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  1. I edited my post immediately after I posted. I got confused with my wording. My post is accurate now.
  2. There is a setting in Preferences called "Hide Related VST2 Plug-ins" under VST3 Migration, which does work as it is advertised to do. Turn that checkbox on and see if that solves your dilemma. And I was just asking about plug-in management a day or two ago. You can pick up some things here: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/9186-help-on-how-to-manage-or-delete-plugins/&tab=comments#comment-81784
  3. I just tried your suggestion and it does not work. I used the selection tool (which looks like a capital I), held the Shift key down and dragged across a whole group of notes (one following the other), then right clicked to bring up the parameters window, and typed in a new velocity and clicked OK. The change only happened on the last note selected. All the other notes remained blue (selected), so I did not accidentally cause the other notes to become deselected. Only the last note dragged on got the change applied to it. Tried again, but this time chose a new note value to change them all to, but again, only the last note selected was changed.
  4. Your post is helpful, but as I delve deeper into CbB's HELP menus and online information, and the PDF reference, some of my questions are not addressed. I have not found the meaning for color fonts of the VSTs/VSTi. Also, can you tell me if having both VST(2) and VST3 on the system (thus duplicates but in different versions) is a problem? Is it good to have both versions accessible, or best to have only one from an efficiency standpoint? Does CbB break into a sweat at some point? Is there some number of plugins that causes CbB to start having issues? Y'know what I mean?
  5. Can somebody point me to an excellent source on how to understand and manage the plugins, specifically my desire to cleanup numerous duplicates. If the Vst3's work, it bothers me to see the same plugin (.dll) being displayed twice in the CbB browser. But if I may encounter a problem later and wish I had the VST2 version, I would like to educate myself on how to manage all these things. Also there are 2 or 3 colors of plugins that I cannot keep straight (white, brown, and green). Is there a good place someone can point me to on how to be best educated on all these things? Does the CbB reference PDF go into any detail on how to, or is there a website that discusses the difference and how to temporarily block version 2 VSTs from not showing? Can you simply delete a VST2 .dll and that is sufficient, or rename it, without issues? One example: I have Truepianos Cakewalk (the older version) alongside the "Truepianos" listed in the browser, both listed side by side. Can I simply delete the "Truepianos Cakewalk" from the browser, or is that inefficient? Is there a better way to get that resource off my PC so it does not consume resources? I want to understand this stuff better. Thanks to anyone who replies.
  6. Thanks much for that reply. 'Appreciate it, greatly.
  7. Looking over that spreadsheet and seeing a dozen modules in the ProChannel that X3 did not come with, but are now included in CbB, is darn sharp! And it sparked a question in my mind: Can anybody describe the difference between our ProChannel vs Scheps Omni Channel (on sale for $40 for another 7+ hours)? Would there by any reason to obtain Scheps Omni?
  8. Looking over their collection images, I must say they are rather difficult reading. I get it when I read "Symphonic Strings", but the cover art work is not typical on most of them, nor the descriptions. When I scan down the page and see "Olafur Arnalds Evolutions" I think, What the heck is that? Same thing for a bunch of them: Orchestral Swarm?, Hauschka Composer Toolkit?, The Grange?, Edna Earth?, BT Phobos?, and many others. First instinct is to move on. I don't have time to click every image to see what might pop up next.
  9. And while you're at it, it would be cool if you could select multiple notes in Staff view (Control + select with mouse) and then right click to bring up the parameters window (i.e. note or velocity) and allow the change to affect all notes simultaneously. Staff view is my favorite view as well.
  10. This is not a rare thing. I asked about this too in another thread here, but got no answer. I also see it was asked by couple other people on different sites. And I've had this happen once more since. Kontakt works from the MIDI controller, but won't play actual sounds when you tell a MIDI track to use it. The solution for me was to make sure I had the latest version of CbB. and then start with a brand new project. Then I add Kontakt player to a new Track (drag it from the Plugin browser) and it works for any of the selected instruments inside Kontakt, from my MIDI controller. So far so good. Then, I manually create or import a MIDI track (a .MID file) and then select its output to be Kontakt, and things work as they should. I suspect a glitch (somewhere along the flow line) for any of us who have had the issue you are experiencing.
  11. Both articles are complete rubbish. The first, is so typical of psychologists putting on an air of superiority of learning, that to say it is confusing and makes no sense, but then I run the risk of being esteemed as unable to follow. I was unable to follow, and my ability to read tough things is pretty good (if I may without wishing to seem conceited or arrogant). I can usually follow difficult textbooks, and run on sentences which require parsing, and endeavor to understand topics that I know most readers will not attempt more than a couple sentences before putting the book down. I could not digest it. It was as though the writer was deliberately trying to be difficult to understand, so as to make it appear as though whatever was said was to be accepted because of "authority." The same thing is done in economics -- if it is made to seem very difficult and near impossible to understand, then people might believe they cannot understand and should leave the money business to the "wise authorities". (Spending more than you earn, or take in in taxes, will make you bankrupt, is not rocket science. But most schools of economics do not teach this. Why?) The second is not scientific, although a few statements do seem proper and logical. But the continued use of "evolution" which is not only untrue, but a theory that even evolutionists are not in agreement about, so when the word is used as if it were a scientific fact that everybody understands and accepts is, weak. In this case, the word was used in an ineffectual way in each of the 3 or 4 times I saw it. Then countless assumptions by the writer are made. One, for example, that being in a large crowd and being subjected to loud music makes me want to participate with the rest of the crowd in whatever the "performance" is attempting to achieve. NOT TRUE. And also, the premise that the majority of people like or love being subjected to loud music and that it is because they find it pleasing. That was the thesis, but it was never proven! As if you did not already know, I object. I and all my friends and family do not find it pleasing. I did like the statement about loudness causing the other sensory spaces to get drowned out. That made sense. But the writer's belief that loudness is something enjoyable is not a fact. Increasing the loudness (intensity) is not the equivalent of increasing pleasure. I mean really, what's that thing about diminishing returns...
  12. While I view your viewpoint (which by your own admission is deemed to be "like drug use") as really saying all that needs to be said, I am intrigued by your information about hearing therapy. Looking over the map of practitioners and consultants, the closest to me is on the other side of my state next to Kansas City, unfortunately. Question: Roughly, what is the breakdown of cost for this?
  13. So says you. And your frame of reference is wrong. You should not use "hurting" as the standard for playing music just a notch below. What makes you think the people could not hear and enjoy the music in the street if it's coming across at 90 db? If the music can be heard, it can be heard. "Loudness", like you are referencing, means you have to yell to talk to your date and friends. <shaking head> It also means the music is too loud. Just because a few people said to you "your volume was just right", does not mean it was so. Had I and the people I hang with been there and been surveyed, our viewpoints would have been dismissed? Many, many people don't speak up and complain because of bad rearing, and thinking their ideas are on the fringe when in reality they have no idea how accurate their assessment is and how beneficial it would be if they raised their voice and complained. There are always some yayhoos who ruin it for others. A lot of immature people like music LOUD. Probably because they don't know anything about conversation or have anything worthwhile to speak about, i.e. animals who party. It's true about restaurant service, bad service in clothing stores, etc. People usually refrain from complaining, when they should not refrain. And how very often you are at a restaurant and a table is so loud in their talk that everybody is uncomfortable because they are "ignorant". <sigh>
  14. If you have an Amazon Prime account the 3 out of 7 seasons that Diana Rigg were in (seasons 4, 5, and 6) are available to Prime account holders for "free".
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