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    I'm Back

    Actually your basic arrangement is fine, what this needs is some additional ear candy to take one's attention from the repetition. This type of repetition is comon in most normal song formats, I.e. intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus etc. Try adding a lead line, possibly a breakdown?
  2. Wookiee

    Sonic Gems

    Cool cool tones, mix works nicely here
  3. This was extremely pleasant to listen too. Well composed, beautifully captured, constructed and mixed. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Wookiee

    I'm Back

    It sounds well recorded and mixed but. it goes no where it just loops around and around and around. Is it intended to be a "Beat" for someone else to develop? What did you use to create it?
  5. Wookiee


    Not my thing, but it does sound well done, though I agree with Eric the drums are a little to present.
  6. Enjoyable relaxing moods.
  7. The Rain is to much by all means use it but do not let it obscure the important bits.
  8. Wookiee

    Do You Remember?

    Very you @freddy j I do like, what are you using as drums?
  9. Wookiee

    Cave Paintings

    As Mark notes the backing track is extremely wet, in my own fury opinion it is on the point of drowning. A little revisit of the mix I suspect would be good, bring back that Reverb and slap back delay and I suspect there is a good song trying hard to emerge.
  10. Wookiee

    A Soft Parade

    @Bajan Blue thank you Nigel it was a bit of silly fun. You stay well and avoid those numpties that appear hell bent on stirring the brown sticky stuff.
  11. More Mozart note count for me, I also wonder if it was an experimental piece by cat 🤔. It sounds very bright erring towards jangling and slightly swamped in reverb. That's just my furry opinion obliviously.
  12. This mix sounds OK here though there are some parts which seem to be just a little to long dwelling on the same pattern of sound.
  13. Wookiee


    Not my thing, like most vinyl owners pseudo vinyl scratches are just an irritation. I would assume this is a "Beat" for which someone else might want to build on, if not then it has no real direction. Mix wise everything is well defined separate and present.
  14. Wookiee

    A Soft Parade

    @PhonoBrainer Thanks Tom, Heartbeat hum I only have it as I got as part of a deal because I own Softubes Modular (joke). I used it here because I wanted to restrict myself to only Softube synths, if I am honest it is not my go to for electronic drums. Can it do the job yes but in some ways they have tried to be to clever with it which has had a negative affect overall. If you own a modular system like Cherry Audio VM I would normally use that. If you do not their VM + Electro Drums is $99 against Softubes Heartbeat $139 The big advantage of Cherry Audio's deal is you get the Core to their Voltage Modular, which includes a sequencer plus real electronic drums as against Softubes which is a mixture of Electronic and Samples, with no sequencing software. All in all I find Softubes Modular attempts poor in comparison with Cherry Audio's, I mean Polyphonic Modular come on.
  15. Wookiee

    A Soft Parade

    @jack c. I do indeed than you.
  16. Did you have some backing already recorded? Mix is not bad here, perhaps a little heavy on the Kick.
  17. I would not call this Dance Type EDM. Why because it is not mindless enough. Might get played in a club whist they are setting up or breaking down but there is not as, Tezza said, , a 4 to the Floor mind numbing sub Bass kick to be the genre described. In fact it might be considered to clever.
  18. Wookiee

    A Soft Parade

    A Soft Parade An instrumental using only Softube Instruments. ARP Pattern from the Model 72 (MINI Moog) Squelchy swirling Pad in part 2 Model 84 Polyphonic (Juno 6) Bass from the MONOment Bass Lead in Part 3 from Statement Lead Jangly Pad in part 3 Parallels Marching drum Pattern, complete with Machine gun Drum Rolls, from Heartbeat Thank for listening, I hope you enjoy.
  19. @markno999 we do sing it is just lethal to none Wookiee life forms🤔 Thanks glad you enjoyed this simple tune.
  20. Did he also have roundtwoets? Thank nice to know you enjoyed this one too.
  21. @PhonoBrainer Interesting to know the story behind going from emerald to Brainer but..... Glad you enjoyed now another one who wants to commit suicide in the most painful and distressful way.
  22. Wookiee

    A moving Meditation

    @Makke thanks glad it added some chill to your day.
  23. Sheep, Pan galactic truths hum. 🤔😎 Love it Tom, absolutely love it. Great Mix very cool Video at 1440p. Are there any issues, probably but I was enjoying it so much I was not bothered by them.
  24. Wookiee

    A moving Meditation

    Oh no patience? @jwnicholson78? Thanks I think.
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