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Larry Shelby

KV331 Audio releases SynthMaster v2.9.10 - Apple Silicon compatibility and more

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Can any of you explain to me 2D envelopes?  The SynthMaster Manual does not go into depth, and no scenario on how to use it.

I've been tampering with it, and cannot get my head around it. 

For example, when I right click on the filter frequency and a list of modulation sources are presented, I go to the Envelopes, and see the 2D options, but X and Y separately?  I can't get my head around it.  How can you use only the X or the Y of the envelope?  Usually one uses the entire curve of an envelope (or LFO) and apply it to something.  But just X or Y???

Then, as you can see from the image I'm uploading, I was grabbing the handles of the envelope and somehow have the envelope going backward in time after reaching a certain spot.  This makes no sense to me.

Then I changed the # of stages to 12 and could raise the rectangles up or down, but did not understand what that affects. 

And what is a stage?  A portion of the overall envelope?  The manual says "Length, Slope, and Final Value".  I don't get it.

Help please?


2D Envelope modulation possibilities.jpg

2D Envelope.jpg

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