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  1. As Long as You Follow on the Greatest Hits is my favorite song of hers, and it never got the attention most of her other songs did.
  2. Maybe not, but the comments have been well thought out. YAY for reasonable CbB users! 😁
  3. hockeyjx

    ''Holy Wars''

    You did this in CbB???? It sounds good regardless of what DAW you did it in. Interesting to hear a singer sing this in "full voice" instead of the falsetto Dave Mustaine uses, and the bass player being a finger player instead of a pick like Dave(which was pretty cool). Musicianship is top notch, and it stays true to the original!
  4. I use ActiveDisk ( https://www.lsoft.net/bootdisk/ ). I usually do a backup a month, and have had to restore a few times ...and had no issues. I also use this at work to image 100's of computers, and we've had great success with it.
  5. I really wish when there is wrong done, that the victims come forward IMMEDIATELY. 10-15 years are a really long to be quiet, and that doesn't mean they weren't violated ....that's not for me to say. But there have been some cases recently where it is 20-30-40-50 years down the road. I absolutely am aware things were different in the past, but at some point, I would think you either come forward or let it go as best you can. My other point would be: let the judicial process play out. I think this is a problem today ...making judgement on media and such alone, instead of under oath in court. In modern times, too many place too much stock in Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc. Now, some cases accumulate (think Bill Cosby, Deshaun Watson, Harvey Weinstein) and become pretty clear, but I still rely on the court system than social media. In the end, I have no idea of the particular charges, so I will wait to see. Not an Arcade Fire fan, so easy to not listen ðŸĪ 
  6. hockeyjx

    What We've Got

    Your enunciation, when you tail off at the end of a line, is just major league. Another solid creation. The drums seem a little low to me personally, that is only only thing that sticks out to me. Also, if the drums are virtual, I'd plug in a different kit to spice it up. But those are just nitpicky things and does not detract from your work.
  7. Disagree with point 3 COMPLETELY. Not only does James do the primary writing and lyrics, but his playing while singing is UNBEATABLE. Mega Dave is good too, he just sings falsetto, thus a little easier in my book. Kirk was his best on Master of Puppets IMO, as he wasn't a co-dependent on his wah as much. And to your point @SteveStrummerUK, James and Kirk do work well together and balance each other out.
  8. The Black Country Communion debut is SO good. Amazed that dude is 71. He sang a song on George Lynch's Sacred Groove that was solid.
  9. He sings better than they guy in his other band! That is a really low bar, but still. 😜
  10. I was having a discussion with some friends about this, and we like primarily rock/metal, so these are choices for my underrated singer and guitarist: Singer: Ray Gillen, the 1st Bandlands album really showed off his range. Guitarist: Paul Di Bartolo from a little-known band called Spread Eagle. The guitar solos and just so fluid and unique to me. Solo about at the 4:20 mark.
  11. I can at least drink your bad pitch away! Can't do that in the Baptist Church ðŸĪŠ
  12. I try to respect anyone who gets up on stage, because that is just tough to do. That said, there are some folks who should know better! Reminds me of a funny story though: I was dating a religious girl, and we went to Bible Study on Sunday morning. After our class, this teenage girl wanted to sing for the class. Well, she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid. She was as awful as awful can get, and she was really trying. My girlfriend and I, both musicians, gave each other side-eyes and we both had quivering lips and were about to break out laughing ...so I had to literally pinched my inner thigh to stop myself from laughing. I did not, but the bruise was BLACK from how hard I pinched. I will never forget how bad it was.
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