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  1. Hmm... I can't think of any... LP - no chord track S1 - no clip launching CW - no chord track LV - no notation editing, no chord track CB - no clip launching PT - no chord track, no clip launching RE - no chord track (native), no clip launching (native) MC - no chord track BW - no notation editing SP - no chord track, no clip launching FL - no chord track, no notation editing
  2. pbognar

    Best Deal Cubase 11?

    I don't know what I was thinking - d'oh! Well in keeping with the thread, I might be getting Cubase 11 for $180.
  3. pbognar

    Best Deal Cubase 11?

    So I cross-graded to 10.0 in May of 2019, which I have not registered yet. I'm thinking I'll wait until 11.5, because I don't want to have to wait until November, 2021 for 12.0. I've been messing with REAPER, Mixcraft, Scaler and Melodyne. Also played with the lockdown version of Cubase Elements 10.5. Time to finally get on board with Cubase...
  4. He was my gateway into jazz and all the different styles of music he made, and a constant for me since I was 15. Chick had all his faculties right up until the end. What a touchstone.
  5. Be careful - I read somewhere that Studio One version 4 / 5 projects can not be loaded into version 3x or lower.
  6. That version comparison may be inaccurate. I know for sure I was able to convert audio to MIDI in Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio once I upgraded the included Melodyne Essential to version 5. I have since upgraded to Editor version 5 - Editor and Studio should both be able to convert polyphonic audio to MIDI.
  7. Funny, with DAWs, it seems that there is no DAW which features all 3 of these features: Notation editing Clip launching Chord track There must be some sort of secret agreement between members of the DAW creator community ­čśä
  8. No company wants to write notation functionality from scratch - the logical and fashionable thing to do is buy or incorporate existing product functionality - Studio One (Notion) Pro Tools (Sibelious) Cubase (Dorico) - ok, they built their own, but they later assembled former Sibelius folks and built Dorico, but Cubase 11 implemented some Dorico funtionality Sonar (Gibson passed on the opportunity to have Overture functionality) The exceptions are Emagic Notator (Logic) and REAPER (who decided to roll up their sleeve and just write a pretty decent score editor). Calkwalk's Staff Editor is decent for MIDI composing and editing (see JSG's work). However, there may be a missed opportunity to be the de facto standard academic Windows music environment by not including improved notation functionality (if anyone feels that's important).
  9. I found this on the Toontrack site - WHAT IS EZDRUMMER® LITE & HOW DO I GET IT? EZdrummer Lite is discontinued and is no longer available (as of May 6th, 2014) What is EZdrummer® Lite? EZdrummer® Lite is a stripped down version of the multi-microphone drum-sampler EZdrummer®. It is designed for musicians and producers in need of a compact, affordable, easy to handle plug-in without compromising sound quality or control. The drums for EZdrummer® Lite were recorded, produced and played by the best in the business at Avatar Studios in New York. For more information, click here. Is EZdrummer® LITE for free? Well, technically yes, but you would still require a serial number to gain access to the product and authorize it. EZdrummer® Lite is only available when bundled with third party hardware, magazines and other software products. Have you found an EZdrummer® Lite serial on the packaging of your latest hardware, magazine or software purchase? Congratulations! Register your EZdrummer® Lite serial in your www.toontrack.com user account and you are eligible to upgrade to a full version of EZdrummer® at a great price!
  10. Ah yes - I was an IDMS DBA many moons ago
  11. omg - Studio One Pro 5 crossgrade for $169?!? Why do they taunt me? Must. Pick. One. DAW. And. Make. Music.
  12. I saw this the other day - I think I've watched it about 15 times since. I makes me smile to see them having a great time. Funniest moment for me is John and Paul singing "Two of Us" with their teeth clenched. Peter Jackson's team performed a miracle - it looks like it was recorded with Ringo's iPhone last week. August 2021 can't come soon enough. I find it incredible that there is such rabid interest after 51 years.
  13. The thing which impressed me with the free SSD 5.5 is the sound and the nuanced playing in the limited number of MIDI grooves. Are the EZ Drummer Drum MIDI expansions just plain MIDI and with the proper mapping could they be used in SSD? Also, in your opinions, comparing SSD 5.5 @ $59 and EZ Drummer @ $79, which would is your preference for sound, ease of use for assembling human sounding drum parts and importing/mapping 3rd party grooves?
  14. What is typically the lowest price for EZ Drummer? I have the free Steven Slate Drummer 5.5 and I am tempted to get the full version for $59, but then I heard that EZ Drummer has a feature where you can tap in a beat, and it will search its grooves for matches. This would be cool. I'm really impressed with the sound of the free SSD 5.5 and the few grooves that it has. How does EZ Drummer compare with regard to styles and number of grooves? It does look like a bit of a money pit to buy all the style expansions.
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