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  1. Aja is a perfect record.
  2. Got it. What I was suggesting was a little unorthadox i.e. to "play" the recorded audio with the MG2 vst on the track and capture the MIDI - but that is assuming MG2 would do a better conversion than Melodyne (unlikely). But as I mentioned above, you might want to EQ and compress to really make the note fundamentals pop, so audio pitch analysis has an easier time.
  3. Yes. The difference between Essential/Assistant and Editor/Studio is that with the latter, you can edit polyphonic audio, so for instance, you could do crazy things, like take a piano performance in a major key and change it to minor.
  4. @John Vere One more thought - since you own MIDI Guitar 2, you may want to try that to convert the the audio to MIDI by playing the audio into the VST and capturing the MIDI, though I'm not certain that Cakewalk has all the audio and MIDI routing needed.
  5. Just a thought - perhaps making a new copy of the audio track, dedicated to MIDI conversion, and preparing it for analysis/conversion with EQ / dynamics processing could provide more accurate MIDI?
  6. That's really clever. Not trying to be funny, but seriously, could this construct be used as the visual basis of a Cakewalk chord track?
  7. While I don't disagree that SO has features which songwriters would appreciate, I'm curious about which songwriting features Cakewalk lost. There are excellent "music assistant" programs like Scaler or even Band in a Box which come in VST format that make it really easy to integrate with DAWs like Cakewalk. - though it would be great if Cakewalk had a chordtrack.. 😁
  8. Here is a video showing Melodyne Essential (included with Mixcraft Pro Studio) converting guitar audio to MIDI, so yes it is possible, but results will vary... https://youtu.be/LvALF5oAB6s
  9. Exactly. I haven't kept up either. From a brief viewing of the video, it appears that you can key lock to the chords. I wonder if you can also lock to scales? This is very similar to Cubase's MIDI input transform. Scaler can make any DAW a powerful composition tool.
  10. A different theme can make it look like an entirely different program. Although when you get into it, all the behavior will be the same.
  11. pbognar

    Chord Track

    Indeed, all chord track requests / comments should be placed here for maximum united visibility: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/21717-fr-chord-track/
  12. pbognar

    I'm Baaaa-aaaack!

    Ahh, all is well with the universe again
  13. Audio to MIDI Public Service Announcement (sorry, doesn't belong in this thread, but I figured those interested in Melodyne are probably subscribed to this) Melodyne 5 Assistant allows you to convert audio to MIDI (including polyphonic audio). HOWEVER, you cannot EDIT polyphonic audio with Assistant. Editor or Studio are required for this. Had I known this, I may not have been so quick to upgrade from Essential to Editor.
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