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  1. It seems like the long way to go about it. Cloning the old drive to a new one with more space is a better play.
  2. I always like to reverse-engineer a "properly" recorded and organized project. It be nice if it is a newer version obviously. Is there any such thing? Any of the forum experts have anything?
  3. That's why I got the AXE I/O, and I think it does make a difference to my ears.
  4. I have been a guitarist for 30+ years. I have recorded about 30 songs in a "traditional studio" over the years. I am also a recovering gear addict, and what I discovered is this: I LOVE MY AMP SIMS! I PREFER them over amps and there are a few reasons why: 1) I have the IK AXE I/O, which is a audio interface geared towards guitar player and their dynamics. I love it. 2) I can get an inspirational sound and take using Amplitube or Guitar Rig 5 that is easy to record. 3) #2 is really important, but even moreso is the ability to manipulate that take to fit in your mix (primarily distortion). That is a lot more difficult in a "traditional" sense. So, experiment with whatever you can get your hands on. Talk to people who know their sh!t and figure out what works for the music you want to create. That goes with everything you do, and everything you use musically. There are no rules when it comes to expressing yourself. When Nine Inch Nails used a guitar straight in to a MAC(and them employing some trail-blazing techniques at the time), some(including myself) called it blasphemy, but we were wrong ...and that was the best means for Trent to express himself. The same applies to anyone. Good luck!
  5. You said you weren't computer literate, so the extra money you pay to a systems integrater will be money well spent.
  6. I have the AXE I/O and really like it. If the Amplitube bundles are still included, it really is a no-brainer.
  7. I just built a new DAW a few weeks back, here are my parts: Asus PRIME Z490-A (apparently it will support 10th and 11th gen processors) 10th gen i7 10700 64 GB of memory (128GB Max for the board) 2 XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB m.2 drives I recycled my power supply and case from my previous build. Wasn't too bad price wise (around $850 USD), and it smokes!
  8. I will put it through the proper paces this weekend, but so far, it is really quiet. The Asus Fan Xpert seems pretty decent on first test, and I also have a big cooler & fan on it.
  9. I put the machine together. Looking good so far and the benchmarks are solid. Asus dropped a BIOS update today as well, so all good ...not noisy at all (and I haven't put the lid on the Silent Case yet) @Jim Roseberry. Never have problems with Asus setups! Starting to migrate programs at the moment. Asus Prime Z490-A Intel Core i7-10700 Comet Lake 2.9GHz Eight-Core 32GB G.Skill Ripjaws 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3600
  10. I went with the Asus, we'll see how it goes. The one BIG advantage reading up on it was this: it will support both 10th gen and 11th gen processors. Probably will start building tonight.
  11. That's what I am wondering ....whether to go to a gen 10 i7-10700K, or stick with Gen 9. The prices are really similar, and obviously, the newer gen is more forward-thinking. The fan can be controlled in the BIOS from what I read on the Asus site.
  12. Got my eye on the ASUS Z490-A Prime ...https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/PRIME-Z490-A/
  13. Has anyone had hands on the Z490 and the 10th gen i7s? The clock speed is a little lower on the new ones Micro Center has in stock (a 2.9GHz vs i9-9900k @ 3.6). I am on the fence, even with the newer genration. I was hoping @Jim Roseberry or other folks may shed some light on it for me.
  14. I do that as well Kevin. Really easy to find it!
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