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  1. You can download the newest versions of Guitar Rig, free I believe (stripped down version, like in that old version you are looking for). Same with Amplitube.
  2. Why be worried? Worst thing that happens is you have a good free DAW that no longer is developed. Bug fixes are always helpful, but a lot of us here just like getting excited for no reason for new features we're not even going to use 🤪 Remain calm and all shall be righteous.
  3. Being an I.T., I can't imagine not having internet at a house I know they have an offline authorization, but as I said earlier, just easier for me to plug in the usb wifi go through all the updates on every program and pull the usb wifi adapter when done. I did not consider there were non-wifi places left ....or I perhaps thought there was a bit of paranoia(they already know everything about us anyway 😬 ).
  4. For tracking, and preferably one that is particularly good for laying down vocals. I would say my budget tops out at $200. What should I be keying on? I assume comfort and range? Thanks in advance.
  5. I plug in a USB wifi to update all my programs and then unplug when done, Before you do that, you can make sure Windows won't update as well. I've never had any program spike my resources like that ...but I also don't have anything but necessary programs starting at startup. Seems like you're trying to re-invent the wheel and failing miserably.
  6. hockeyjx

    The Pleiades

    Good atmospheric piece!
  7. hockeyjx


    Good tune that, to me, has a retro feel.
  8. I like the rhythm guitar sound on this. The bass could be brought up in this mix, and the drums a bit high in the mix IMO. Look forward to hearing the vocal melody on top here.
  9. I have a Cooler Master SIleo Silent, but that is no longer available. I found one on Newegg that is similar (I get plain jane cases, and get near/silent fans): https://www.newegg.com/black-fractal-design-define-r5-atx-micro-atx-mid-tower/p/N82E16811352048?Description=atx case&cm_re=atx_case-_-11-352-048-_-Product Also, get a silent Power Supply, something like this: https://www.newegg.com/corsair-rmx-series-rm750x-cp-9020179-na-750w/p/N82E16817139233?Description=silent power supply&cm_re=silent_power supply-_-17-139-233-_-Product And frankly, I would get an i7 as opposed to an i9, and double the memory. I haven't seen any of my projects really even getting to 50% CPU. But I would say if you are doing primarily rock, an i7 is a better choice unless you just use a crapload of CPU-intensive tools. Nothing I use is a hog. Modern Motherboards usually have 2 m.2 slots, I use my two on the board and then have 2 ssds in there for storage.
  10. It really is not hard these days. Tons of Youtube videos out there. It is just being thorough and "measuring a few times and cutting once" kind of approach. I have yet to build a pc that didn't boot up correctly the first time. There are resources to pick out your parts, and this forum is a great place to ask as well. I'd say the biggest things are: understanding what you do with the DAW to determine the horsepower (samples and vsts require space and memory), not skimping on the motherboard/processor/memory (in other words, stick to the known names IMO - like ASUS/INTEL/CRUCIAL for me) and having a realistic budget. I'd say for about $1500-1750, you can build a super solid machine that will last for years. I think you can get Windows 11 free now as well.
  11. $3700? I built my own, and it was only about $1200
  12. If you control when it updates, you can make a backup before you install (which considering there are usually some every month, it serves as your backup schedule). It also gives you time to check the forum, because a bad update will spur a flurry of posts here. I have not had any issues with only the necessary updates and not the "feature" updates.
  13. If you are on the latest build, and are an admin, you can pause updates until Feb 23(I just tested). I put it off as long as possible, and I would make a backup before updating.
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