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  1. I cannot remember. I've unzipped the download. Can I run the Setup.exe file now, or do I first need to uninstall the previous version? Also, do I need to clear the license use from the Celemony website first, and then reassign which computer this app is running on?
  2. Toddskins

    Cakewalk / Cakewalk Sonar PSR 975 question

    If you download the Cakewalk by Bandlab Reference Guide (top thread link on the page), starting on page 1399 are the instructions. I've imported instrument definitions (files ending with the extension ".ins") before as well as created my own. It's a bit fun, and tedious.
  3. Toddskins

    Open- or closed-back cans for mixing?

    I bought the HD 650, received it a couple evenings ago and after a bunch of hours comparing them to my existing headphones and earbuds, returned them 15 hours later. Painful, that I might have made the mistake in not getting the HD 600 as the price was additionally reduced to $268 on the 600s a few days ago. From the talk on all the forums, some prefer the 600s and say that the 650's are "warmer". I have to agree with that assessment. All in all, my cheapo AKG K240s, was almost completely equal to the HD 650. At least for my experience. Several hours of going back & forth. Listening to some Steely Dan, STYX, Classical philharmonic orchestra with piano, various pop rock tunes. I thought about the "breaking in period" that is discussed on forums going as far back as 6 to 9 years ago, but finally I just decided that $350 for maybe a slightly better headphone experience could not be justified. One last comment. I used the headphone Out jack on my Mackie CFX-12 mixer and the Sennheiser HD 650 at 300 ohms, was loud enough without an amp. The loudness factor between my 55 ohm AKG's and the 300 ohm Sennheiser was practically identical. One reviewer comparing the differences between the 600 and 650, noted that the 650's Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is 103 dB compared to the 600's at 97 dB. 'Stated that the higher number makes them more sensitive and (if I recall correctly) requiring less power to drive them. So maybe that's a remarkable fact about the 650s sounding as loud as they did with 300 ohms as all those on the Sweetwater wall with ohms in the lower 100.
  4. Toddskins

    vst scan runtime error

    Yesterday, I called Waves via the # for support, the one in Tennessee, and a guy named Levi took the phone very quickly and helped me with a couple questions regarding installs. https://www.waves.com/contact-us
  5. Toddskins

    How to?

    Thanks, Jim. Fantastic suggestion. Thanks for the links, too! I'll read through the manual when I wake up and give it a good read. Looks like just the thing so far!
  6. Toddskins

    How to?

    I was told that it's possible to route Windows Media Player, or MediaMonkey juke box (PC apps I use to play my CD library converted to digital), through one's DAW. I'm hoping somebody here can tell me the steps to do so. Yesterday I bought the Abbey Roads Studio 3 plugin which is for Headphones to hear on the Master Bus Mix, and I would like to be able to run all my music library on my PC into CbB and be able to listen and take advantage of the plugin, for fun. One suggestion is to setup a Loopback adapter app acting like a Virtual Machine which can route the audio of the Player and it becomes an option within the DAW inputs. I gather the concept, but don't know how to go about it. I found a 1-minute video on Youtube on how to install the MS Loopback Adapter within Network Adapaters, but not even sure if this is relative to the solution. The guy did mention Virtual Machines in his comment under his video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9674zGHxrE Anyone?
  7. Twice now during my manual scans of VST, CbB has alerted me that the TH3-64 plugin is having an error due to any of about 4 or 5 different reasons, i.e. low memory, failed plugin, interference with something else, ... Can anyone suggest a solution? Is there a way to reinstall that plugin, or copy the .dll or .vst or vst3 file, and replace the one I have? I just installed 3 new items into my DAW today (Waves Abbey Road Studio 3; Waves Grand Rhapsody piano, and Synthology Ivory II American Concert D piano), so not sure what to do about this error I'm being told about. TBH is listed in my browser plugin window.
  8. Toddskins

    Steinberg Releases Spectral Layers !

