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  1. Queensryche: Revolution Calling
  2. I have the MPK49, and there are no drivers, just different versions of MIDIQuest/Vyzex download. I think you may be able to download that and set it up: https://www.akaipro.com/mpk25 . Mine works fine with Sonar Cakewalk by Bandlab still.
  3. I was JUST GOING TO POST THIS! LoL. Great minds. Glenn is pretty awesome Jeremy, this one is sarcastic, but if you look at his channel, there is a lot of good content.
  4. ID-10-T error ...I feel shame
  5. My mobo is in the shop, so no OS. Is there a place from my Bandlab account I can download?
  6. I hope the OP (or others)isn't someone who has Facebook or Instagram, because if you've ever read THOSE TERMS OF SERVICE.... I have no PII on my studio machine except for logins for software(which are necessary). Not really anything to find.
  7. @Bapu: We're not that far off specs! I love ASUS boards. Cheated with a Gigabyte Gen9 and then the Z490 came out ...I returned the Gigabyte back QUICK!
  8. Also, I am surprised A5 is Win7 or better(the I.T. guy in me had to check). Win7 is over a year past end of life, so no patching or fixes. Seems like a bad idea not to upgrade to W10. Why a developer would even say W7 or W8 was supported for a new release is a bad idea IMO.
  9. Changed parameters and played and recorded it. Automated on and off and no glitches as well.
  10. First thing, I didn't realize this was based of the Chandler product (of which I own a MosValve). Awesome. This works for me in the standalone and in three different projects with different sample rates. Is Windows 7 supported? You do know that W7 is sunset-ed, right?
  11. I was upgrading for Amplitub4 Max to 5 Max and I thought the same thing. I had my buddy go in with me, and I ended up getting a 2nd AXE I/O and software using my Jam points, and ended up being the same $299 - so I subsidized the upgrade. Then, I saw the Dimebag collection and bought it like a moron ...already comes with 5 Max. They refunded my money on that.
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