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  1. Wookiee

    Sunday jam

    Nice easy furry paws tapping tune @Makke I enjoyed.
  2. Ah! OK thanks for identifying him to me, you do have to understand David that we Wookiee have a problem, you humans all look the same to us Wookiee. 😎
  3. Probably because they recreations of 80's synths Thanks Douglas I do appreciate you taking the time to have a listen and comment.
  4. All the professionals take one look at me and they all agreed I am beyond help. Thanks for your ears and kind words.
  5. Rupert Neve, thank you Sir, thank you so much RIP 😢
  6. I will not ask, thank you Nigel you are most kind it was just a bit of silly fun.
  7. @David Sprouse As a furry alien from a galaxy far far far away I do not recognise the chap but I suspect he is from Hidden's comment he is some kind of medical peep famous for halogenic drugs?? Thanks for the listen and err picture 😎
  8. Wookiee


    Nothing quite like a squelchy, funky, real bass to get the groove going, follow that up with FZ guitar chords, sweet sounding brass, all beautifully recorded and presented. Nice one @Hidden Symmetry. I think you could be right in thinking I liked it, sweet giving it the of approval. Oh the drummer did a job good of getting his groove on too.
  9. Obliviously 😎 Thanks for the ears and your kind words. They really are worth checking out DCO 106 (Juno 6) $25 currently CA2600 (ARP 2600) $25 currently Polymode (PolyMoog) $29 currently Surrealistic MG-1 Plus (Originally made by Moog for Realistic Electronic stores) FREE yes I said Free Or you could by the Cherry Audio Synth Stack $129 includes the DCO 106 and CA 2600, Surrealistic MG-1 Plus and Voltage Modular Core if you want to go down that rabbit hole. I should also mention the others Synths I suppose Arturia Vocoder currently 99.00 Euros (199 Euros full price) Softube Heartbeat $139
  10. Wookiee

    A WORD

    Nice song, well presented mix worked well here on my event 20/20's
  11. Twitter and Bisted ? Has all the hallmarks of Staypress, The Bassman and Mesh. Good to hear she is still current too. 😎
  12. Wookiee

    Foolish Days

    For a change listing on the Event 20/20's as the rest of the studio has not been turned on today. Sounds up to your normal quality and standard Nigel, nice mix, good voice definition/separation I should say also enjoyed the tune.
  13. Sounded OK for a first attempt here, takes time and the only way to learn is to keep em coming, thanks for sharing.
  14. Wookiee


    Very nice taking CbB back to its Twelve tone, Tone Poem roots, I like.
  15. Well Do They? Just a bit of silly fun using Cherry Audio's Synths, Arturia's Vocoder and Softubes Heartbeat. Thanks for the ears and the time.
  16. Furry paws crossed the dream in this can be realised. Has all the hallmarks of a Staypress Lynn production nice one chaps.
  17. Has that old school, possibly even southern/west coast rock feel, mix sounds OK here.
  18. @seakay beats I will admit I never have understood the need to simulate vinyl scratches and pops it does not sound real world to me it is just irritating. Why, because it is the one thing that vinyl devotes try to avoid happening to their vinyl collection. Having said that, musically is suitably mixed, ignoring the very repetitive nature of the simulation, as noted by Daryl it need some other ear candy like a vocal to add the final touch.
  19. Melodyne Studio 5.1 works fine for me here. @John Bradley
  20. Wookiee

    And Rest

    Strangely this is how Arturia have programmed the output of the inbuilt Vibrato of the Stage 73 V Version 2. NO panning tracks at all. Thanks for your ears for listening and your time for commenting.
  21. @AdK Studios just so I understand where you are coming from with these discussion points, as a long term user of Cakewalk Software (27 years) how exactly do you produce music? Do you play keys guitar, drums, wind or strings? This is not meant in any way negatively just to help me understand your points. In response to one of your issues on audio export I will say I have noticed in the Audio Export dialogue the option to included/apply Buss FX.
  22. Wookiee

    The Darkness

    The only darkness was that caused by the closed furry eyelids @bjornpdx this is sweet, nice evolving sounds, very Tangerine Dream I like
  23. Wookiee


    That was a pleasant interlude Douglas.
  24. Wookiee

    Walking on Eggs

    Classic Freddy J, sounds good here made this Wookiee smile
  25. Wookiee

    And Rest

    😂 Well that is one way. Thank you Daryl. Thank you Tim, it does do that.
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