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  1. Ok, so I upgraded: Essential to Assistant @ everyplugin for $67 Assistant to Editor @ pluginboutique for $149 So $216 to go from Essential to Editor 5 - could have saved $20 with the JRR mistake, but what the hell...
  2. If Mixcraft had even a MIDI chord track, I wouldn't be looking at anything else, as it is very intuitive and satisfies my basic needs. For the price, it's surprisingly good.
  3. You mean it's going to be more in 8 days and that's why we should tell our friends?
  4. Software / gear you need is stuff you really really want. 😁
  5. Yeah, I just sat down to upgrade for $43.99 🤬 He who hesitates...
  6. Right. If I can crack my wallet open, I'd upgrade from my Essential to Assistant at JRR's for $44 and then from Assistant to Editor for $176.34 at EveryPlugin = $220
  7. According to Celemony's FB page, this year's Black Friday Sale items are Essential and Assistant.
  8. So, if it is possible to upgrade from Essential to Assistant $83.84, then to Editor $176.34 = $260.18 vs the prevailing cost of $299 to upgrade from Essential to Editor. Hopefully, there will be direct upgrades from Essential to Editor.
  9. I would use the chord track as a composition / prototyping tool. I'd start by generating chord sequences using some chord assistant tool like Scaler 2, circle of fifths, etc. and import the results into the chord track. Another option might be to record a chord sequence using guitar and have the chords extracted to the chord track. Once the chord track was populated, I would prototype a composition by using tracks with MIDI instruments and perhaps audio loops which would follow the chord track. I could see making adjustments to the chords to fine tune. Also, having the chords display prominently would be great for recording instruments once the chord track was created. I am sensitive to the amount of effort this would take to implement, so an incremental approach would certainly be understandable. IMHO, starting with the chord track itself, having MIDI tracks follow and being able to import chord track data from Scaler, Melodyne, etc. would satisfy many folks. Enhancing ARA 2 support for chord track communication would be a great next step, to parlay Melodyne if it is present.
  10. So you recommend it for that price? Any decent videos showing its capabilities?
  11. Cubase was the pioneer for chord track tools within a DAW. The differences between Cubase and Studio One: Cubase seems to be more musical when it comes to different ways of creating the chord track, with chord pads and a chord assistant. Cubase's affect of chord track on MIDI data is destructive, whereas Studio One, it is not. Studio One's chord track affects polyphonic audio playback! It can also extract chords from polyphonic audio.
  12. I played around with Cubase Elements when it was available to evaluate for free in the spring. You could do a lot worse for prototyping a composition with MIDI. As far as chord track features compared to the PRO version, the only thing missing is the chord assistant proximity function - for the price it's pretty cool.
  13. Thanks for popping in Mark. The chords and symbols in the staff view are for display only with no effect on MIDI and are not visible in other views. Pitch markers are cool, but they only work on the root note of a loop, so they don't affect individual notes in chords, e.g. major to minor chords, etc. But they could be seen as a place holder for where chord track logic / display could go, but as you say, look more like the arranger. The Cakewalk snap to scale track function leads me to believe that the logic to move MIDI notes around based on a parameter (scale or chord) exists and together with the pitch marker logic, could be used as the basis for a global chord track for MIDI. There are also the chord analyzer and transpose MFX. The chord track related functionality can be broken up into chord creation, display, detection from MIDI, affecting MIDI, detection from audio and affecting audio. There are tools, like Scaler, which can do the heavy lifting of generating MIDI chords - but Cakewalk would need a way to import the results into the chord track (MIDI capture is already present). Likewise, Melodyne with ARA 2, can analyze audio and generate a chord track, which could also be imported into a chord track (although working with polyphonic audio comes at a hefty price). I don't want to speak for everyone, but I look at the chord track primarily as a song writing tool, providing a way to prototype compositions and ideally affect song affect song playback. The current capabilities Cubase would be a great start, with the chord track affecting MIDI and monophonic audio. Maybe ARA 2 / Melodyne Essential (or Editor if present) can be leveraged.
  14. I thought I was stupid because I couldn't how to rate this topic on my phone. You must view the desktop site option in your browser. 👍
  15. I could see "all things chord track" being implemented incrementally in phases, as there are many facets to be considered, with some features I perceive to be easier to implement than others. My perception of functions, in increasing order of implementation difficulty: Tools to generate chords on the chord track: chord selection/voicing tool circle of fifths tool chord proximity tool chord suggestion tool MIDI keyboard input chord pads (with MIDI mapping for realtime triggering) existing MIDI track data Tool to generate scales as part of the chord track During editing, having option for MIDI notes to snap to the chords and/or scales on the chord track During playback/recording, having the option for existing MIDI tracks to follow the defined chord track and/or scales (should note changes be made destructively or in real-time? - there are pros and cons to each) During recording, transform in coming MIDI notes to snap to the chords and/or scales (never play a "wrong note") (For the following audio related items, I'm assuming that Cakewalk ARA 2 support or the presence of some version of Melodyne could be parlayed) Enhance ARA 2 support to enable bi-directional sharing of chord track data between Cakewalk and Melodyne Extract MIDI from monophonic melodic audio During editing, having option for monophonic audio notes to snap to the chords and/or scales on the chord track During playback/recording, having the option for monophonic audio notes to follow the defined chord track and/or scales Extract MIDI from polyphonic harmonic audio Extract chords from polyphonic harmonic audio During playback/recording, having the option for polyphonic audio notes to follow the defined chord track and/or scales
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