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  1. With the discussion posts above about various tunings, I'm pretty sure all the high-end workstations provide numerous intonation tunings without the need of a new MIDI spec. All my Kurzweils going way back including my latest, have 16 different intonation maps to select from. Now perhaps all those maps are using an internal MIDI file to achieve this, I don't know how it's done. But the drawbacks that we've all complained about since almost MIDI 1.0's beginning was the latency the occurs when you daisy chain more than 3 keyboards (or other MIDI devices). The new MIDI 2.0 spec should be vastly better and welcome. And the part in the spec about syncing, too, will be great.
  2. I was keeping abreast of the industry at that time, but did not get into it for real until 1985 when I got my first equipment which consisted of: Yamaha CP-80M (Midi enabled full size electric grand piano, with a graphic EQ instead of tone nob) Oberheim Matrix-12 with MIDI Yamaha QX-7 sequencer Just about that time, I started getting involved with PCs and DOS and was learning about Cakewalk and the MPU-401 thing, and my memory lapses, but can anybody tell us the year Cakewalk began and when it moved to Windows 3.1?
  3. Yeah, I'll be pissed when that day comes. To maintain a free CbB I would be forced to invest big money into new machine, new sound card, new learning curve, and I absolutely refuse to do it. That would motivate me to hang it all up. Well, I can still use X3 Producer.
  4. I sure hope not. That would force upgrades that users will eventually find destroy their rig due to not going to Windows 10.
  5. Will there be a User Manual (PDF) when your release this to showcase all the features and where/how to locate and use them?
  6. Exactly. Or whatever new "rule" would be necessary to the purists out there, to designate the lower set of lines as the "bass". The point being that using the same notes for the respective staff lines, would make reading the two stalves far easier.
  7. You should see the Hot Wheels track layout I had at one time. 😜
  8. For you piano players in the crowd, did you ever think they made a mistake using the G-clef and Bass-clef for the stalves with the single ledger line between the two stalves? So let me explain what just always seem to be the logical way sheet music SHOULD have been printed. G-clef on the top and another, but lower, G-clef below, with 2 ledger lines between the stalves. THEN, reading the sheet music would have identical stalves for the treble and bass and trying to figure out two different stalves would have been eliminated. It would make reading music a breeze since both would be the same, and separated by 2 octaves. It would have looked like this: F________________ D________________ B________________ G________________ E________________ ___C___ ___A___ F________________ D________________ B________________ G________________ E________________ Have you any idea how much easier this would be for both kids and adults when learning to read sheet music? The Bass Clef in the lower hand (as it always has been) is not at all intuitive. If they had just added one additional ledger line (the A-note below middle C) between the treble and bass stalves, you'd have what I just printed and it would be EASY to read and learn to sight-read. In fact, all existing published music could be redone and published on the new system making life easier. Why not start now? 😀
  9. Toddskins

    CbB Updated

    Your words, and that of any others you find to support your suicide, can reside with yourself. I do not use Google, Chrome, Facebook, or any other social media sites. I use my phone for talking, and the dictionary app I have on it. I don't let miserable Google know anything. And I'm not about to let Microsoft know any more. And why buy a spyware OS to begin with, when what I have is bullet proof and runs perfect? Please. No need to give a response. Really.
  10. Toddskins

    CbB Updated

    And every aspect of Windows 10, sacrifices your privacy. Spying is in every single facet of the software and attempting to "cut it off", you might as well never buy into it. From Alexa the assistant to the browsing habits to the automatic updates evaluating what you "need" and don't need, and I've read other sites that give a better list than I can from memory.
  11. I just bought Thorn for $25 yesterday from there because of some Christmas voucher they sent immediately upon registering. I already had Thorn from when it was first released by Dmitry, but the upgrade to the latest version which fixed a CbB issue, was worth it.
  12. You do know, don't you, that you can simply double-click the particular synth in the synth rack that you are currently using in a project? That brings it back to life from its "minimized" status. Your post appears to not be aware of this, but perhaps I'm overlooking something you're inquiring about.
  13. May the peace of Christ find you all! Joy to the world in His Name.
  14. I make a motion that the songs must be liked and good, and it would help, if not obvious, to clarify the word association. When a song is submitted, if it is liked by the poster then it helps us to know that it might be a song worth listening to. And if it isn't, it helps us to know something about the poster. lol I don't understand how Amorphous Androgynous - Mountain Goat can link to St. James' Club - Tropic of Capricorn, nor the next one about Laurel & Hardy. How does it connect?
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