not pith Peter off too!
  15. bluzdog

    XLR to TSR questions

    The side rejection of that mic is incredible! I would still be careful. From Royer: The ribbon elements in some vintage ribbon microphones can be harmed or even destroyed by the presence of phantom power. For this reason, it is commonly recommended that phantom power be turned off when using ribbon microphones. Leaving phantom power on can result in a stretched or completely blown ribbon.
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