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  1. Be curious what you discovered on your machine.
  2. I've never had one BIOS update issue with Asus through the years, but oddly enough had them with Gigabyte ...which you had the opposite. So strange.
  3. When I first started building in the 90s, I treated the PC Build Engineer(yes, that was a real job back then) to lunch to help me build my first PC. He was a wiz, and he explained everything. I'm proud to say I've had boot up first time every time 30+ builds down the road. I enjoy the nuance of it, and having all the cables the way I want them. Also, very few problems over the years with Asus motherboards and Intel processors. The two AMDs I built back in the day just were bears and I sold them off.
  4. I saw that, and it was awesome. Started with HUSTLE! I've done something similar(though obviously not at that speed). Outhustled a guy to the guy to the corner, used the glass to see my guy coming down the slot and did a backhand blind to him and he put it home. Even this old squirrel got a nut occasionally(and I was NOT known as a speed or skill guy, but did have hustle and awareness) 😜
  5. Boo on your first point, but hockey is MUCH better than soccer because of hitting ...and fighting.
  6. I had a couple of drinks, but do not get drunk(I keep the plane low if you will) ....that is a novice move!
  7. I hate to see the nail in the coffin delivered by the refs, unjustly IMO. But, they came out small in the 2nd half ...can't take your foot off of the gas! Still have to go to work tomorrow, and at the end of the day, still SPORTSBALL. My life is still really blessed!
  8. Go to Apps and remove Microsoft News
  9. Performance the same here with minor annoyance at the Win11 interface/menus (which I have about just the same as Win10 at this point). Not putting on the studio box until I am absolutely certain of all the programs/drivers.
  10. I'll never argue with hockey talk, but still looking forward to tomorrow!
  11. It IS the Leafs!! Curios to see if they can take the next step.
  12. New Jersey is split in half to the NY(north) and Philly(south) media markets. I was born and raised rooting for all things Philly(which was only 15 minutes away). I want the Eagles to win andI don't care if it is good and/or competitive if they can win the game .... a close game is stressful! 🤪
  13. Someone posted Motley Crue playing Wild Side last night. The live tempo was 107bpm compared to the studio version, which is 115bpm. I've noticed slower songs with Alice in Chains as well, and it annoys me. Does anyone else pick up on that kind of thing? If so, who have you noticed it with. At least with tuning down, there is a more practical aspect to it!
  14. I mean, hockey is in my NAME! And I'm South Jersey born and raised, GO FLYERS!!
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