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  1. Can any of you explain to me 2D envelopes? The SynthMaster Manual does not go into depth, and no scenario on how to use it. I've been tampering with it, and cannot get my head around it. For example, when I right click on the filter frequency and a list of modulation sources are presented, I go to the Envelopes, and see the 2D options, but X and Y separately? I can't get my head around it. How can you use only the X or the Y of the envelope? Usually one uses the entire curve of an envelope (or LFO) and apply it to something. But just X or Y??? Then, as you can see from the image I'm uploading, I was grabbing the handles of the envelope and somehow have the envelope going backward in time after reaching a certain spot. This makes no sense to me. Then I changed the # of stages to 12 and could raise the rectangles up or down, but did not understand what that affects. And what is a stage? A portion of the overall envelope? The manual says "Length, Slope, and Final Value". I don't get it. Help please?
  2. For a few days now, and on both my desktop and laptop Windows 7 Pro 64-bit computers, I am unable to update CbB. I get the same error message in the bottom right of Cakewalk, on both computers. I've been logged into CbB website, and I also tried again by turning off Avast AV and Malwarebytes, but to no avail. I tried updating from within the Cakewalk application on my desktop, and from the Assistant using my Laptop. Same problem either way. And the laptop is saying I cannot save files in its present state. Is this a problem on my end, or is Bandlab having issues with connections?
  3. The Orange Tree Samples use the free Kontakt Player. No need to buy the full version.
  4. Hey Richard, Orange Tree Samples is doing now what I described in this thread back on May 19. Based on how many people sign up and show an interest in the sale, the discount amount could reach up to 60% off if they get 1500 people to sign on. Presently, the number of interested people is 345 which puts the level at 30% discount (I just signed on and added the "Big Bottom Bundle" to my name -- which is the entire collection of 6 sampled bass guitars). The discount rate goes up as on a tiered structure which you can see in the link below. You need to register on their site and then add "something of interest to you" to add your name to the growing number of interested people in the sale. The sale date is 14 days from now. More info here: https://www.orangetreesamples.com/group-buy And you do not have to commit to buy. Just show interest in some product, which adds to the customer count number. Decide in a couple weeks if you want to go ahead and buy.
  5. Maybe I should post this in the Instruments/Effects zone, but it was this thread that initially had our discussion regarding the professional/public knowledge of the Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW. So I just signed out of the Kurzweil user site where the owner of the site posted that he and another have created a new plugin for Kurzweil users for older Kurzweil synths and effects (Kurzweil K-series instruments, including K2000, K2500, K2600, K2661 and KSP8). On this page they mention having tested their software in Cakewalk (the only DAW mentioned) and it works. https://godlike.com.au/index.php?id=358 I'd also like to mention that I have noted over the decades that there are a few users on this Kurzweil site (https://forums.godlike.com.au/index.php) who have also stated they are Cakewalk users.
  6. Hey Richard, I bought Orange Tree Samples' guitar bundle in the past, and am considering their Bass bundle (6 different basses). I like what I hear in their demos, but I'm not an expert in evaluating bass. During the year, they run 40% and sometimes 50% discounts on anything, especially come Black Friday, and Christmas time. They also have a signup for some type of group interest on their facebook page, and sometime through their own website, where if they meet a certain number of interested people, they will run the sale at a discount. So, just to bring it to your attention. https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products/categories/basses
  7. What is a "rollback installer"? And apparently available from Cakewalk? This is what I was asking about because it seems to be something different from a restore point built within Windows 7.
  8. I'm still using Win 7 and the latest update of CbB is working fine still. But when the day comes that an update causes havoc for me, is there a way to revert back to the prior version built into CbB software? I think that was spoken about a year ago on this site, but don't remember. And then 2nd, when updating can no longer be done by Win 7 users, is that going to cause a problem in some manner with regard to the activation thing? (Will we be able to maintain using CbB on the latest good Win 7 version that works for us, forever?)
  9. Without elaborating my opinion on the music industry and extreme lack of competition (among the movers and shakers) and talent (musicians and songwriters) compared to yesterdecades, it would not hurt at all if some "super talents " that are recognized by the masses happen to mention Cakewalk as their favorite DAW. So I guess it's up to us!
  10. About CoVid-19, but it will be taken down fast by the censors, i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Watch while you still can.
  11. Those around me are saying the same thing when they watch this video of these 2 doctors: "Why are the journalists so hostile?!" "They keep asking the same questions that have already been answered!" Read the comments on those Youtube videos of the 2 doctors giving the "press conference" and read from other medical personnel in California about how happy they are to be hearing these doctors come out with this information. It lines up with their own experience at their own hospitals. And read all the other comments on these videos that people are writing. Real breath of fresh air.
  12. The numbers and logic of what they relayed from their own hospital is the same thing we see everywhere we look. Here's my own state. Same conclusion. Actually, a much better conclusion: In Missouri, the population is 6,137,428 The infection number to date is 6,625 (that's .001 or .1% of the state of Missouri) The number of deaths in Missouri is reported as 262. That's .000042 or .0042% Now... see why these 2 doctors are speaking reality. They also showed that in Manhattan, the numbers of infections were much higher as to be expected in close proximity city, but then.... but then ... the number of deaths was again, small. They keep demonstrating that given the number of infections, the recovery rate is quite excellent. And they also said lots of other logical, straight forward stuff like: The immune system of healthy people is weakened by being quarantined. The ability to shop at Costco or Walmart while not being able to shop elsewhere or go to your restaurant, is inconsistent. No science to it. And how there is pressure to attribute a death to CoVid-19 when the real cause of death was some other illness that they were dealing with for a long time. But the statistics grabbers want to label it as a CoVid-19 death to skew the numbers further. And then there is this study: https://youtu.be/k7v2F3usNVA which goes to show that there is a percentage of the healthy population who already have antibodies to the CoVid-19 in their blood, demonstrating further that humans have been exposed to this in the past in some fashion, and the human immune system is doing what it was designed to do. And oh.. maybe the best part (there are so many, I don't know which is the best) is the unscientific modeling that was used by the academic experts (LOL) ... there will be MILLIONS of deaths. MILLIONS of deaths!!!! So much for all the naysayers (on here) who pretend to want science, and then when you throw up their own scientists hypotheses about MILLIONS of DEATHS, which turned out to be ludicrous... they don't want to listen to first hand facts to draw understanding from.
  13. Absolutely love your posting these 2 video. First rate! I just shared them on my favorite news site where comments are allowed, and also sent them via Email to all my friends. Good post! What was fascinating to observe, during the whole presentation, is how displeased the journalists were. They love a crisis and helping the government to wield power. What they heard is their undoing.
  14. Might I suggest, for brass beyond... This particular live version of "Artistry in Percussion" by the Stan Kenton Orchestra, has SO MUCH going on in it. I just lose myself in all the things being presented - incredible timing, drumming, percussion, horns playing against horns, melody competing with 2 rhythms ... all at one time. Stan loved to intertwine Latin stuff into his arrangements. This drummer, John Von Ohlen, does us proud.
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