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  1. About CoVid-19, but it will be taken down fast by the censors, i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Watch while you still can.
  2. Those around me are saying the same thing when they watch this video of these 2 doctors: "Why are the journalists so hostile?!" "They keep asking the same questions that have already been answered!" Read the comments on those Youtube videos of the 2 doctors giving the "press conference" and read from other medical personnel in California about how happy they are to be hearing these doctors come out with this information. It lines up with their own experience at their own hospitals. And read all the other comments on these videos that people are writing. Real breath of fresh air.
  3. The numbers and logic of what they relayed from their own hospital is the same thing we see everywhere we look. Here's my own state. Same conclusion. Actually, a much better conclusion: In Missouri, the population is 6,137,428 The infection number to date is 6,625 (that's .001 or .1% of the state of Missouri) The number of deaths in Missouri is reported as 262. That's .000042 or .0042% Now... see why these 2 doctors are speaking reality. They also showed that in Manhattan, the numbers of infections were much higher as to be expected in close proximity city, but then.... but then ... the number of deaths was again, small. They keep demonstrating that given the number of infections, the recovery rate is quite excellent. And they also said lots of other logical, straight forward stuff like: The immune system of healthy people is weakened by being quarantined. The ability to shop at Costco or Walmart while not being able to shop elsewhere or go to your restaurant, is inconsistent. No science to it. And how there is pressure to attribute a death to CoVid-19 when the real cause of death was some other illness that they were dealing with for a long time. But the statistics grabbers want to label it as a CoVid-19 death to skew the numbers further. And then there is this study: https://youtu.be/k7v2F3usNVA which goes to show that there is a percentage of the healthy population who already have antibodies to the CoVid-19 in their blood, demonstrating further that humans have been exposed to this in the past in some fashion, and the human immune system is doing what it was designed to do. And oh.. maybe the best part (there are so many, I don't know which is the best) is the unscientific modeling that was used by the academic experts (LOL) ... there will be MILLIONS of deaths. MILLIONS of deaths!!!! So much for all the naysayers (on here) who pretend to want science, and then when you throw up their own scientists hypotheses about MILLIONS of DEATHS, which turned out to be ludicrous... they don't want to listen to first hand facts to draw understanding from.
  4. Absolutely love your posting these 2 video. First rate! I just shared them on my favorite news site where comments are allowed, and also sent them via Email to all my friends. Good post! What was fascinating to observe, during the whole presentation, is how displeased the journalists were. They love a crisis and helping the government to wield power. What they heard is their undoing.
  5. Might I suggest, for brass beyond... This particular live version of "Artistry in Percussion" by the Stan Kenton Orchestra, has SO MUCH going on in it. I just lose myself in all the things being presented - incredible timing, drumming, percussion, horns playing against horns, melody competing with 2 rhythms ... all at one time. Stan loved to intertwine Latin stuff into his arrangements. This drummer, John Von Ohlen, does us proud.
  6. On the War Pigs tune, the drummer did not play any of the killer Bill Ward licks that make that song so incredible and memorable. Oh well. The dame singing Sweet Child... love her. She just sits there, so maturely, with just a little beat movement in her body, and is great at her role. The whole group is great.
  7. Okay... I think these 2 songs by Boston are super examples. Both the lead guitar AND keyboard parts (B3 organ) have Pitch Bend going on, especially during the bridge on both of these songs -- Smokin', and Hitch a Ride. Here's a link to where you can download those song files for free so you can open them with your CbB DAW and begin studying the MIDI curves of said tracks. https://www.midiworld.com/search/?q=boston
  8. Dave, do you have a keyboard with a Pitch Bend and/or Mod Wheel on it? My guess is no, which is why you are asking how to approximate it using the PRV. But if you did have one, it's quite helpful to record some MIDI movement into your MIDI track of CbB, and then study the curves. You can learn a lot from that. Of course the curves are completely logical once you see how they appear based on the movement of the PB or Wheel, but it is quite helpful. So, if you do not have a keyboard to study first hand, there is another great way of ascertaining this knowledge: Download a free MIDI song that has a keyboard part that you are fully aware utilized PB and/or ModWheel in the performance, open that MIDI song with CbB, and then look at the MIDI curves in the track of that keyboard part! The MIDI programmers for MIDI songs actually do a quite excellent job at perfecting these types of things. Let me think for minute on a decent example for you to download.... I'll be back in a minute with a link.