    Okay, so here's some better information. https://www.musictech.net/reviews/plug-ins/steinberg-spectralayers-pro-6-review/
  9. I was a teenager in the 70's and I know that whenever the topic of "what are the words?" came up, the majority of us said "who cares?" We were far better listeners to the music, appreciating the entire invention of all the parts than what happened to the culture starting in the next decade due to MTV and VH1, associating music with visuals. In the 70's, we did not care if we sang the correct words. The music was the experience.
  10. There's much about that article I dislike. Allow me to list 2 or 3: 1) The interviews with the keyboardist, and bassist, have absolutely nothing to do with their keyboard or bass part, except the bassist' comment about sampled bass sounds. Nothing about the music itself. Why would you interview the instrumentalists and ask them about the words of the song? 2) Typical horseshit comments like this one about Grace Slick: "She was an outspoken, rebel-rousing troublemaker, dynamic singer, multi-instrumentalist and daring songwriter, a strong woman who insisted on being an equal to the guys in the band." So what, I ask, does her being "outspoken", or "rebel-rousing troublemaker" have anything to do with being a musician? Typical crap that continues to perpetuate and affect all youth, who think that being a jerk, or in trouble with the law, are prerequisites having something to do with being a musician. I'll stick with those 2 points, because they're actually enough.
  11. Toddskins

    Prochannel Missing

    Once you get your system up and running perfectly again, make priority #1 to get an image backup software program List of 5 best for 2019 on Windows 10: https://windowsreport.com/backup-software-windows-10/ and also an additional hard drive in your desktop (like a Winchester Digital Blue 1 TB) https://www.amazon.com/WD-Blue-1TB-Hard-Drive/dp/B0088PUEPK/ref=sr_1_fkmr2_1?keywords=Winchester+blue+1TB&qid=1564126621&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmr2 or an external hard drive via USB, in which to copy your image backup file of your C-Drive. After your system is perfect, and all your upgrade patches are in place for all your programs, THEN make a complete copy of your C-drive (BEFORE you go exploring the Internet) onto your secondary hard drive. THEN, whenever you have an issue like you are presently having, or if you accidentally get a virus or malware or ransomware, whatever, you can restore you system to perfection in minutes using the program's RESTORE feature, which looks to that 2nd drive where the image is stored and then restores from it back to your C-Drive and you are good to go again. Usually, these backup image programs either come with a CD from which to boot when your system is corrupted, or you have to make a Restore CD from an ISO file that you must also download and make said CD. The point is that when you are going to restore your system, it cannot do so from within your current running Windows. It requires booting up into a version of Windows that is on the RESTORE CD, and then you point that application to the RESTORE image (found on your secondary hard drive), and it will completely overwrite your existing C-Drive with the backup image, and your are 100% happy again.
  12. Toddskins

    Got lucky and got the new Ryzen 3900X

    I've been reading on Gearslutz a lot of discussion about the new Ryzen Gen3 series, along with many tech site links, and it seems as though this is the actual series that will put them ahead of Intel. It's all extremely fascinating to read about. 'Looks like AMD stock is on the rise again, too. I gather you are using Windows 10 with your new system? I love my Windows 7 Pro and have no interest in changing, but with some of the advances in PC tech that Win 7 cannot take advantage of I wish a new OS would pop up out of nowhere for consumers. Just not from MS.
  13. Toddskins

    I had it with Wave Plug-ins.

    I'm at least glad that you made your complaint public, so I can do more investigating. I just watched a demo on their site yesterday for Abbey Road Studio 3 which seems really cool - a plugin for good heaphones that allow you to experience different vantage points of the actual Abbey Roads studio #3. And I'm trying to narrow down a piano VSTi and Mercury Piano comes from there as well. But if the company is a headache on how things are managed for customers, I would want to know.
  14. Thanks so much, SCook. You are right. I found the new install in an uncategorized folder in CbB. And "will do" regarding image uploads.
  15. One thing that might be involved, but I don't know why it would, but I had to register the update during the install process with the name and password they sent via Email. Why that info. would not apply to CbB I cannot figure, if that's even an issue.