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    UAD Half Year Sale!

    "We struggled with whether or not to shut down our online store, but decided that a better path would be to donate 100% of Tuesday's online store proceeds to worthy organizations including Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund." I'll probably put an order in tomorrow during the Blackout protest.
  2. e-cue

    30% off Gulfoss

    Yup. I tried putting it on the computer instead of the iLok as well. Tried logging in and then out of the cloud (trying all the way just in case). Still no dice, and no word from tech support.
  3. e-cue

    30% off Gulfoss

    Thanks, Barry. Good to know in advance. Not a great move on their part imo but if that's their business model and they don't think it'll cost them, it's on them. Now if I could just get the auth working...
  4. e-cue

    30% off Gulfoss

    Yep. The NFR thing is really odd. Normally that is for testers, endorsers, and sometimes gearpimps. I should be allowed to sell this, even if I used a discount code (but who am I kidding- I'll keep it if I get it working).
  5. e-cue

    30% off Gulfoss

    Checked that. It's on the iLok itself, and I'm not logged into the cloud. What's also weird is that it's showing up as an NFR (not for resale). And you'd think between the iLok, and me logging into my account from the plug in itself that I'd have at least 2 shots at it. We'll see what tech support says. Kinda pricey plug in to be running into this.
  6. e-cue

    30% off Gulfoss

    Oof. Copped it. Told myself I'd get it the next time I saw it on sale. Having issues getting the plug in to see the auth (it shows up in my account on their site, and in my iLok to shows up active). I hit up the support, so we'll see. Thankfully, it's not urgent on my end ATM.
  7. Looking forward to the Scott Ian Steven Slate SSD drum expansion pack....
  8. MF Warehouse Clearance sale 10% off. Looks kinda meh, limited items but... I've had my eye on that Rocky Patel cigar humidor / cajon for a while.
  9. Musician's Friend has the Dean Markley ProMag Plus XM Acoustic Guitar Pickup on sale for $19.97 - extra 10% off (automatically applied in cart) = $17.97 + Free Shipping.
  10. Taylor Guitars 317e Grand Pacific Acoustic-Electric Guitar $1999 but $1k off when you add to cart... I tried to stack the “add a guitar for $99’ deal with no luck. Still a great deal for $999.
  11. Thanks, all Had to click my products...
  12. I stand corrected.
  13. Fulltone Store 15% off Code: STIMULUS This code also works on things like the Tri Chorus (-$ 194.85) and the Echoplex delays (-$ 254.85 on the the version). Nice if you are on the fence about one so you could buy it, and pretty much at least break even later. Sweetwater is price matching most of these as well: Sweetwater Fulltone Sale
  14. Apogee Digital half off Bundles don't appear to stack in the checkout (they normally offer an additional discount if you buy more than one plug in). Plug in's seem to stack.
  15. For reference, I own everyone one of them in the bundle except the Marshall and the Monomental Bass. My upgrade pricing? $160. Code brings me down to $118.30. Replace one of those with the Chandler, and it's on like a prawn who yawns at dawn. Rea-dit-dit-deh-doooo.
  16. D'Addario Classic Pro Series Instrument Cable 15 ft. $6.99 free shipping Comes with 56 reward points (56¢ off next purchase), so you can add cheese to the value meal you buy your next date. #baller
  17. Keith Urban Player- Right Hand Electric Guitar + Gig Bag, Rich Black Keith Urban Player- Right Hand Electric Guitar + Gig Bag, Rich Black Keith Urban Player- Right Hand Electric Guitar + Gig Bag, Rich Black Keith Urban Player- Right Hand Electric Guitar + Gig Bag, Rich Black $129... Use code "GUITAR" to bring it down to $83.88. Then get a can of lighter fluid and do your worst Hendrix impression with your neato Keith Urban geetar.
  18. I've always wondered if the knock offs I see on wish.com have the germanium diodes in them.
  19. FEB-29-A-HPRZ7QA7 Should be reusable & sharable.
  20. Greatest. Forum. Ever. thanks, doc!
  21. So... Studio live space reverbs? Soft drums from in studio spaces? tell me. TAELLLLLL MAYYYYYYY NAOEWWWWWW!
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