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  1. pbognar

    Mixcraft University

    I like Mixcraft - it's like Garageband for Windows. It's simple and intuitive.
  2. Welcome back! Absolutely correct about finding the best DAW for you. The best DAW is the one which enables you to be the most musically productive. I was fixated with the tied / partial tuplet thing in Sonar, but what really mattered was the work flow. Right now, I'm having the most fun with Mixcraft (crappy notation) and REAPER (better notation than Cakewalk). I'm watching for a reason to return to Cakewalk - hoping for chord / composition enhancements.
  3. More composition tools please - Chord Track, Chord Assistant, Extract Chord from Audio
  4. pbognar

    Your BF Strategy

    Oh, cool. I was under the impression that it was only good for 10.5, as long as I registered it within a certain window of time. Maybe by v11 the chord track will process polyphonic audio like in S1. Thanks!
  5. pbognar

    Your BF Strategy

    I am trying to resist the urge to jump on the Studio One Pro 4.5 deal, and focus instead on registering and installing Cubase 10.5 which I crossgraded to in the Spring. I don't even have time to make music on the DAWs I already have - I have a sickness 😫
  6. Yeah, I was hoping Cubase would have augmented their chord track to be more like S1, where it can work with polyphonic audio. Either that, or hoping that S1 would implement a basic MIDI notation editor. I have an unopened cross-grade to Cubase 10 Pro which I still have not registered. Cubase has most of the features I want, but looks overly complicated whereas S1 looks straight forward, but seems like a bit of a closed system (with no notation editor).
  7. pbognar

    Cubase 10 Pro for free

    So, back in May, I purchased the competitive cross-grade to Cubase Pro 10. I received a small box, with I'm assuming, a USB e-licenser. I was planning to register when 10.5 would be available. Do I need to register before 10.5 is released, or can I wait until it is released? Thanks edit: If Bapu registered his 9.5 and it reflected as 10.0, I suppose it is ok if I wait until 10.5 is released
  8. Are you referring to this upgrade from Xpand!2 ? https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/58-Inst-Bundle/2294-AIR-Instrument-Expansion-Pack-3-COMPLETE-UPGRADE-
  9. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. What I consider bread and butter sounds would be natural sounding acoustic drums, electric bass, piano, electric piano, organ, clav, brass section, strings, sax and basic synth sounds. I would be satisfied with something like the Roland Cloud JV 1080 (or a software version of the Yamaha Motif), but there's no way I'm going to go for any subscription based instrument. I've been out of the DAW thing for a long time, but I have Dimension Pro not currently installed anywhere. I recall not being too knocked out by the basic sounds included, but I should really revisit it. My preference right now would be to have a single multi instrument, not chewing up all my computer resources. I was pretty impressed by some Kontakt and SampleTank (Max) videos, but I'm not looking to spend any more than $100 at this time. From what I heard of Xpand!2, it seemed a little cheesy when it comes to acoustic or electro-acoustic sounds. I cannot find any decent demos of Structure 2. I would consider going to full versions Halion, Kontakt, or SampleTank eventually, if my DAW use and productivity justify it. For now, I'm trying to decide on a more robust and naturally sounding version of TTS-1 to get started. I am a synth junky, and it seems like there are tons of really nice sounding inexpensive soft synths out there. I'm a real fan of wavetable scanning synths. If anyone can shed any additional light on Structure 2, I'd appreciate it. At $29, it seems like a bargain. @Some Guy which product were you referring to when you mentioned Complete Bundle?
  10. Starting with TTS-1 on one end of the spectrum going up to Kontakt / SampleTank / etc., which multi-timbral bread and butter workstation / rompler / sample playback VSTi are you using in Cakewalk? What do you use to sketch out tunes, where you might keep some sounds and replace others?
  11. Cakewalk / Sonar have had pitch markers for years. IMO a chord track is an evolution of this.
  12. This is an excellent feature. We have to at least ask for it. I was hoping that when ARA2 was implemented, that it might open the window to chord track / audio. It would be hard to imagine that the Presonus developers came up with the algorithms to detect chords in audio and also be able to affect polyphonic audio. Though it could be German engineering.
  13. The Chord Track in S1Pro being able to affect polyphonic audio is killer. Having this is Cakewalk would be stellar. Let's not forget Chord Pads and Chord Assistant being able to suggest conventionally appropriate chords.
  14. The new Roland Fantom announced today includes a built in sequencer, which includes a Cakewalk Matrix View / Ableton Live like screen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16sxYVdYYMg
  15. Thanks - appreciate the help.
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