  9. Thanks for sharing that, Craig. WOW! I can't believe I never heard this song before. Ever. And I have a Greatest Hits CD of the Eurythmics, but this song is not on it. The arrangement is extraordinary. The backing vocals are mesmerizing. And Annie's singing on this.... Wow. I had to listen to her original just now, too, and the studio cut I think is better, but I dislike the Official Video from 1986. Very distracting. I read up on it and it turns out to have been originally written by a couple of guys and sung by a man named David Freeman, which I then had to listen to his original version (now 3 times listening to this song tonight!) Wow, his original is fantastic. And then lastly... a site for the lyrics and song meaning... By reading the lyrics, it's pretty obvious, but for comprehensiveness, the song is about a guy (or gal) who used to be infatuated with some "one" who probably did not return that love. And the person has grown up, or past that now. Your video post made it simple for me to quickly listen, and get hooked. +
  10. P.S.S. Seriously, recommend your friend listen to any of these songs (Send him the Youtube links). The synth work in any of these songs will have him drooling with lust to replicate the sounds and play them. They are just that good for motivation to play keys! E.L.P. – Lucky Man Gary Numan – Cars Genesis – Abacab DEVO – Whip It INXS – Don’t Change Men Without Hats – Safety Dance Peter Gabriel – SledgeHammer Styx – Lorelei The Cars – It’s All I Can Do – Let’s Go – Let The Good Times Roll The Who – Baba O-Reilly
  11. I hear ya better now. My next suggestion (is this friend past his teens?) is to persuade him to get a better MIDI controller. Is he poor? 1) What cheap MIDI keyboard "toy" did he just get? This will tell us all if he is looking for weighted, semi-weighted, or synth-like, and also how many keys it has. 2) Based on the answer to the above, will help us to understand something about his character and desire to play keyboards/synths. 3) If he's semi-serious, just tell him to whip out the credit card and go for it. As so many on this site have spoken about their music history -- just buy what you like and do not worry about being a bit in debt. We all got things paid off "somehow". IF he is semi-serious about playing, tell him to tighten the belt. How much could we be talking? 4) You, or he, just bought the MIDI Expander? That right there was $70. So it would have been better spent toward a much better MIDI controller. All good here. We actually love to see people splurge, get more serious than they were about playing, inspiring them to take some further Music Theory courses, get into a Group or club via Craigslist or Meetup.com and start hanging with other like-minded "musicians". Just tell him to GO FOR IT. P.S. There's always bargains out there for recently manufactured MIDI keyboards. Can find really good equipment, used, for cheap.
  12. I use them the way you want to, all the time. Suggestion: Test each keyboard with your DAW. You have one, yes? You can discover readily if the keyboard is sending MIDI signals correctly (Check your Piano Roll View, or the MIDI Event view for more detail). Check the loop on one keyboard at a time. After you analyze the SEND signal into your DAW, see if the keyboard responds to the RECEIVE MIDI signal when you play the track back. Various methods to ensure that your keyboard sends and receives properly. Then do the same with the 2nd Keyboard. Test the send and receive. Both keyboards working? Then getting one to control the other is no issue.
  13. Sorry, Keni. I really did not follow your original post, but when you say that you think MIDI and connectivity causes problems.... I have never had a problem, ever. And I've been using MIDI equipment since 1985. Lots of it. USB and DIN I do think the problem is not the equipment.
  14. I'm surprised that in that Expander video tutorial, the finale was omitted. I mean... the viewer wants to see the demonstrator play some keys on the tiny keyboard and then hear the sounds from that Arturia MiniBrute. And then, to hear some crazy cool riffs and then fade out.
  15. What is this feature? I just searched the CbB PDF reference and found nothing. An ability to go back to the prior version? Which menu is this feature listed in, if I'm getting this right?
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