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  1. Our band learned this, but they had problems counting it out, because the bass is on the off-beats. 😏
  2. Maybe OT, but to you S1 users, do you primarily hang out on the Presonus forums for questions, or somewhere else? For example, I noticed when you select a chord in the MIDI editor, and use the chord UP macro button for shifting up chord inversions, after the first time, only the top note remains selected, so for subsequent shifts, you have to re-select the chord. Where might I get the quickest answer for this?
  3. The coolest thing about the lyric track is that you can navigate to any point in the project by just selecting a phrase. I also like that you can de-clutter the workspace, depending on what activity you want to perform.
  4. If you can go up to $99, I say go for the $16 extra from Best Service.
  5. Again, crossing my fingers that my recent cross-grade to 5.5.2 will be eligible for a version 6 upgrade grace period. Version 6 and a couple of years of updates would be stellar.
  6. Personus were smart to offer a full 1 month demo of S1 Pro 5. I tried it and yesterday I buckled and got the S1 Pro 5 Crossgrade from Thomann for $209. Hopefully it will include the upgrade to v6. If not, I'll wait for Black Friday upgrade sales.
  7. Is there such a thing as a grace period for getting a free upgrade for a recently purchased version?
  8. I played with a guy who had a 5-string Warwick. Very smooooove sounding.
  9. Considering this has been in development since at least March 2021, I think it's fair to expect some major requested features.
  10. I checked out Virtual Box - it's very cool. I was thinking of all the old software which could be brought back to life and then I realized - I'm into making music with best tools possible - why would I even consider going down that rabbit hole? I remember longing to be able to use Logic PC again, but when you look at it objectively, we have it so much easier today, even with free and almost free DAW software available to us.
  11. I have been checking the early release forum daily out of curiosity. Who knows, maybe they have changed the 2 month cadence. Or maybe this one is going to be a biggie.
  12. I figured anyone interested in the latest version probably knew where to get it. My bad. (nevermind, I see the error of my ways).
  13. REAPER 6.54: Banjo Telemark <snip> FX add per-FX instance and per-FX chain oversampling options (if both chain and instance are set, the higher of the two is used) change Add-FX window pane configuration (horizontal vs vertical layout) via context menu, don't change configuration on double-clicking the divider improve value editing and default values for wet/bypass/delta envelopes when opening FX chain for a track that has no FX, by default show the Add-FX window rather than the empty FX chain window (option in Preferences/Plug-Ins) Media items replace "show overlapping items in lanes" option with "offset overlapping items vertically" add preferences for item vertical overlap percentage and opacity add preference for minimum height to display peaks change default item mix behavior to "items always mix", existing projects and user default project settings are unaffected don't display cursor feedback when mouse is over controls of locked items update mouse click prioritization to prefer opaque unselected items over transparent selected items (prevent clicking controls that are behind other items) improve interaction between preferences to show/hide free item positioning, show/hide media item labels at certain track heights locked items do not autocrossfade with unlocked items prevent editing take envelopes when item is locked Razor edits add click-context mouse modifiers to move areas up or down without contents improve stretch-editing automation items in ripple-edit mode • razor edits on free item positioning lanes snap to item tops/bottoms, do not necessarily span the entire track height add "razor edits affect all track envelopes", separate from "move envelope points with media items" fix incorrect group selection edge highlight when razor editing fix behavior when stretching right edge of razor edit with ripple edit enabled and automation items later on the track • fix flickering display after running action to cut selected area of items • Free item positioning fix minor time selection display issue • glued items inherit FIPM y-positioning improve interaction between free item size edits and mouse modifiers (remove hardcoded behaviors of some modifier keys) when recording in free item positioning mode, only adjust existing item y-positions if necessary MIDI editor fix editing left edge of notes, inserting new CC events, some other behaviors when editing looped item with start offset • • fix note velocity sweep-editing when moving the mouse quickly • reload custom .ReaScale function when opening a new project restore grid type properly in quantize window when quantizing with swing • ReaScript add GetSetMediaTrackInfo("I_FREEMODE"), deprecate GetSetMediaTrackInfo("B_FREEMODE") add GetSetMediaTrackInfo("P_RAZOREDITS_EXT"), to get/set free item positioning bounds fix GetThingFromPoint handling of hidden envelopes • fix reaper.AddRemoveReaScript() on Windows when script path contains forward slashes • Actions account for reverse volume grouping when running action to adjust track volume • add actions to move media items to/from hidden child track Audio Units improve resizing behavior of AUv3 plug-ins fix potential AUv3 crash when plug-in outputs MIDI events on Monterey call AudioUnitUninitialize() when unloading Batch converter update display immediately after removing all files fix in-place conversion for non-boot macOS volumes • Import add option in Preferences/Media to target the top part of a track to insert new track(s) to receive the media on drag-import, offer to replace media source only if snapped start position of imported media is within an existing media item • Media explorer add action to delete file with prompting fix updating database metadata when database is not on the local filesystem Projects support loading multiple projects in recovery mode • master hardware outputs are saved with project default settings ReaSurroundPan fix action to set input names from sending tracks when FX pin mapping has been customized • improve display when configuration changes so that inactive channels/speakers are displayed in the list when inserting as take FX, increase FX output pin count to match track channel count if needed • Recording respect option to always add takes to new recording when looping when preference enabled to add recorded media at each loop, defer adding media during mouse editing • Render display graph of loudness values of rendered file in HTML statistics view apply PDC to rendered output when master track FX is set to ignore PDC or hardware-output-PDC Tempo envelope context menu action to insert point respects default point shape (linear or square, curved shapes are not allowed on tempo envelopes) don't snap to beats when editing points if project snap is disabled warn if user enters time signature numerators/denominators out of range • ARA update API to version 2.1, with ARM support Logical sorting improve sort order of various characters in Media Explorer and other windows (underscore, hyphen, number, UTF-8, alpha) • Media buffering update playback more promptly (bypass some media buffering) when changing item takes, mute states Menus/Actions update menus and actions to refer to "takes" instead of "take lanes", to avoid ambiguity Metadata support WAVEEXT channel layout tag "L R C LFE Ls Rs" instead of "L R C LFE Lsd Rsd" • MIDI inline editor improve action window targeting behavior • ReaControlMIDI increase length of sysex dump displayed in log from 1k to 8k bytes ReaEQ expose global gain as an automatable parameter ReaInsert do not allow processing if FX oversampling is used Reverse items improve behavior of reverse items as new take with audioless video items • Super8 allow up to 500ms of RDC Theme add theme overlay color, blend mode for muted/unsoloed/inactive or locked media items and tracks Track manager display track channel count Tracks/media items/razor edits many internal changes to support future media item lane functionality Video fix behavior when enabling/disabling audio on all project video sources Windows add additional uninstall information to system
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