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  1. Microsoft knows what you want better than you do, and they make it happen!
  2. SPOT ON! https://fb.watch/ot3xbn5eR9/
  3. hockeyjx


    Probably blasphemy to many, but I think 90125 is the best Yes album all the way through. Particularly the vocals on Leave It. Vocals start shortly after the 2 minute mark.
  4. It is electrical hum. I did have two power strips connected to the UPS. I bypassed them and went direct in to the UPS, and the difference is quite noticeable and ALMOST gone (ran diags on the UPS and all reports normal). Checking the power cords and replacing the ones I can with better quality shielded ones. Obviously, tougher with proprietary power supplies.
  5. No one? I believe my cables to be good. I also have a fancy UPS that I controls the voltage. But it only when I open projects that it seems to happen. I tested with a single Guitar Rig track, and it is fine.
  6. I was opening the project @Lord Tim contributed as a Demo Project (which, thanks by the way), and when I open it, a high pitch electrical-type tone/hum that stays until I close it, and it is silent again. I noticed the same thing on a few projects. Anyone having the same issue? If so, what can I try to eliminate
  7. I was hoping that would change in the Roland and Gibson years, but it really didn't. I've tried others, but I don't feel it was any better for what I do. YMMV
  8. Right? Gene subscribes to the notion that any publicity is good publicity.
  9. Gene Simmons showed Geddy everything he knows! https://loudwire.com/gene-simmons-giving-geddy-lee-bass-lesson-didnt-know-blues-scale/
  10. I saw Yngwie once(only because George Lynch opened), and I walked out when he started his THIRD guitar solo. Ridiculous. But it really seemed like his whole show was an exercise in soulless wanking. Fast can be great, but only with melody.
  11. I didn't TRULY appreciate Rush until the R40 tour, because I got a last minute ticket for two beers as it turned out. BEST DEAL EVER! While they still aren't a favorite, I became much more of a fan that day and have explored much more of their catalog since. Yes? My pop sensibilities say 90125 is damn near a MASTERPIECE! But, the 70's stuff is hit or miss for me. Some is brilliant, some is "meh" IMO ...I'm willing to scrap over that! 🤪 @Shane_B.My grandmother took me numerous times to see Liberace as a kid at Radio City Music Hall, and he was AMAZING!!!! Rolling Stones?? No. Just NOOOOOOO!!! Never got The Who, but Eminence Front is a song I just dig. Genesis @Rain I really started at Duke, but I tried to get in to Trick of the Tail, and it didn't work. I am a Phil Collins era fan I guess. I'm going to checkout some of the bands mentioned though, always willing to check out some vintage music!
  12. Craig Goldy was Dio's godson???? I did not know that. Vivian made Dio IMO, Goldy held serve.
  13. I've been a George Lynch guy since 1986, I think he is the best blend of melody and shred. I feel that Warren DeMartini and Jake E Lee were pretty damn good too. Who is your favorite?
  14. One of the all-time great riffs, and it builds perfectly. The verses were MEH imo, but serviceable. Then the hook can reel in a Great White!
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